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Gamification strategies

Gamification strategies



HR Research and Online Class Presentation

HR Research and Online Class Presentation



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  • 12 Leading Gamification Plaforms (http://johnbarberblog.com/?p=278)

Gamification strategies Gamification strategies Presentation Transcript

  • HR Online Class Presentation Gamification Strategies for Employee EngagementSB HurMay 3, 2012
  • Did you know? • By 21 years of age many males will have spent over 10,000 hour immersed in online gaming (McGonigal, Reality is Broken) • 3 billion hours a week are spent by people engaged in gaming (McGonigal, Reality is Broken) • By 2015, more than 50% of organizations that manage innovation processes will gamify those processes (Gartner, 2011 industry research) • By 2015, the gamification platform service industry will reach $1.6 billion (M2 Research)Gameification Strategies 1
  • What is Gamification? • Applying game design thinking, mechanics, and elements to non-game applications (Gamification.org) • “Gamification is shaping the future of work. It is a great way to motivate and engage the new generation of knowledge workers” (JP Rangaswami, Saleforce.com) • “Game Mechanics: Underlying interlocking systems that form the engine of an experience in order to communicate a sense of context, meaning, and progress.” (Margaret Wallace, MindTrek 2011)Gameification Strategies 2
  • What Good will it do? • Make us smarter and change use physically: Learning juggling for 12 months increased gray matter in brain seen by MRI • Increase employee engagement and loyalty (Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Club) • Increase productivity and drive innovation (My Starbuck Idea)Gameification Strategies 3
  • Why it Works Gamification Techniques • Constant feedback • Progress bars • Well-defined rules & systems • Leaderboards • Clear goals that escalate in difficulty • Achievement badges • Progress encourages more • Unlocking new achievement progress • Status and achievement are levels highly motivational • Competition between users • Rewards work better than negative feedback via challenges • We have a desire for efficiency • Points that can be earned, • Clear connection between choices and results tallied, redeemed, giftedGameification Strategies 4
  • Types of GamificationCheck Memory/Learning Energize Routine WorkIncrease Participation Drive InnovationGameification Strategies 5
  • Critical Success Factors Compelling Well Defined Story Tasks & Rules Achievable Accelerated Tasks & Feedback Rewards Gartner, 2011 ResearchGameification Strategies 6
  • Case Study Recommendations for Japan’s Kewpie CorporationGameification Strategies 7
  • Kewpie is a market leader in egg- based products in Japan • Established in 1919 • Top share in mayonnaise category with extended products • Egg as a core competence • Uses 250,000 tons of eggs, 10% of total consumption in Japan • $ 6 billion sales / 12,000 employees as of 2011Gameification Strategies 8
  • Kewpie’s Social Failure-Lack of entrepreneurial mindset / Fear of failure-Lack of proactivity / Hierarchy-based culture-Lack of communication / Silo mentality Social Strategy: EGG Empowering Group Innovation through GamesGameification Strategies 9
  • Four Key Success Factors for EGG * Characters from Castleville News & Info Compelling Well DefinedHelp Solve the Great Egg Mystery! Story Tasks & Rules Build on IdeasR&D Operations Marketing Achievable Accelerated Tasks & Sales Champions Feedback Leaderboards Meaningful Badges Rewards Achievement & Levels Social Networking * Based on Research by Gartner, Inc. * Icons from Badgefarm Gameification Strategies 10
  • How EGG works: Overall Platform Linked to outsourced EGG Challenge vendor platform on intranet EGG Challenge (e.g. Cynergy, Bunchball, Badgeville) Come be a part of the breakthrough! Help Unleash the Power of the EGG! The EGG Challenge* Screen of Kewpie Corporate Website Welcome Yasuhiro to the EGG Challenge!Corporate Innovation System Current Mission News & Info My Status People+ Simple, App-like Feel+ Applied Gamification Strategies+ Social Networking Function Idea List Share Ideas Build on Ideas Forums / Q&A+ Mobile & Easily Accessible * Icons and layout design from Quickcomm; Egg pictures from www.ideachampions.com Gameification Strategies 11
  • How EGG works: Contents Menu • Clearly defines goals • Shows current ideas • Builds a compelling story • Various ways to sort ideasCurrent Mission • Themes rotate every four months Idea List • Can vote and “like” ideas • Provides updates on events • Share ideas with “tweet” • Shows topic related news • “Tweet” linked to full article News & Info • Shows topic related information Share Ideas • Can see number of readers • Customize own avatar • Build on other people’s ideas • See rewards and items • Leave suggestions My Status • Purchase items (donation) Build on Ideas • Use Mindmapping • Show other people profiles • Forums by interests • No actual names • Q&A and Helpdesk section People • Can chat and make groups Forums / Q&A • Can lead to off-line meetings Gameification Strategies 12
  • EGG will take Stage-approach III. Hatch (1 wk) II. Nurture (3 mths) • Management selects top idea • Three ideas to pursue I. Lay (3 wks) selected by champion • Selected key • Multitude of panel contributors will individual ideas work full-time for • Categorize and • Each idea gets 3 to 6 months group ideas its own “Build on with consultants the Idea” • Top 10 popular month ideas selected by employee • Develop further votes (“likes”)Gameification Strategies 13
  • Incentives to “play seriously” Expectations Incentives Develop EGG platform Ground Employees develop their ideas out of and allocate 4 hours Rule their daily business responsibilities per months Individuals which contribute Employees vote on the top 10 best to top 10 ideas receivePhase 1: ideas by assigning “points” to each “coins “ and “badges” to (Lay) idea decorate avatars and gift cards to make purchases Champions (pre-selected department As teams continue to Phase II: heads / top management) assign develop the idea, they(Nurture) receive points and points for the top 3 ideas rewards Selected finalists leverage Give finalists the option opportunity to work full time (3 - 6 (take the lead / go back toPhase III: months) on the idea with external the original position after(Hatch) consultants / nurture their own the project) / Winning team entrepreneurship mindsets members’ divisions also rewardedGameification Strategies 14
  • Benefits of EGG Empowering Group Innovation through Games Enhanced Group-wide Greater motivation communication ideasGameification Strategies 15
  • Question?Gameification Strategies 16