Creating A Forensics Webpage
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Creating A Forensics Webpage






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    Creating A Forensics Webpage Creating A Forensics Webpage Presentation Transcript

    • Forensic Science Informatics
      Unit 37
    • Creating a forensics web page
      Aim: to create a web page using html with two links
    • Criteria D1 Unit 37
      Create a web page for use by scientists, including two hyperlinks.
      Task 4 (hand-in date: w/c 23rd Nov 2009)
      You work for a small company as a trainee computer security consultant. The company are thinking of designing a website to provide forensic information. Provide a mock-up of a webpage using HTML with at least two hyperlinks
    • This is easier than it sounds!
      Web pages are written in hyper-text mark up language or html
      html use tags in triangular brackets.
      For example <title> indicates that what follows is the title
      </title> is the tag that indicates the title has ended.
      Note the backward slash / inside the brackets.
    • Open up notepad
      > start
      > all programs
      > accessories
      > notepad
    • Paste in this code:
      <title> favorites / bookmark title goes here </title>
      <body bgcolor="white" text="blue">
      <h1> Heading </h1>
      <h2> heading </h2>
      This is a web page with a few tags.
    • Add a few other tags; for example:
      <p> p tag </p>
      <hr> hr tag </hr>
      <em> em tag </em>
      <b> b tag </b>
      Save the file as name.html
    • Close notepad
      Find the file
      – double click on it,
      it will open as a
      web page
    • Experiment with different tags to see what they do.
      <a href=" ">CoBC</a>
      Then design a web page for forensic scientists add two hyperlinks.
    • Hyperlinks
      A hyperlink is a way of linking to another website
      The html code is:
      <a href=“webaddress”> title of website </a>
      To link to the college website we would use:
      <a href=" "> CoBC </a>
    • Experiment with different HTML code:
      Different fonts:
      <span style="font-family:arial;">Ariel</span>
      <span style="font-family:verdana;">Verdana</span>
      <span style="font-family:times new roman;">Times</span>
      <span style="font-family:georgia;">Georgia</span>
    • Different sizes:
      <span style="font-size:78%;">smallest</span>
      <span style="font-size:100%;">medium</span>
      <span style="font-size:130%;">large</span>
      <span style="font-size:180%;">largest
    • <strong>Bold </strong>
      <em>Italic </em>
      <ol> <li>numbered list 1</li>
      <li>numbered list 2</li></ol>
      <ul> <li>bullet list</li>
      <li>and another</li></ul>
      Different colour fonts:
      <p><span style="color:#ff0000;">Red font</span></p>
      <p><span style="color:#3366ff;">Blue font</span></p>
      <p><span style="color:#009900;">Green font</span></p>
    • Adding an image:
      <p>Image:</p><img style="DISPLAY: block; MARGIN: 0px auto 10px; WIDTH: 320px; CURSOR: hand; TEXT-ALIGN: center" alt="" src="" border="0" />
      This may help: