Eight Principles

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The Eight Principles of recovery based on the beatitudes from Matthew 5.

The Eight Principles of recovery based on the beatitudes from Matthew 5.

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  • 1. The Road to RecoveryEight Principles Based on the Beatitudes
  • 2. Realize I’m not God. Iadmit that I ampowerless to control mytendency to do thewrong thing and that mylife is unmanageable.
  • 3. Happy are thosewho know they are spiritually poor. Matthew 5:3
  • 4. Earnestly believe thatGod exists, that Imatter to Him, and thathe has the power tohelp me recover.
  • 5. Happy are those whomourn, for they shall be comforted. Matthew 5:4
  • 6. Consciously choose tocommit all my life andwill to Christ’s care andcontrol.
  • 7. Happy are the meek.Matthew 5:5
  • 8. Openly examine andconfess my faults tomyself, to God, and tosomeone I trust.
  • 9. Happy are thepure in heart.Matthew 5:8
  • 10. Voluntarily submit toevery change Godwants to make in my lifeand humbly ask Him toremove my characterdefects.
  • 11. Happy are those whose greatestdesire is to do what God requires. Matthew 5:6
  • 12. Evaluate all myrelationships. Offerforgiveness to thosewho have hurt me andmake amends for harm Idone to others,
  • 13. except when to do sowould harm them orothers.
  • 14. Happy are themerciful. Happy are the peacemakers. Matthew 5:7,9
  • 15. Reserve a daily timewith God for self-examination, Biblereading, and prayer inorder to…
  • 16. know God and His willfor my life and to gainthe power to followHis will.
  • 17. Yield myself to God tobe used to bring thisGood News to others,both by my example andby my words.
  • 18. Happy are those who are persecuted because they do what God requires. Matthew 5:10