Year 3 Individual Training Plan Session 1


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Year 3 Individual Training Plan Session 1

  1. 1. Individual Training Plan Incorporating School Based Training Introduction to the unit30/09/2012 Sarah Cousins
  2. 2. Learning Outcomes• To be introduced to the unit activities and assessments• To be able to locate and access materials on the BREO unit shell• To become familiar with the new Pebble+ e- portfolio• To become confident to build up own e- portfolio30/09/2012 Sarah Cousins
  3. 3. Teachers’Standards ?30/09/2012
  4. 4. 4 Plan and teach well structured lessons• Impart knowledge and develop understanding through effective use of lesson time• Promote a love of learning and children’s intellectual curiosity• Set homework and plan other out-of-class activities to consolidate and extend the knowledge and understanding pupils have acquired• Reflect systematically on the effectiveness of lessons and approaches to teaching• Contribute to the design and provision of an engaging curriculum within the relevant subject area(s)30/09/2012 Sarah Cousins
  5. 5. The Teachers’ Standards• The Teachers’ Standards set out a basic framework within which all teachers should operate from the point of initial qualification• Appropriate self-evaluation, reflection and professional development activity is critical to improving teachers’ practice at all career stages• The standards set out clearly the key areas in which a teacher should be able to assess his or her own practice, and receive feedback from colleagues30/09/2012 Sarah Cousins
  6. 6. Evidence for meeting the StandardsSome guidelines• Gather a range of evidence• Offer a rationale for each piece of evidence• Make links with wider reading• Make links with learning on different units30/09/2012 Sarah Cousins
  7. 7. Evidence for meeting the Teachers’ StandardsConsider• How does the evidence demonstrate that you have begun to meet the Standard?• How has the evidence moved you on in your thinking?• How has your wider reading influenced your understanding about a particular aspect of teaching?• What do you want to learn more about as a result of your analysis?30/09/2012 Sarah Cousins
  8. 8. 30/09/2012 Sarah Cousins
  9. 9. Pen Portrait• Design, draw up and submit your own pen portrait• Use indicated headings on next slide• Submit on Pebble+• Submit by Monday 8th October30/09/2012 Sarah Cousins
  10. 10. Pen Portrait Headings• Name • Initial and current• Name of your unit learning audits, for example subject partner knowledge audits• Qualifications (including • Year 2 written feedback at GCSEs, A Levels, or final observation on equivalent) placement, i.e. Strengths• All grades for different units and Areas for Development on course • Your own evaluation of your• Relevant experience before progress entry to course • Other relevant information• A brief account of particular • Aims for the year features of training that have supported you to make progress30/09/2012 Sarah Cousins
  11. 11. TutorialsGuide your tutor through your e-portfolio with particularreference to your• Pen portrait• Action plans• Phonics file• Evidence for meeting the Teachers’ Standards• Reflective blogBring hard copies of• Complete School Based Training file, including reports• Assignment feedback sheets and full set of grades30/09/2012 Sarah Cousins
  12. 12. Setting targetsS SpecificM MeasurableA AttainableR RealisticT Time related30/09/2012 Sarah Cousins
  13. 13. Sarah Cousins