Cyberbullying No27 2009 Laurence And Saad

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Cyberbullying Presentation

Cyberbullying Presentation

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  • CONTEXT: Twenty years ago, cyberbullying – also called electronic bullying or eBullying – did not exist. There were fewer home computers and cellular phones, and neither text messaging nor social networking websites existed.
  • DEFINITION ; cf. similarities with bullying: Manipulating other’s emotions Playing innocent
  • final diary pages of thirteen –year-old- Vijay Singh. He was found dead hanging from banister rail at home on Sunday.
  • Ref. B Coloroso, page 207: Trois-Rivière – 15 years old – april 2003 – video reenacting a Star Wars fight scene – 1 month later weblog where posted reported 2mn clip downloaded 1.1 million times ; by oct 2004 76 million visits by oct 2004 Life became unbearable at school – international object of ridicule
  • <<NOT GUILTY ?>>The impact of the bystanders is enormous Code of silence Denigration of a targeted child to elevate their own status in their peer group
  • The one cyberbullied feel isolated emotionally by facing anonymous threads or humiliations
  • I know someone who is being cyberbullied, what should I do? Why is cyberbullying hard to stop?


  • 1. Cyberbullying
    • Baluch, Saad
    • Bogner, Laurence
    • November 27, 2009
    (1) Why should you be concerned?
  • 2. Table of contents:
    • What is cyberbullying?
    • Who are the people involved?
    • Why is it hard to stop?
  • 3. 1-What is cyberbullying? (2) HHOJ LOL YRDM YBS SOHF
  • 4. “ Cyberbullying: High-Tech Harassment in the Net Neighborhood”(3)
    • Getting the target to reveal sensitive personal information
      • Stealing password and impersonating them online
      • Using accomplices
    • Flaming to enrage the target:
      • Sending or posting hateful emails, instant messages or text messages
      • Developing a website that rates someone’s appearance or popularity (private or embarrassing photos online)
    • Hurting by humiliating the target
      • Using a buddy list to threat someone via instant messaging or e-mailing
      • Spreading lies, rumours or secrets online
      • Making false complaints to a website administrator, cell phone provider or Internet service provider about someone else’s online behaviour
    • Example(4 )
  • 5.
    • I shall remember forever and will never forget
    • Monday: My money was taken.
    • Tuesday: names called.
    • Wednesday: my uniform torn.
    • Thursday: my body pouring with blood.
    • Friday: it’s ended.
    • Saturday: Freedom. ( 6 )
    2- Who are involved? Every body is affected… (5)
  • 6. Who is being cyber bullied?
    • “ Targeted youth are at risk for joining online communities of youth or adults who normalize, encourage, reinforce unhealthy, harmful or antisocial activities” (7).
    • The “ new” on the block, on work
    • The “ youngest” in the school, college or university
    • The “ submissive” , anxious and lacking self confidence
    • The “ poor” who can’t conform to norm
    • The “fat guy”, thin, acne, skin condition
    • The “ different ” gifted, with physical/mental disabilities.
    • The “immigrant” coming from an ethnicity minority
    • The “gay”: the one with gender/sexual orientation
  • 7. Who is the cyberbully?
    • -Anonymous bully
      • Internet gaming:
        • Players from around the world can play with or against one another
      • Internet polling
        • “ Who is the biggest slut in your College?”
        • “ Who is the ugliest in your class?”
        • “ Who should die?”(8)
      • Message board
        • Chatting online about a common interest
  • 8. Focus on the “bystanders”
    • Bystanders become anonymous : You don’t know who else has seen the hurtful messages since the Internet is public
    • Do not defend the one being bullied.
    • Can carry an allegiance to the bully who looks popular, strong, daring role model
    • Involved in 85% of the bullying episode, becoming a bunch of bullies
    • Reinforced the antisocial behavior of the bully in 81 % of the episodes (10)
  • 9. 3-Why is cyber bullying hard to stop?
    • Bullies can reach you any time and any place as long as one computer or one cell phone is on
    • Cyber bullying by proxy
    • Manipulation of language make us confused who is who
  • 10. Cyberbullying by “proxy” or cyberbullied “spammed”?
      • the “bystanders”
      • an Internet service provider with “Warning” and “Notify wars”
      • The parent’s target or the school, college, university personnel
      • “ A hate group or sex solicitation chat rooms”(12)
  • 11. Summary Conclusion
    • Cyber bulling could be affecting everybody: it is hard to stop because it is anonymous, fast and sometimes vicious.
    • Report abusive behaviour is not an eventuality: it should be immediate
    • “ It is not tattling, snitching, ratting, or squealing to tell (…) that their friend who has been tormented by peers is giving his possessions away and saying subtle good-byes to classmates.” (14)
  • 12. References
    • Coloroso, Barbara. The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander: From Pre-school to High School: How parents and Teachers Can Help Break the Cycle of Violence. Chapter 10 (Title). 2008. New York. ISBN 978-006-1744600 HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
    • Neil Marr and Tim Field ,Bullycide, Death and Playtime: An Expose of Child Suicide Caused by Bullying.(2)2. “ The Bully, The bullied , and the Bystander” copy right 2006 Barbara Coloroso ISBN- 13:978-0-00-639420-4
    • Coloroso, Barbara. Ibid. Page 207.
    • Ibid . Page 66
    • Ibid . Page 217.
    • Ibid . page 135
  • 13. Sources
    • Kowalski, Limber and Agatston. Cyber Bullying in the Digital Age. Blackwell Publishing. 2007. Web November 24, 2009.
    • “ Mom in MySpace hoax pleads not guilty” CNET News. June 16, 2008. Web. November 24, 2009.
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  • 14.
    • Thank you.
            •    Are there any questions?