Staff Inductions at City


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  • Show them the LDC interactive presentation first two bits
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  • Staff Inductions at City

    1. 1. Rae Karimjee, Educational Oliver, Lecturer in Learning
    2. 2. Our central aimsTo make City University London a place where learning and teaching are valued andrespected.To engage staff and learners in a dialogue about how to promote innovative andquality learning and teaching.
    3. 3. Educational TechnologiesThe MILL To achieve these aims Events and Seminars the LDC does the following:Educational Research Teaching Courses (MA and PhD) Awards
    4. 4. Which of these technologies will you be usingthe most for your professional practice? 1. Moodle 2. Portal 3. Teaching pods 4. Clickers 5. Other
    5. 5. If you will be using MoodleThe LDC can: Offer training on how to use these systemsGive advice on the best way to present informationEmbedding the tools within teaching and related practiceHelp with troubleshooting
    6. 6. If you will be giving presentations:The LDC can:Show you how to use the Teaching PodsProvide you with ‘Clickers’Help you record your presentations using Adobe Presenter
    7. 7. If you want to network with staffacross the University:Come along to the annual Learning and Teaching Showcaseto find out what projects are happening around theUniversity and meet more than 100 colleagues.Come along to the annual Learning at City Conference to getan insight to academic life at this University and to witnessthe annual Learning and Teaching awards ceremony.School liaison model – providing advice & sharing expertiseMA in Academic Practice – for anyone involved in supportingstudents
    8. 8. If you are involved in teaching and/orresearch:The LDC offers:A range of academic practice programmes, including theMA Academic Practice, bespoke modules, and seminars.A PhD programmeAn annual Learning Development ConferenceA Learning and Teaching Journal
    9. 9. There is a wide range of expertise inthis room!Not everyone here teaches.But we all support students.So how is the role of the LDC relevant to you?The LDC is careful to explore and promote learning andteaching from a wide perspective.For instance…
    10. 10. Ever thought about how you getthrough the day?Each one of us in this room has differentpreferences in the way we engage withtasks.We all learn and work differently.Let’s show you (get ready to stand up andmove things)
    11. 11. It’s the learning styles line-up!Imagine you have a task to do. It’s new and challenging, and youwant to look good.You have 2 choices: 1. You do something straightaway and see what happens (one end of the line). (Andy) 2. You can get more info and some kind of framework (other end of the line) . (Rae)Where would you put yourself along that line?
    12. 12. It’s the learning styles line-up!Now imagine the same situation but you choose between: 1. reflecting and observing others (one end of the line). (Andy) 2. OR making a plan and trying something out (the other end of the line). (Rae)Stay at the level of your first position on the first line butmove backwards or forwards either along the second line.
    13. 13. Wow – people all over the place… Look around, see where Reflector everyone else is, think about the implications. Talk to someone in aActivist Theorist very different position and try to understand that different approach. What task were they thinking of? Pragmatist Would they place themselves elsewhere for a different task?
    14. 14. LDC ContactCass Sian Lindsay & Sandra PartingtonSEMS and SOL Andy Oliver & Steve McCombeLaw Pam Parker & Rae KarimjeeSCHS Neal Sumner & Stef SmithCentral Services Stef Smith, Pam Parker, Annemarie Cancienne & Keri LloydSocial Sciences and Arts Patrick Baughan & Olivia Fox
    15. 15. Visit our website: our monthly blog: