Ines Pandas And Raccoons Final


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Ines Pandas And Raccoons Final

  1. 1. By Ines Bu Hey Y6B there , everyone! I’m the one who will go through the presentation with you.
  2. 2. Table of Contents  About the Presentation  Symbiotic Relationship Between pandas and Raccoons  Pandas  Raccoons  Comparing Pandas and Raccoons  Venn Diagram  Play Scrip  Photos  How Do Other Animals Adapt to Their Habitats – Camels and Horses  Story of Zebra in a different habitat  My Special Organism  Extra Stage  About the Author  Bibliographies
  3. 3. Font: I chose Arial Rounded MT bold because it looks pretty and legible. Size: Larger size font was used to emphasize certain words. Color: Variety of colors were used so it can stand out on different backgrounds. Animals: Pandas and Raccoons were chosen to show the relationship. Back To Contents
  4. 4. I chose to present the symbiotic relationship between Pandas and Raccoons because I think Pandas are cute. I chose to compare Pandas to Raccoons because I believed Raccoons had a symbiotic relationship with Pandas. Even though they don’t look alike or sound alike, they are similar in many ways. An example would be that they belong to the same animal family. This presentation will explain the symbiotic relationship between Pandas and Raccoons. Back To Contents Sounds like a good idea to moi!
  5. 5. OH! Interesting! Ahh.. I see Symbiotic Relationship Ever wondered what a symbiotic relationship is? Well here is your answer. A symbiotic relationship is an relationship between two or more animals that relate to each other, and how they are similar and different. For example; The bee and the flower. Bees fly from flower to flower gathering nectar, which they make into food, benefiting the bees. When they land in a flower, the bees gathers some pollen on to their hairy bodies, and when they land in the next flower, some of the pollen from their body falls off, pollinating the flower. Back To Contents
  6. 6. Symbiotic Relationship between Pandas and Raccoons Pandas and Raccoons symbiotic relationship is they both live in a grassy area and they both have many things in common, such as; sharp nails, active, good sense and know when to use and what there talents are. They are also alike in a strange way. Pandas look like bears but they are not classified as them. They are classified as Raccoons which is why the Red Panda looks like one. The red Panda is actually a Raccoon and so are the other Pandas. They are both Raccoons and even though Padas are Raccoons not many of the Pandas act in they exact same way and they don’t have the exact same talents. Scientists are wondering and getting proof about this amazing news about Pandas are Raccoons but, they got evidence from the Red Panda (also Raccoon) that they really are Raccoons. Back To Contents Interesting!
  7. 7. Oh, Really? Pandas Pandas are amazing mountain animals with lots of great and unique talents such as keeping food and his or her babies safe. They are from China but unfortunately they are getting endangered and are having some trouble living in their habitat. People are cutting Bamboo trees for furniture, accessories, and many other products. That is why they are getting endangered. People who care for animals are trying to keep Pandas safe. People also know that Pandas living in zoos are poor but they also know that it can save Pandas lives. You probably have seen furniture and accessories and thought they were nice and pretty but every time they make one of those furniture or accessories they are killing or endangering one Panda.
  8. 8. I don’t enjoy being here! Pandas Back To Contents How features help it Organism Environment Features survive Rainforest: hot, dry Pandas Sharp and curved nails Helps attack enemies. humid Can help them hear Rains a lot Good hearing skills danger coming close from far away. Not much food for They can not be seen Smart humans well in colorful Places. Not many people will Lots of trees and Inactive (slow moving) see them if they hang other plants up high on the trees Helps Panda to Not much water to Have good eyesight escape from hunters drink before they shoot.
  9. 9. Features of a Panda Back to contents •Animal : Panda •Habitat: Rainforest •Special Features: 1. Spots not same size 2. Black and white 3. Teeth that grind food 4. claws and sharp nails Not the same size Rainforest (Habitat) Black & White Teeth claws and sharp nails
  10. 10. Raccoons Raccoons are small animals that are usually living around Pandas. They usually are in the rainforest or grassy areas. Raccoons are also called Red pandas. Raccoons are part of the Panda family and that is another reason they are called Red Pandas. Raccoons and Pandas stay in a similar place which is usually a grassy and watery area (e.g.: rainforests) When a un-related animal is near them they attack even though the other animal doesn’t harm them. Just like people have phobias to things, un-related animals near Raccoons and Pandas are something similar to a phobia for them. R U talking about moi?
  11. 11. Raccoons Wow! I’m the main character 3 times now! Back To Contents How features help it Organism Environment Features survive Rainforest: hot, dry Can see Raccoons humid and grassy Good eyesight hunters(danger) far away Sharp and pointed Rains a lot Helps attack enemies nails Mostly everything is Usually knows where Smart grass enemy’s weak spot is Few trees but a lot of Run away from Active/Fast plants hunters/enemy Can go through tiny Not much fresh water Small places and hide behind for humans. small rocks
  12. 12. Features of a Raccoon Back to contents •Animal : Raccoon •Habitat: Rainforest •Special Features: 1. Smart 2. Good eyesight 3. Fast 4. Sharp and pointed nails Smart Rainforest Good eyesight (Habitat) Fast Sharp and pointed nails
  13. 13. Comparing Pandas and Raccoons sharp nails I hate U Every Panda has a black Panda! Can’t be birthmark seen easily Thinks Shy Raccoons are worst enemy Thinks and best Pandas are friends best friends in the When they inside but scratch they acts mean don’t shout but to them on when enemy is the outside near they do Striped on Attacks it you Back To Contents the tail touch them while eating There is only one type of Panda without spots
  14. 14. Good hearing skills Sharp and pointed nails Inactive Good eyesight Smart Active/Fast Teeth that can Small grind food Attacks it you touch them while eating
  15. 15. Play Script Panda: Hey Raccoon! Wanna come over to my house today? Raccoon: Sure, why not! Panda: Okay, I’m going to make the grass pretty, organize things and make things neat so we can play without problems so just come around 6.00. Raccoon: Sure! No prob’ Panda: You can’t come any earlier okay? Raccoon: No! Come on! I want to go earlier! Panda: No! You can’t! I know you can wait! Raccoon: Easy for you to say. Do you know how hard it is to wait? Panda: Duh… Obviously I do. I’ve waited so long for my new bamboo tree to grow. Raccoon: Never mind! I’m not going! It’s going to be to late. I like EARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Panda: Oh well then. Raccoon: Oh! What? Panda: Forget about it! I was being kind to you and you don’t… Raccoon: GOOD BYE! I DON’T NEED YOU!!! Panda: Come back! Raccoon: Make me go back! Panda: I’ll let you come early but the earliest is at 5:00, OK? Me again? YAY! Raccoon: Deal! See you! Back To Contents
  16. 16. Hmm, How do Camels you say that? Horses Cam -eel? Camels have to adapt to the desert. At the desert it is Horses have to adapt to all sandy, dry and it has only a sorts of habitats They can live in little bit of water so Camels sandy, grassy, or muddy places. have to learn how to not drink Horses need lots of water water for a long time and dink because they exercise everyday. a lot of water next time the Hey run around and people see and have a chance to get horse-back ride on them. water. They also need to get Horses have long necks so they used to sand going in their never throw up. They are very eyes. That is why they have energetic all the time and they nice, thick and long need to be trained to exercise eyebrows. Secondly, they without having to stop or have have thick lips, meaning hat breathing problems. They have they have to learn to eat thick strong legs to they also learn prickly plants and not hurt how to climb rocky mountains. their thick lips.(They have They have strong hooves on thick lips because they can their feet so it can also help hurt themselves when eating climb rocky mountains. with thin lips, but they can still get hurt.) Back To Contents
  17. 17. Story of the Zebra in a different habitat Back To Contents “Oh No! What’s Happening?! Let me out! Let me out! I don’t like it here in this, I don’t know maybe it’s the muddy and dirty area or something like that! Now just get me out! I don’t like it! I really don’t! Let me out!” The sad Zebra cried. She had been moved from her normal grassy home all the way to the muddy and dirty area. She was all sad and lonely with no-one to play with. “Please let me out of here!” she was filled with tears and started to beg again and again until she had gotten to tired say a word and she wiped her tears, sat down, begged once more sadly, then she stretched and slowly began to sleep. Everyone that saw the poor zebra had been complaining to the people why she has to be sad and they were also complaining about how is she going to adapt to her new home. The zebra knew what the kindhearted people were talking about, and she agreed how why she has to be sad and so she made up her mind and said “I'm going to get out of here! If they catch me I’m going to make them feel sorry that they did this to me! I’m sure!” She knew she could get out, and she tried again and again until she gave up, sighed and complained to herself, “It’s my fault, It really is. Why did I let them capture at the beginning.?” As she slowly sat down, she heard a voice. “”I’ll get you out.” someone whispered. “It’s okay.” The zebra replied without knowing who she was even talking to. “I know that I can’t do it.” she cried “I’m sorry.” then she slowly walked away and in a few minutes she had gone so far she was nowhere to be found but few days after on the news everyone found out that the Zebra used her strong hoofed feet to break a fence and run away to her normal home. Awe. Poor Ze-boa?
  18. 18. Back To Contents I’m So Animal Name: Fishmobob Interested! Tell Habitat: Sea/Ocean Me More! Special Features: 1) Swims 2) Can breathe underwater without coming to the surface 3) Can walk on land 4) Can talk human language This animal is part human and part fish. Habitats Breathing hole Sea/Ocean Eyes Fishmobob (Fish) Mouth Human Language Speaker Land Legs Legs make the Fishmobob swim and walk
  19. 19. We are all dependant on our environment (the Earth) because we were all born in the same way. We have adapted to Earth because this is where we were born and always lived on the planet Earth. Just like animals adapt to their environment we do that as well. Right now we are interdependent but we still depend on the Earth for: shelter, food, water and many other things. Humans have adapted to the Earth and where they live by being born on this planet and stayed wherever on the Earth. Even though the Earth has many places such as: Korea, Japan, China, Guam, Cebu, Saipan, Africa, France, Italy, Germany, Hawaii, Washington, Colorado, Australia, Russia, Florida, Texas, Michigan, Maine, Tennessee, and much more, we have all adapted to one place and moved from one place to another and adapted there. Baby born on Earth Adapts to the place they were born Grows up Moves Adapts to different habitats
  20. 20. About the Author Hi, my name is Ines Bu and I am 10 years old. I love to horseback-ride. I rode horses when I was a baby (5 years old). I love to horseback-ride and I also like to ski and play my clarinet when I have extra time. My favorite place in the world is Honolulu, HI and I have many houses all over the world. I visit Hawaii every summer and winter. I go to Japan during the weekends or short breaks. I love travelling around the world and my favorite place I’ve been to is probably Zimbabwe, South Africa. Underneath there are a photos of me. I hope you enjoy! Back to Contents Me in Hawaii Me in Japan SORRY! NO AFRICA PHOTOS! Me in California
  21. 21. Thank You For Watching! BACK TO CONTENTS
  22. 22.      8&ei=-6_mStqIEoLuswOt- bmVBQ&sa=X&oi=image_result_group&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CBMQsAQwAA    Back to contents