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The Royal House of Thebes
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The Royal House of Thebes


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Published in: Education, News & Politics

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  • 1. The Royal House of Thebes Santina Betti
  • 2. The Royal House of Thebes
  • 3. How Thebes Came To Be
    • Europa’s brothers were sent to search for her
    • Cadmus went to Apollo’s oracle at Delphi
    • Apollo told Cadmus to found his own city
  • 4. How Thebes Came To Be
    • Founding Thebes did not come without its challenges
      • Cadmus had to fight a fierce dragon
      • Athena then told him to sow the earth with the dragon’s teeth
      • Armed men sprang from the furrows and killed each other
      • 5 survived and became Cadmus’ helpers
  • 5. Cadmus and His Children
    • It is believed that Cadmus first introduced the alphabet to Greece
    • Cadmus married Harmonia
    • Harmonia was given a necklace from Aphrodite
  • 6. Cadmus and His Children
    • Cadmus and Harmonia had 4 daughters and 1 son
      • Semele, Ino, Agave, Autonoe, and Polydous
      • All of their daughters experienced great tragedy in their lives
    • Cadmus and Harmonia were turned into serpents
  • 7. The Reign of King Laius and Jocasta
    • With Laius as King, Apollo’s oracle at Delphi began to play a large role in their family’s fortunes
    • The oracle told Laius a prophecy
    • Laius tried to prevent fate
    • Laius was killed several years later
  • 8. The Sphinx
    • The details of Laius’ murder were not investigated because of the Sphinx
    • The Sphinx had the winged body of a lion, and the breast and face of a woman
    • As travelers passed, the Sphinx would ask them her riddle
  • 9. The Sphinx
    • The Sphinx had caused Thebes to grow close to famine
    • Her riddle was, “What goes on four legs in the morning, on two legs at noon, and on three legs in the evening?
    • Oedipus, a traveler from Corinth, successfully answered the riddle by answering “man”
    • The Sphinx, in disbelief, killed herself
  • 10. The Reign of Oedipus
    • Oedipus became king and was given Jocasta as his wife
    • Together, they had 2 sons and 2 daughters
      • Polyneices, Eteocles, Antigone, and Ismene
  • 11. The Reign of Oedipus
    • When Polyneices and Eteocles had grown into men, Thebes succumbed to a terrible plague
    • Oedipus sent Creon to Delphi
  • 12. The Reign of Oedipus
    • Creon said the plague would lift when the murderer of Laius was punished
    • Oedipus sent for Teirsias
    • Teirsias told Oedipus he, himself was the killer he sought
    • Oedipus ordered him out of his sight
  • 13. The Reign of Oedipus
    • Jocasta told Oedipus the prophecy told to Laius and of his murder
    • Oedipus tells of his prophecy and that he killed a group of men at a place where 3 roads meet
    • Oedipus sent for the surviving shepherd
  • 14. The Reign of Oedipus
    • In the meantime, a messenger from Corinth arrived to tell Oedipus of Polybus’ death
    • Jocasta told him there was no truth in prophecy
    • The messenger then tells Oedipus he wasn’t Polybus’ son and he himself received him from a shepherd, a servant of Laius
  • 15. The Reign of Oedipus
    • The shepherd confessed that he didn’t leave Laius’ son to die, but instead, gave him to the messenger
    • Jocasta killed herself and Oedipus blinded himself
  • 16. After Oedipus
    • Oedipus lived on in Thebes and resigned from the throne, as did his son, Polyneices
    • The Thebans then accepted Creon as their ruler
    • After many years, the Thebans decided to expel Oedipus
  • 17. Antigone
    • Antigone guided her father after he was driven out of the city
    • Ismene stayed in Thebes to keep them informed
  • 18. Shift In Power
    • After Oedipus left, his two sons fought for their right to the throne
    • Eteocles succeeded and exiled his brother from Thebes
    • Polyneices resided in Argos and rallied an army together to march against Thebes
  • 19. Oedipus’ death
    • In the meantime, Antigone and Oedipus had traveled to Colonus
    • Apollo told Ismene he would be received by the King of Athens with all honor
    • Ismene went to Colonus to tell Oedipus of Apollo’s words and was with him when he dies
    • King Theseus sent Antigone and Ismene safely home
  • 20. Polyneices Attacks Thebes
    • When Antigone and Ismene returned home, their brothers were fighting
    • Polyneices was accompanied by 6 other men
    • Each man attacked one of the 7 Great Gates of Thebes
  • 21. Polyneices Attacks Thebes
    • Neither side gained any advantage
    • The outcome was to be determined by a battle between Polyneices and Eteocles
    • Neither was victorious and they killed each other
    • Polyneices’ last wish was to be buried in his homeland
  • 22. Creon’s Rule
    • The battle restarted, and the Thebans were victorious
    • Creon became King
    • Only one of Polyneices’ men survived, Adrastus
    • Creon made it law that none of the men against Thebes should be buried there
  • 23. Antigone
    • Antigone disobeyed Creon and buried him herself
    • She was sentenced to death
    • The House of Oedipus, the last of the royal family of Thebes, was no more
  • 24. The Seven Against Thebes
    • Adrastus and the mothers and sons of the dead went to Theseus, King of Athens, to ask him to convince Creon to allow his men be buried in Thebes
    • Theseus decided that if the people of Athens consented, he would ask Creon
  • 25. The Seven Against Thebes
    • Theseus pleaded to Creon, but he ignored it
    • The Athenians then marched against Thebes and conquered
    • The 5 dead men were burned on a pyre and peace overcame their mothers
    • Their sons vowed to take vengeance upon Thebes when they were grown
  • 26. The Seven Against Thebes
    • Ten years later, they marched to Thebes and were victorious
    • The Thebans fled and their city was destroyed
    • The only remains was Harmonia’s necklace, which was taken to Delphi to be shown to pilgrims
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