Charity Week 2011 Projects


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Charity Week 2011 Projects

  1. 1. Charity Week 2011Project Selection Outline [E]
  2. 2. Projects for 2011• Alhamdulillah during Charity Week 2011 over £375,000 was raised to help orphans and needy children around the world. May Allah subhana wa ta’ala reward you for your effort to unite and support these orphans and needy children.• This presentation contains a list of projects available that we can spend the money on –please have a read through and give YOUR say on where you would like to see the money going by following the link at the end.• Please note that most images are for illustration only.
  3. 3. Grozny Prosthetic-Orthopedic Laboratory • Chechnya has been through 2 wars and has many undetonated mines causing >3000 reported injuries so far. • 53,000 disabled children and around 15,000 require prosthetic- orthopaedic support. • This centre supports 2,500 disabled people and provides limbs, feet, footwear and other prosthetic appliances. • This project hopes to provide new lab equipment, 1,000 pairs of prosthetic footwear, 75 sets of shank/thighCost:£210,000. prosthesis and a minivan equipped with (potential to scale down) hoist to reach remote areas.
  4. 4. Rehabilitation of 30 Orphan Homes in Palestine • IR-Palestine sponsors a large number of orphans who are affected by poverty and are living in difficult conditions. • Most of the mothers or guardians of the orphans are struggling to make ends meet and prioritise on food, education and healthcare. This results in homes being neglected with leaking roofs and lack of adequate/safe living space. • This proposal intends to rehabilitate the homes of 30 orphans in the West Bank.Cost:£112,000.
  5. 5. Orphan Education Development Project Mali • Developing countries like Mali are struggling to provide quality education for children • This project intends to provide supplemental high quality courses, relative to what they study at school, for 300 children in classes 5- 6. This is the year they sit their exams for highschool. • As well as this it will fund 200 orphans on professionally recognised vocational courses to help them earn a living and will also provide micro-finance for 20 orphans to help them set up small businesses.Cost: £126,400.
  6. 6. Promote physical & psychological health for Iraqi orphans • Since the war in iraq, many children have lost families and many are mentally scarred. The current infrastructure is faltering in preventative healthcare, psychological support and education . • This project will target 500 orphans by visiting Children Centres to provide a library and encourage reading. • The children will be given professional psychological support and have general health checks (e.g. dental, haemoglobin etc) and will provide hygiene kits to encourage diseaseCost: £32,200. prevention.
  7. 7. Computer Lab and Library in Orphanage Afghanistan • There are reportedly over 1.5 million orphans due to the past decade of violence in Afghanistan. KhoogKoor (Sweet Home) is an orphanage in Jalal Abad that is home to 500 orphans. • This proposal intends to construct and equip a computer lab, library and provide an electricity generator for the orphanage. • Teachers will be employed after construction to teach children computer operation, behaviour and ethics and basic English. New uniforms and school bagsCost: £99,950. included.
  8. 8. Clean water and Sanitation for Orphan homes • In Kosovo, many orphan households struggle to have clean water and have no sanitation at home. • This proposal intends to construct 20 water wells in the homes of orphans so they can have access to clean water and sanitation at home. • While constructing wells, 10 older orphans will be trained in plumbing in order for them to be able to earn a living.Cost: £21,000.
  9. 9. Dental care for orphans families in Albania • Albania’s transition from communism to democracy in early 90’s plunged it into poverty and despite improvements, many people still are struggling to take care of their health. • This project will fund the setup of a dental practice with 1 nurse and 1 dentist in a Community and Training Centre run by IR. • The funds will cover running costs for 1 year providing free healthcare forCost: £46,700 orphans and poorest families.
  10. 10. Nutritional Treatment for severley malnourished children in East Africa • Details TBC.Cost:£85,000(potential to scale up or down)
  11. 11. Recap!• Grozny Prosthetic-Orthopedic Laboratory in Chechnya• Rehab of 30 orphans homes in Palestine• Orphan Education Development in Mali• Promoting physical and psychological health in Iraq• Computer Lab and Library in Orphanage in Afghanistan• Clean water and sanitation for orphans in Kosovo• Dental Care for Orphan families in Albania.• Nutritional Treatment for severley malnourished children in East Africa
  12. 12. Pick YOUR project!• Have your say  Click Here! • Or Go to our website and click on the big green button on the left and pick your top 3 projects that you would like to see funded.• Deadline for giving your feedback is 5th January 2012• For further question or any queries please contact
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