Selecting CRM Software
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Selecting CRM Software






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Selecting CRM Software Selecting CRM Software Presentation Transcript

  • Selecting CRM Software Presented by: Steve Beshuk, PMP Director, JCA
  • Goals for this PresentationReasons for a formal selection processStep-by-step review of the process
  • Is a System Selection Process Important? Why not just buy what your friend uses? Make the decision all by yourself. The internet is so helpful! If you fail to plan… “Big-Ten University abandons stalled Accounting software implementation after spending $26.4M. Legislative Audit Committee finds lack of planning and proper management at issue.”
  • Is a System Selection Process Important? It’s a big investment, cover your assets! A successful implementation begins during the selection process
  • Results of a Successful Selection A system that fits you A vendor and consultants you can work with The right budget Confidence from staff and your boss/board A solid foundation to implement
  • Selecting Software - OverviewAssemble the teamAnalyze requirements and write RFPVendor researchCreate the Vendor Evaluation GridSubmit RFP and evaluate proposalsThe demosDue diligenceContract negotiationCelebrate
  • Assemble the Selection TeamExecutive branch of system selectionCreate the schedule, keep it on time andbudgetRepresent the stakeholders, don’t includethem allEight people or smaller
  • Analyze RequirementsYou don’t know what you don’t knowYou may not even know what you knowWhen bad processes marry a good system…Analyze across functions, departmentsIf it’s not written, it’s not saidGet buy-in from users
  • Write Request for ProposalHow do you weight cost, functionality andcompany?Components of an RFP
  • Components of an RFPIntroduction Describe who you are (mission) Indicate any issues specific to your institution Strategic direction List contact info and preferred method of contact
  • Components of an RFPEvaluation criteria Requirements met Cost Quality of submission (vendor references, documentation, training, etc.)
  • Components of an RFPSubmission requirements Vendor history, annual sales, finances Support policies Training Software R&D policy Sample of standard reports Software modification policy References Cost model
  • Components of an RFPRequirements overview narrative Describe what your organization does Divide the overview by function or department Give the vendors enough information to understand your business
  • Components of an RFPDetailed requirements checklist Every single little thing you want the system to do One specific requirement per line Vendors answer yes/no/maybe to each one Use this to create evaluation grid, demo scripts, modification requests
  • Sample Requirements Checklist
  • Components of an RFPWork product System output and critical reports Gift acknowledgment letters Pledge reminders Membership cards and renewals
  • Vendor ResearchDon’t send the RFP to the worldCreate a qualified shortlist At least three, no more than eightResearch The internet Your peers Conferences ConsultantsVendor phone interview
  • Evaluation GridKnow what you are going to evaluatebefore you evaluate itSummarize the requirements checklistWeight the requirementsGrades
  • Sample VEG
  • Submit RFP’s and Evaluate Proposals Email RFP’s to vendors Communicate the full schedule Vendor Q/A Read, read, read Fill out your VEG! Decide who’s going to demo Call those who didn’t make it
  • The DemosHow long should they be?ScriptedKeep them focused, this is not trainingKeep on-schedule“Would you show me that?”Update the VEGFollow-up demos
  • Due DiligenceMake the preliminary selectionWrite reference questions in advanceAsk for several references, use a fewAsk your peers that are not on the referencelistNo system is perfect
  • Final SelectionMeet with team to make the official choiceCall all the vendorsIt’s not over until the contract is signed
  • Contract NegotiationRead it, seriouslyThey will never love you more than todayDon’t be afraid to haggle
  • Celebrate!You worked hard!Don’t forget to say thanks to the teamStart getting people excited for theimplementation
  • Don’t Forget…What happens when the vendor doesn’t respect theprocess?Don’t tell the vendor who they are competingagainst, it will distract themMake it fair, all vendors should have the sameinformationDon’t let the shiny things distract youDon’t include implementation requirements in theRFP; choose your implementation partner as aseparate stepRespect the vendor’s time, this is a lot of work forthem too
  • Thank You!Questions?