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  • 1. District Resource Centre How can we help you?
  • 2. Our Goal:
    • To serve the educators of SD68 by finding the resources, support and information they need to make our vision of success for each child a reality.
  • 3. What’s in the DRC?
    • We have professional learning resources, teaching resources, videos, books, kits, and theme bins of resources.
    • Search the catalogue at http://media.sd68.bc.ca
  • 4. Get updates of new materials
    • Join our DRC 68 Facebook Fanpage.
    • Check our Working Together Wiki for updates. Go to http:// workingtogether.pbworks.com and click on Resources on the sidebar.
  • 5. How do you order resources?
    • Go to http://media.sd68.bc.ca
    • Click on the “Options” tab.
  • 6. Follow the login instructions:
    • Put in your name and password.
    • If it is your first entry, use your school phone number as the password. After your first log in, change the password.
    • If it’s your first time, but the location number doesn’t work, email [email_address] .
  • 7. What if you forgot your password?
    • Click on the “forgot your password” link at the bottom of the page.
    • Fill in your name and a new password will be sent to your email address.
  • 8.
    • This link comes in handy
    This link comes in handy!
  • 9. Your Options
    • When you log in, you’ll find many options. You can see
    • Your “current and future” bookings
    • A list of your past orders
    • Tutorials for using the system
    • And more (check it out).
  • 10. We want to hear from you! Helpful links.
  • 11. Your recommendations
    • Notice there is a link for you to make recommendations for purchase.
    • We appreciate knowing what you think is most important.
  • 12. Now to order…
    • Click on the “Catalog” tab.
    • Use the order number if you know it or do a key word search.
  • 13.
    • Click to check the box beside an item you wish to order.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Select Checked”.
  • 14. To Order
    • Enter the date you wish to show or use the resource in your classroom.
    • Click test availability.
    • If there is a red X, it isn’t available.
  • 15. Not available.
  • 16.
    • If you get a green check, you will see the green SUBMIT button.
    • Click it to place your order.
  • 17. Yes, I can! See the green check. I changed the dates to see if I could get it next week..
  • 18. How do I know my order was sent?
    • An order form will confirm your order.
  • 19. How will I get the items?
    • The items arrive in the courier on Tuesday and Friday.
  • 20. What if I want to renew my order?
    • Just go to options and follow the links to extend, renew or cancel your booking.
  • 21. Click here to change or update your order.
  • 22. What’s exciting?
    • You have EXTRAORDINARY resources at your fingertips!
  • 23. Some Highlights!
    • We have a lot of videos. You can search for a topic and narrow your search to videos less than five years old.
  • 24. Search by keyword, title, subject... Search by book, video, kit, novel set… Search by new title, geography, health… Refine search by year.
  • 25.  
  • 26. What else?
    • We have a FIRST CLASS collection of Aboriginal resources from literature circle novels and picture books to science kits, art resources, professional materials and MORE.
    • Want more information about Aboriginal Resources? Contact Connie McArthur or Connie Culhavey.
  • 27.  
  • 28. What else?
    • Check on what’s new in geography, for example.
    • Click on geography (instead of mediagraphy) and 2005+ so you get only the most recent items.
  • 29.  
  • 30. What else?
    • We have AMAZING bins available in key subject areas. These include multiple resources to support a theme (like Canada or Everyday Heroes).
    • You can do a search in your subject.
  • 31. Change to Kit
  • 32. Change to Science Change to Kit
  • 33.  
  • 34. What else?
    • We have a WONDERFUL collection of math manipulatives.
    • Just type “manipulatives” in your search.
    • Check out the photo album on our Facebook page or the slideshow on our Wiki: http:// workingtogether.pbworks.com /Math
  • 35.  
  • 36. What else?
    • Are you planning Literature Circles?
    • Change “mediography” to “novel sets.”
    • We have HUNDREDS of sets of novels!
    • And we have literature circle bins of Aboriginal novels! (Marvelous!)
  • 37.  
  • 38. As an aside….
    • If you are interested in Literature Circles we have a wiki page with a resource list for secondary readers, posters for classroom, ideas, webcasts, more!
    • http:// workingtogether.pbworks.com/LitCircles
  • 39. High-Interest Low-Vocab
    • We have a GROWING selection of high-interest low-vocabulary books older readers.
    • Just type in “high interest low vocabulary”.
  • 40.  
  • 41. What else?
    • We have some FABULOUS Fine Arts materials.
  • 42.  
  • 43. What else?
    • We have an EXTENSIVE collection of professional books.
  • 44.  
  • 45. Multiple copies
    • We also have multiple copies of some professional resources, so you can have a book club. Email [email_address] for more information.
  • 46. How can YOU help?
    • USE it (or lose it)!
    • Tell us what you need (contact [email_address] ).
    • Tell your colleagues.
    • Learn to use the online system, so we can continue to provide optimal service with fewer resources.