3 d match columbia univ jan 2014


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3 d match columbia univ jan 2014

  1. CONFIDENTIEL 3D Match Lean Launchpad Team 2 Meetings: 15 Interviews: 28 January 17th, 2014
  2. Day D 5: 1 Business Model Canvas 3D Designers Relationship/Network Management Co-Creation Best price via bidding Automated Services Worldwide network of professional printers 3D Printers Large offer of designs Consumers Communities 3D Designers Platform Management Brands & Celebrities Promotion 3D Printers 3D Product Vendor Personalized design New audience / shop interface Platform Developers / clients support Fixed Cost (platform maintenance) New customers Website Worldwide audience Commissions and Fees Variable (storage, customers acquisition) - Lean Launch Pad - 3D Printing Project - 2
  3. Days D 5: 2 - 4: Getting out of the Building! SME (4) 3D Designers (4) End Users of 3D printing (15) 3D Printers (3) Investors in 3D market (2) - Lean Launch Pad - 3D Printing Project - 3
  4. Rejection, Despair, and Excitement! D 5: Day 1 Business Model Market Segment Hypothesis validated? Days 2 & 3: Pivot 1 Days 4 & 5: Pivot 2 Horizontal marketplace for all types of 3D products & services Vertical marketplace for 3D printed unique / customizable art objects Matchmaking businesses with 3D printers for prototypes production Consumers, 3D Designers, 3D Printers Consumers, 3D Designers Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), 3D printers Too broad market -> need to focus Too competitive market. End users don’t care about 3D. Identified a niche: businesses need to source their vendors quickly & for less price Result - Lean Launch Pad - 3D Printing Project - 4
  5. Learning… D 5: • 3D Printing world is vast with multiple players in multiple industries – mostly in high tech • Low Tech usage is fragmented and customer base is driven only by short lived euphoria • FIRST BIG LEARNING: 3D Printing is beneficial for customized unique products, prototypes, and just in time inventory – especially for Small and Midsized Enterprises (SMEs). SMEs have trouble sourcing the right 3D printing vendor • WHAT THAT MEANS FOR US: Opportunity to connect SMEs with the right 3D Printers who can address their specific needs! - Lean Launch Pad - 3D Printing Project - 5
  6. Our D 5: Vision – 3D Match 3D Match online platform connecting SMEs with 3D Printing vendors to meet their prototyping needs - Lean Launch Pad - 3D Printing Project - 6
  7. Hypothesis Testing D 5: Small & Medium Enterprises What we learnt: (SMEs): SMEs would want to find 3D printing There is a pain that SMEs have requesting service and the best terms for their quotes from 5-10 different 3D service providers prototypes production for every new type of prototype 3D printing services: What we learnt: 3D printers would want to bid for 3D printers send quotes for every requests every new requests from the SME, and would for proposal from SMEs use out platform to get more clients - Lean Launch Pad - 3D Printing Project - 7
  8. Hypothesis Testing (1 of 4 SMEs) D 5: NeuroNexus – Michigan - USA - Lean Launch Pad - 3D Printing Project - 8
  9. Value D 5: Proposition BEFORE Searching for a supplier 3D Prototyping (weeks) CAD Design 2-5 days Serial Production VALUE CREATED Time AFTER CAD Design 3D Prototyping (Days) Serial Production 2-5 days 3D Match - Lean Launch Pad - 3D Printing Project - 9
  10. Value D 5: Proposition Gain Creators SME • One stop shop to seek relevant and trusted 3D printers • Ability to quickly source and select 3D printers based on ratings, price, and specific needs 3D Printer Shops • One stop shop to seek targeted customers • A place to establish reputation and trust within the industry for quality 3D prototyping Pain Relievers • Less time spent on vendor sourcing • Less time spent on responding to irrelevant requests • Less to almost No variability in quality • Ability to focus on specific requests Product & Services • Trusted and Niche Markeplace • Trusted and Niche Markeplace - Lean Launch Pad - 3D Printing Project - 10
  11. Target D 5: Customer Segment (Archetype): Small & Medium Enterprises prototyping their products before manufacturing • Use 3D printing for rapid prototyping • Do not have their own 3D printers, capacity, or capability • Require 3D printing services to produce prototypes • Need different 3D printing vendors for different types of prototypes / materials / sizes • Price and Time sensitive - Lean Launch Pad - 3D Printing Project - 11
  12. Customer Relationships D 5: Businesses 3D Printers GET Search: SEO, SEM PR Tradeshows Conferences Direct Marketing Telemarketing Tradeshows Conferences KEEP Email Marketing Loyalty program Blog Events Conferences Email Marketing Partner program Blog Events Conferences GROW Referrals Special offers from 3D printers Community - Lean Launch Pad - 3D Printing Project - 12
  13. Competitive Analysis and Market Size D 5: $4 billion Total market in 2015 3D Match (according to Forbes) RFP based Market-place - Lean Launch Pad - 3D Printing Project - 13
  14. Revenues and Costs Analysis D 5: Niche business, but high margin profile REVENUES COSTS SME Fixed Costs • Fees (quarter fee for unlimited quotes) • Platform maintenance 3D Printer Shops • Commissions (on price charged to SMEs) • Fees (to highlight their offer compared to other providers) • On-site visits of 3D printers • Marketing (sector newsletter, conferences, etc.) Variable Costs • Customers Acquisition • Champagne - Lean Launch Pad - 3D Printing Project - 14
  15. Business Model Canvas – 3D MATCH D 5: 3D printer manufacturers Relationship/Network Management Platform Management Promotion Customer Acquisition Conference Presence Less time spent on searching for capable 3D print shops for their specific needs Ability to select vendors based on bids received from vendors GET & KEEP: SEO/SEM, PR, Blogs, Trade Shows, Conferences GROW: Referrals GET & KEEP: Trade Shows, Events, Blogs, Conferences GROW: Community Targeted Customer Small & Medium Enterprises who are looking for 3-D printing vendors to print their prototypes 3-D Printing Vendors with capacity and capability to provide high quality and cost efficient prototypes Acquisition Intellectual: Platform Human: Developers, Marketing Website Ability to focus on relevant and specific requests Fixed Cost (platform maintenance, Marketing, Conferences, Thought Leadership) Variable (customers acquisition, on site visits of 3-D printers) Quarterly Fees (for posting unlimited RFPs and receiving unlimited price quotes - Lean Launch Pad - 3D Printing Project - Commissions on transactions (price charged to SMEs) Fees (for promoting their bids)
  16. Next D 5: Steps Next Steps • Add 3D Designers to the model • Redefine revenue and pricing model - Lean Launch Pad - 3D Printing Project - 16
  17. Appendix: Industry Research D 5: - Lean Launch Pad - 3D Printing Project - 17
  18. Appendix: Industry Research D 5: 3D Printers in the Market (2012 Data) - Lean Launch Pad - 3D Printing Project - 18