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English version of the SBF STEALTH presentation, i.e. the digital content storage & delivery platform by Simplicissimus.

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  1. 1. presents SBF STEALTH ® Digital Content Storage and Delivery Platform
  2. 2. Architecture <ul><li>STEALTH ® Server : dedicated server containing the application and storage of listed content (including supplementary content)
  3. 3. Amazon S3 : additional storage on Amazon's Simple Storage Service to create the content archive of any buyer and for peak flow management
  4. 4. Adobe Content Server : application for DRM (digital rights) control at publisher's discretion
  5. 5. SBF WaterMarker : SBF proprietary tool to apply Social DRMs (watermarking) at publisher's discretion
  6. 6. Open source PostgreSQL RDBMS engine </li></ul>
  7. 7. Content managed <ul><li>Listed contents : any PDF or ePub file format as destined for sale (download or subscription)
  8. 8. Supplementary content : any file without limitation provided that it is linked to at least one form of listed content
  9. 9. Free contents : any freely distributed PDF or ePub file format </li></ul>
  10. 10. Content protection <ul>The publisher is responsible for deciding on its own protection policies, from the following: <li>No protection (no cost)
  11. 11. DRM Adobe Content Server (both PDF and ePub; fixed cost upon purchase defined by Adobe)
  12. 12. Social DRM (with SBF WaterMarker) through the buyer's ID code added to the content (no cost)
  13. 13. Both DRM Adobe and Social DRM </li></ul>
  14. 14. End User capabilities <ul><li>Advanced searches on all product related information
  15. 15. Searches on abstracts
  16. 16. Full-text searches on the entire content (from Dec. 2009)
  17. 17. Detailed product sheet consultation
  18. 18. Consultation of N pages of the selected content (previews)
  19. 19. Download of the purchased titles
  20. 20. Private bookshelf from which purchased products can be downloaded even in the future
  21. 21. Display of supplementary materials
  22. 22. Display of recommended titles (from Dec. 2009) </li></ul>
  23. 23. Publisher capabilities <ul><li>U ploading of new titles and supplementary information for cataloguing and searches e
  24. 24. Management of products (download and subscription)
  25. 25. Interface to amend or update own contenti
  26. 26. Management of supplementar materials on own titles
  27. 27. Detailed reports on all transactions
  28. 28. Management of white label store or integration with existing store
  29. 29. Instant access to all online sales channels, at publisher's discretion
  30. 30. STEALTH ® operating mode: the platform is always invisible in all interactions with the end user </li></ul>
  31. 31. Retailer capabilities <ul><li>Free integration to e-commerce cart via web-service calls
  32. 32. Management of publisher-defined content protection policies without the need for operations on retailer side
  33. 33. Content download (even in subscription) offered to its customers without any retailer infrastructure involved
  34. 34. Customer's content recovery service without any Retailer infrastructure involved
  35. 35. STEALTH ® operating mode: the platform is always invisible at every stage of interaction with the end user, who is always in the Retailer environment
  36. 36. Detailed reporting on every transaction </li></ul>
  37. 37. Training and support <ul><li>Free initial training service for STEALTH ® input and data management startup
  38. 38. Free support via web and paid support via telephone hotline
  39. 39. Maintenance and troubleshooting of reported bugs
  40. 40. Continuous development and updating of platform, also on the basis of new functional requests from publishers and retailers </li></ul>
  41. 41. Roadmap <ul><li>FEB 2009 design of platform
  42. 42. MAR 2009 development started
  43. 43. JUN 2009 first internal test environment
  44. 44. JUL 2009 private test environment for publishers' use (requirement: signature of a letter of intent agreeing the commercial terms and conditions if the test is positive)
  45. 45. SEP 2009 SBF STEALTH ® operational on the market (version 1.0)
  46. 46. DEC 2009 integration of full-text searches
  47. 47. 2010 development of version 2.0 </li></ul>
  48. 48. Additional services <ul>Simplicissimus can offer publishers joining the STEALTH ® platform the following digital publishing services, under special conditions: <li>Epub file conversion from print pdf, InDesign, xPres or XML format
  49. 49. Scanning and OCR on printed texts and subsequent ePub production
  50. 50. Design and production of specific modules to be integrated into proprietary publishing system in order to obtain the ePub format as a result of normal workflow, without having to use conversion.
  51. 51. Analysis and management of contracts with authors and the holders of other rights. </li></ul>
  52. 52. Business Model <ul>The business model is still that of traditional distribution: <li>The publisher sets the final retail price for the content and selects which channels are to be activated through the platform
  53. 53. The retailer collects the retail price from the end user and transfers it to SBF (the distributor) having deducted its share of revenue
  54. 54. SBF (the distributor) then transfers the price to the publisher, having deducted its share of revenue
  55. 55. These shares are to be defined by agreement between the parties </li></ul>
  56. 56. Contact details and information For information concerning SBF STEALTH® ( Publishers ) send an email to: [email_address] For information on SBF STEALTH® ( Retailers) send an email to: [email_address]
  57. 57.