Keynote - King's College London Entrepreneurship Reception (6 Feb 2013)


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Keynote - King's College London Entrepreneurship Reception (6 Feb 2013)

  1. 1. Structured Enablement of Entrepreneurship - a holistic view Entrepreneurs’ Winter Networking Reception King’s Commercialisation Institute - 6 February 2013 USA • UK • INDIAProgressive IntelligencePartners in Achievement Henriette Raphael House Guy’s Campus Dr. Sanjeev B. Ahuja London SE1 1UL Managing Director Progressive Intelligence Pvt. (UK) Ltd. President, TiE UK Advisory Board, Storybricks
  2. 2. The Inconvenient Truth The current Job markets have economic malaise thinned; while may stretch well eligible job into this decade seekers have risen We cannot all become investment Public and private bankers and institutions are traders straight-jacketed Entire generation Limited of disenfranchised institutional young men and accountability women Dark clouds have indeed gathered! 2© Copyright 2013 Progressive Intelligence Pvt (UK) Ltd.
  3. 3. But all is not gloom and doom World has shrunk; 1B connected to Gangnam Style as though it were Phil 1.4B still live Global without population Collins singing it!! electricity and stands at 7B; 780M without all are drinking water! potential prospects Global Online Retail $0.5T; growing @ 15% p.a Android, Samsung & Apple mobile Mobile Gaming ecosystem $10B; $7.5B; next 3 yrs 750M devices Unimaginable opportunities exist! 3© Copyright 2013 Progressive Intelligence Pvt (UK) Ltd.
  4. 4. Risks of listening to someone on a soapbox Being up here on stage this evening will likely make even some of my evangelical fervour come across as insightful or worse, as profound revelation! Best if you take my rhetoric with a grain of salt; follow it up with loads of self-reflection and at least some sound advice. 4© Copyright 2013 Progressive Intelligence Pvt (UK) Ltd.
  5. 5. Now the sermon … We are not here to talk about the successful few who are making millions but rather the millions who simply aspire to make a success of it … Entrepreneurship is increasingly a more promising career choice, offering a way to control your own destiny and often, grab a windfall of disproportionately high returns. 5© Copyright 2013 Progressive Intelligence Pvt (UK) Ltd.
  6. 6. Are you ready? History is undoubtedly (re-)written by those who succeed; but it is those who are not afraid to fail that get to write their future … … you can take charge of your own lives, resist the notions of entitlement or dependency on public/social institutions, take calculated risks and carve your way to economic well- being; even fame! 6© Copyright 2013 Progressive Intelligence Pvt (UK) Ltd.
  7. 7. Do you have it in you …? Top Soft Job Skills© Top Entrepreneurial Skills © 2012 Hinton Human Capital • Work Ethic • Self Confidence • Internship Experience • Awareness • Ability to Follow Direction • A Sense of Adventure • Knowledge of: • Networking ‐ Accounting Finance & Budgets • Focus ‐ Science, Technology, Engineering & Math • Skills • Tenacity ‐ Interpersonal • Originality ‐ Communication • Knowledge of Business Basics ‐ Problem Solving • Leadership & Teamwork • A Sense of Adventure • Creative Thought Process for • Good Eye Contact Collective Innovation • Firm Handshake 7© Copyright 2013 Progressive Intelligence Pvt (UK) Ltd.
  8. 8. Some Sobering Statistics In 2011, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) reported that, 9.8% of working age adults in the UK expected to start a business within the next 3 years, compared to 15.8% in the US. Total early-stage entrepreneurial activity (TEA) in the UK was 7.6% compared to 12.3% in the US. This was a 25% rise in the UK from the previous year, compared to a 100% rise in the US.  Back in 2008, IHS Global Insight had found that while VC investment represented 0.2% of US GDP, the revenue of companies created by the industry represented 21% of GDP (2008 - $14T). A strong VC industry is essential to our future as well; the Govt is looking to the entrepreneurial sector for job creation, economic development, better healthcare, cleaner technology, and a faster, better, and more secure internet to build a thriving new economy. 8© Copyright 2013 Progressive Intelligence Pvt (UK) Ltd.
  9. 9. Fostering Entrepreneurship in the UK Where we want to be Where we are today Influence Informed policy agenda Public/Pvt enabling bodies Awareness and excitement Extend Aspiration Thought leadership Mentoring and coaching Access to willing capital Institutional involvement Deliver Events Partnerships Effective networks Launch Business affiliations Cross-border collaborations Academic Programs Flag Discuss Explore Practice Maturity 9© Copyright 2013 Progressive Intelligence Pvt (UK) Ltd.
  10. 10. The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) TiE’s aim is to make entrepreneurial success and economic well-being more systemic and less a matter of chance. It is the world’s largest global non-profit organization to be singularly focused on entrepreneurship, as a unique vehicle for self-reliance and sustainable wealth creation. TiE has 62 chapters and 13,000 members in 18 countries across 5 continents. TiE UK is one of its larger chapters. 10© Copyright 2013 Progressive Intelligence Pvt (UK) Ltd.
  11. 11. TiE in the UK In the Nature vs. Nurture debate, if the former is about genes then the latter is about gene-splicing. Entrepreneurship can be taught; one does not have to be born with a particular DNA strand. We are unique in offering structured enablement, effectual global networking, and hands-on mentoring and coaching. Over the last 3 years, 200 entrepreneurs at different stages and across sectors have been mentored by TiE UK alone! 11© Copyright 2013 Progressive Intelligence Pvt (UK) Ltd.
  12. 12. Fostering entrepreneurs is rooted in seeding the mindset Connecting all the dots … Development of an idea under incubation Guiding the business towards sustainable growth Mentoring the entrepreneur through a maturing process Effective harvesting of the asset, once developed TiE UK offers vital support to entrepreneurs throughout their venture lifecycle! 12© Copyright 2013 Progressive Intelligence Pvt (UK) Ltd.
  13. 13. KEY DRIVERS FOR TiE UK Structured Enablement of Influential & Effectual Engaged Members and Entrepreneurs Business Networking Committed Sponsors Classroom Events Premium Advice Practical Programs Membership Benefits Lifecycle Opportunities Thriving Community Along with other Strategic Partners. 13© Copyright 2013 Progressive Intelligence Pvt (UK) Ltd.
  14. 14. In Conclusion Entrepreneurship is not a defined science; but nor is it a game of dice. It is a practice - you start on a well trodden path but then write the rules as you encounter new situations! Dream freely. Believe boldly. Pursue passionately. Share openly. If you wonder, “Is my idea good enough”, “Where do I start”, “Who can I use as a sounding board”, “Can I afford to take this risk”, “How can I get funding”, “What if I fail” ... … then TiE UK can help you answer these questions! 14© Copyright 2013 Progressive Intelligence Pvt (UK) Ltd.