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Research Portfolio of Syed Bahauddin Alam

  3. 3. ResearchResearch is what Im doing when I dont know what Im doing. ~Wernher Von Braun
  4. 4. RESEARCH DOMAINParticle physicsElectromagnetic ShieldingAtomic property analysis andsimulationNuclear and Radiation physicsAnalysis of confinement timesTime utilization factorPoisoning effect of Xenon andsamarium3-D Compton ImagingBremsstrahlungHeat TransferRadiative stoppingBeta- Decay & Compton EffectNano magnetism and Nano MaterialAnalysisGSM securityCloud Computing
  5. 5. RESEARCH Nuclear Waste TransmutationOf all the panoramas of nuclear power in the world, none is sodisputatious or as pivotal as the issue of nuclear waste and itsmanagement. Disposal of waste can highly jeopardize theatmosphere and environment. Already waste disposal in ocean isproscribed by the governments of developed countries. As energysources are going to be diminished, our future prognoses certainlyrun towards nuclear power as it is already weighed as a safe andclean alternative energy. As tralatitious waste disposal system ishazardous, rumination about nuclear waste management, treatmentand processing via adopting different physical and chemicaltechnologies is of grave importance. Virility of nuclear waste needsto be controlled and mitigated for safe industrial purposes and fuelconsumptions. I have done some physical solutions of wastetransmutation for reducing its radioactivity via Decay and NucleonSeparation Energy. Stability of Nuclear
  6. 6. RESEARCH Beta Decay AnalysisBy using Beta-decay process, waste treatment process has beenanalyzed by me.My analysis was followed by a transition rate devolves on the count ofdirections that the changeover can occur and the saturation of thefundamental interaction stimulating the conversion i.e. the “coupling”within the initial and terminal states of matter. In that analysis, in theexcited state, one of the products nuclei is left decomposing by theemission of one or more gamma photons as the nucleus retroverts to itsground state. I have found that, as the kinetic energy of the parentnucleus is zero, the radioactive decay energy must be disbursed amongthe kinetic energies of the products. So by using decay energy operation,mitigation of the power of radiotoxic waste is possible. The mass ofdecayed particle is much less than the daughter nucleus Q. For thatreason, if any radioactive waste is done intervention by beta-decayoperation, its toxicity will be mitigated earlier. As the mass of decayedparticle is much less than the daughter nucleus Q, by doing thatoperation treatment and conditioning is possible.In any nuclear waste management plant, by using and varying excitednuclei produced by reactor through Q-value variation as per equationabove, as energy is varied so it can be processed and conditioned. Forthat analysis I have to use pure Vector interaction and Tensor or Axialinteraction. Beta Decay Analysis
  7. 7. RESEARCH Radiative Energy LossFor weakening the virility of waste, I have used Radiation PowerMitigation Reaction. BremsstrahlungFor the sake of subverting the Radiotoxicity of the radioactivematerial as early as possible, I have done Radiative energy loss. My Productionanalysis was that, when a laying out electron motions with atomicElectrons, collision energy loss goes on and this consequence ineither ionization or excitation of the nuclei. Large energy departurespass off less oftentimes where a substantial ratio of the energy ofplacing electrons is transported to an orbital electron, which is nameda knock-on collision, and the expelled electron is pertained to as adelta-ray. This process is modeled by collision of ‘free electron’ asthe outermost shell electrons are loosely colligated. Where theelectron loses a negotiable amount of energy, there takes place‘Collisional Energy Losses’.The rate of energy release by this mechanics devolves on the electronenergy and the ionization free energy. It was the basic analysis ofRadiative energy loss done by me. Radiative Energy Loss due to Emission and Position Vector
  8. 8. RESEARCH ANISOTROPIC SCATTERING: Compton Imaging In Nuclear Waste CharacterizationFor nuclear waste characterization, I have used Compton imagingand its effect to alleviate Radiotoxicity and the Klein-Nishinaangular distribution for the incoherent scattering of photonsat different incident energies.Operations and decommissioning of nuclear waste in various sectorsand its treatment is of a greater concern. To solve this problem, Ihave analyzed Compton imaging that has a number of advantagesfor characterization of nuclear waste, such as identifying hot spotsin mixed waste in order to reduce the volume of high-level wasterequiring extensive treatment or long-term storage and imaginglarge objects. Compton scattering to the nuclear waste due to recoilelectron, energy of waste will be diminished as kinetic energy andhence it can be told that, for nuclear waste treatment andconditioning, no scruple that, Compton scattering is a strong andeffective way. B It is the basic analysis of my research of nuclearwaste characterization.From my analysis I have found that, the higher the energy of theincident photon, the more anisotropic the scattering. Double-differential cross-section for Compton scattering of photons
  9. 9. RESEARCH Thermal Utilization Factor of Fusion ReactorFor analyzing effectiveness and absorption of thermalneutrons by the fuel or their utilization within thereactor, I have used thermal utilization factor.My process follows that, because not all thermal neutrons areabsorbed by the fuel, we define thermal utilization as theprobability that, when a thermal neutron is absorbed, it isabsorbed by the “fuel” (F) and not by the “nonfuel” (NF).Equivalently, it is the ratio of the average thermal neutronabsorption rate in the fuel to the total thermal neutronabsorption rate in the fuel and nonfuel. The value of f canrange from near zero for a very dilute fuel mixture to unity fora core composed only of fuel.In my analysis, some of the thermal neutrons absorbed withinthe reactor will be absorbed by atoms of non-fuel materialsand for that reason thermal utilization factor will always beless than the unity. Thermal Utilization factor of Fusion reactor
  10. 10. RESEARCHFor Reactor Kinetics Model analysis, I have considered Reactor Kinetics Model Analysiscritical systems and examined super-critical or sub-criticalsystems.The contemplation of time-subordinated processes innuclear reactor systems is concerned to as reactor kineticsor reactor dynamics. For an infinite thermal reactor, timeexpected for neutron to retard to thermal energies isminuscule equated to the time neutron drops as a thermalneutron before it is finally engulfed. I have also consideredan infinite homogenous reactor whose caloric flow mustbe independent of the position.Here I have analyzed kinetics model analysis with Promptneutron lifetime and Reactor Kinetics for Delayed neutrons. Reactor Kinetics Model
  11. 11. RESEARCH Accelerator Model Analysis: CyclotronA cyclotron comprises of two D-shaped realms cognized as dees.The oscillation degenerates with the magnetic field in the deescontinually contributing the charge back to the gap. As the chargeis in the dee, the force field in the gap is inverted, so the charge isonce again accelerated across the gap. There is a magnetic fluxvertical to the plane of the page in each dee. All time the charge Accelerator Model Analysis: Cyclotroncuts through the gap it picks up speed. These cause the half-circles in the dees to step-up in radius and finally the charge issuesfrom the cyclotron at high speed.My analysis was, the terminal kinetic energy is fundamentallyindependent of the potential drop in the gap, but the kineticenergy is proportional to the square of the magnetic field, soincreasing the magnetic field is the way to increase the kineticenergy. Accelerator ModelCyclotron Analysis Analysis: Cyclotron
  12. 12. RESEARCH PC-based Nuclear Power Plant SimulationI have done simulation and physical analysis of Transientcharacteristics of Boiled Water Reactor and Pressurized WaterReactor by PC TRAN Nuclear Simulator.ESBWR is founded on the originally Simplified BWR (SBWR) byeconomics of surmount to a higher power level of 4500 MWt (1560Mwe). The economic consumption of recirculation pumps inpremature BWR patterns or reactor interior pumps for ABWR iscompletely eradicated. Core flux is by natural circulation. TheElectric Economic Simplified BWR (ESBWR) depends on themanipulation of natural circulation and passive characteristics toenhance the plant functioning and simplify the design. AdvancedPressurized Water Reactor (APWR) uses gas turbine that substitutediesel generator for exigency power, and in containment refuelingwater storage pit (RWSP) for post- LOCA recirculation. Its output isnear 1500 MW electric and evolutionary with 4 coolant loops and 4trains of ECCS direct vessel injecting. Power Plant Simulator
  13. 13. RESEARCH Bremsstrahlung Emission ProcessWhen the ratio of the average distance between particles is small, chargedparticles more or less continuously are dominated by one another’selectrostatic influence, and their kinetic energies are small compared tothe interaction potential energies. Such plasmas are termed stronglycoupled. A typical particle is electrostatically influenced by all of the otherparticles within its Debye sphere, but this interaction very rarely causesany sudden change in its motion. Such plasmas are termed weaklycoupled. In isotropic weakly coupled plasmas, the electron-ionBremsstrahlung process is described by the Debye-Huckel potential.Bremsstrahlung from cerrobend diminutions with changing magnituderadius because the amount of cerrobend decussate beam is decreased.These components were distinguished using measurements in water withvariable collimation by 12-cm thick Lucite or by cerrobend barricades forclinical electron beams. The classical Debye-Huckel model depicts theproperties of low density plasma and represents to pair correlationestimation. It has been known that the plasmas depicted by the Debye-Huckel model are ideal plasmas subsequently the average fundamentalinteraction energy between charged particles are smaller than theintermediate kinetic energy of a particle. The cognitive operations ofassimilation of laser free energy are rudimentary to the study of opticalmaser heated atomic plasmas and have received significant care inexperiments. Results and the simulations of Bremsstrahlung expelling byfast electrons using numerical cross sections is analyzed by me. Differential cross sections (DCS) representing high-energy Bremsstrahlung
  14. 14. RESEARCH Bremsstrahlung ProductionMonte Carlo simulation of electron-photon showers has become thefundamental tool for the dosimetry of high energy electron beams, for thedelineation of analytical x-ray sources, and, in general, for studies of high-energy radiation transport, used for these studies. By knowing the energyor velocity dependence many of the characteristic features of plasmas canbe empathized. Boltzmann distribution is the general equilibrium velocitydistribution function of a collision less plasma. This Maxwellian plasmaentails that it no longer restrains free energy and, hence, in the plasmas,there are no energy exchange processes between the particles. It is thendecipherable that the speeds of the subatomic particle are presumed to bedispersed around the mean velocity. In the head and in the tissueBremsstrahlung is produced. The Bremsstrahlung is ignored by mostelectron beam. For high energies and for small fields this becomesincreasingly important. With beam radius Bremsstrahlung from the headprevails and increases. Due to electron-ion Coulomb collisions that are abinary elastic collision between two charged particles interacting throughtheir own Electric Field in plasmas the Bremsstrahlung radiation hasreceived much. Bremsstrahlung Production
  15. 15. RESEARCH Simulation and Analysis of Reactor Kinetics ModelFor controlling reactivity, Gen-4 reactors are robust enough. Reactivity controland its safety are treated by assimilation of neutrons in the nuclear reactor. Inthese reactors different mechanisms are used for controlling the mechanismof reactor core’s activity. When the water flow through the core is increased,because of neutron moderation, reactivity is also increased. In Gen-4 nuclearreactors heavy particle scattering may be done because of smoothing of thereactor process. Heavy Particle scattering from an Electron and by thismechanism reactivity and atom speed can be controlled. For PARR-1 NuclearReactor Computer-Aided Testing and simulation has evolved. In the design ofthermal reactor Resonance Escape Probability is one of the important factors.In a thermal reactor, most of the neutrons are immersed after they haveretarded to thermal energies. In most reactor designs, various restraints ensuein this heat departure the reactor chamber at a comparatively lowtemperature, so that trivial or none of it can be retrieved as wattage. Thermalreactors are typical to diverse escape probability. All of the fission neutronsmust eventually be absorbed somewhere in the reactor and there having noefflux of neutrons from an infinite nucleus. A system’s energy is lost to itssurroundings is defined as Confinement times. In a plasma device, whetherenough fusion will occur to sustain a reaction is determined by confinementtimes. For an infinite thermal reactor time required for neutron to slow downto thermal energies is small compared to the time neutron spends as athermal neutron before it is finally absorbed. Analysis of Reactor Kinetics Model
  16. 16. RESEARCH Characterization of Nano Material: X-Ray DiffractionAt BUET Physics Lab, I have analyzed the X-ray diffraction form toobtain data such as crystal body structure, sampling orientation,subatomic particle size and lattice parametric quantity. I have onlyessayed lattice parametric quantity that is obtained from theBragg formula.In a distinctive apparatus, a collimated irradiation of X-rays isincident on the sample. The strength of the diffracted X-rays isdetermined as a function of the diffraction angle. The edge andcontour of the blobs are cognate the perfection of thecrystallization. The saturations of the blots render informationnearly about the atomic basis. The deuce canonical subroutinespostulate either a single crystal or a powder. On individual crystals,a lot of information concerning the construction can be incurred.Then again, single crystallizations might not be promptly availableand orientation of the crystal is not straightforward.It has determined from my experiment that, motions ofwavelength equating the space lattice spatial arrangement arepowerfully dispersed. X-Ray Diffraction
  17. 17. RESEARCH Magnetostriction of Nanomaterial AlloysAT BUET PHYSICS LAB, I HAVE WORKED WITH MAGNETOSTRICTION OFFERROMAGNETIC ALLOY (NICKEL ALLOY). HERE I HAVE RETAINED ALLOY ONMAGNETIC FIELD AND CHANGES ITS FIELD TO OBSERVE THE ALTERATION OF ITSRESISTANCE AND VOLTAGE TO ANALYZE ITS CHARACTERISTIC CURVE. FOR VOLTAGEMEASUREMENT, I HAVE USED KEITHLEY MODEL 2182A.Magnetostriction is a property of ferromagnetic materials and alloysthat causes them to alter their shape or dimensions during the processof magnetization. The magnetic variation of materials magnetizationon account of the applied magnetic field changes the magnetostrictivestrain until reaching its saturation value. In summation to thermalnoise, the motility of circuit leads in magnetic fields also generatesunauthentic voltages. Even the earth’s comparatively frail magneticfield can generate nanovolt noise levels in dropping conducts.According to my assay and Basic physics, the amount of voltage amagnetic field induces in a circumference is relative to the region thecircuit conducts confine. Hence, leads must be come off approximateor be screened to derogate induced magnetic voltages. Magnetostriction of Nanomaterial
  18. 18. RESEARCH CONTROLLING OF RADIATION DOSIMETRY PARAMETERSFor Shielded primary photon dose rate, primary photon dose rate isattenuated exponentially, and the dose rate from primary photons, wherefor the photons in the shield material. For shielded dose rate accountingfor buildup the added effect of the buildup is taken into account byincorporating a point isotropic source dose buildup factor, The order ofmagnitude of the buildup factor hinges upon the origin and screengeometry, the outdistance from the shield control surface to the dosedegree, photon energy, the shield corporeal and heaviness. An intimatelyconcerned deterministic quantity, used only in association withcircuitously ionizing (uncharged) radioactivity, is the Kerma, an acronymfor ’Kinetic Energy of Radiation Absorbed per Unit Mass’. The absorbeddose is, in principle, a mensurable quantity; but in many contexts it isunmanageable to compute the immersed dose from radiation effluenceand material properties. The calculation of the kerma (rate) is closelyrelated to the reaction (rate) density. In a neutron dissipate, thescattering nucleus recoils through the medium producing ionization andinnervations of the ambient atoms. The primary mechanism fortransferring the neutrons kinetic energy to the medium is from neutronscattering interactions, when fast neutrons pass through a medium. Theaverage neutron energy loss (and hence average energy of the recoilnucleus) for isotropic elastic scattering in the center-of-mass system of aneutron with initial energy E. Controlling Of Radiation Dosimetry
  19. 19. RESEARCH Reactivity ControlFor reactivity control, my objective was to operate neutronpopulation; introduce material that absorbs neutrons.The system has Short Term Changes of Fuel temperature, Moderateand/or coolant temperature and Fuel motion. Each of these is oftenquantified in terms of a reactivity coefficient. From my analysis, as aresult of these thermal motions even of beam of monoenergeticneutrons appear to have a continuous spread of energies. Thereforethe resonance peak widens with temperature.Moreover, I have used Nuclear Doppler Effect for analyzingtemperature effects on reactivity. According to Nuclear DopplerEffect, Absorption cross sections vary with temperature and Nucleiare in atoms which are continual motion due to their thermal energy. Reactivity variations with mean Life Time
  20. 20. RESEARCH Electromagnetic ShieldingIn my analysis, the source and shielding are identified and the taskis to influence the resultant dose. AnalysisThe task done by me is to regulate the existence of the shieldingrequired to accomplish the destination. At commencement it must besaid that screening contrives and shielding analysis arecomplementary activities. In convening, the source is identified and atarget dose goal is specified. Whether one is engaged in a handcomputation or in a most elaborate Monte Carlo model, one isconfronted with the chores of (1) qualifying the source, (2)characterizing the nature and rarefying dimensions of the shieldingmaterials, (3) valuating at a target location the radioactivity strengthand possibly its angular and energy dispersions, and (4) commutingthe saturation to a dose or reaction substantive in terms ofactinotherapy cores. Monte Carlo codes are amenable to these morecomplex shielding problems and have become more and morepopular as high-speed ciphering has become uncommitted to somany people.I have used Monte Carlo model for that analysis. I have Worked withbuildup factors computed using the PALLAS code and Phantom-Related Dose. Buildup factors computed by PALLAS code
  21. 21. RESEARCH Poisoning AnalysisI have done poisoning analysis of Xenon and Samarium.My process was that, In a reactor core the fission products that accumulateare of concern for two explanations. My first analysis is that, they play long-term ignite origins through their disintegrations and second analysis is, theyact as epenthetic neutron absorbent or toxicants that, over time, decreasethe thermal utilization factor and, thus, bring in electronegative reactivityinto a core. A very small nuclear denseness of Xenon nuclide can have a rightsmart reactivity consequence. Of all isotopes it has the largest thermalneutron absorption cross section. Xe (135) transients shutdowns fromequilibrium at constant flux densities. Here I have analyzed several factors.First, Xe (135) transient for the buildup to equilibrium. Second,Xe(135)Equilibrium flux density before shutdown. Third, The buildup of Sm(149) to equilibrium and finally Sm (135) transient for the buildup toequilibrium during a start.My analysis and decision is that, for Counterbalancing Xenon Poisoning, areactor operating at a constant flux density, the equilibrium concentrationsof Iodine and Xenon are found from decay per buildup equations by settingthe time derivative to zero. Poison Reactivity
  22. 22. RESEARCH Characteristic Analysis of Gen-4Reactivity Control, Heavy Particle scattering from an Electron, Nuclear ReactorsComputer-Aided Testing and Resonance Escape Probability analyseshave been analyzed by me for the analysis of reactivity control andcharacteristic analysis of nuclear reactors.By immersion of neutrons in the reactor fuel, secure reactivitycommand is fundamentally acted. For ascertaining reactivity, Gen-4reactors are robust enough. In these reactors different mechanics areexploited for operating the mechanics of reactor core’s process. Byinsuring circulation rate of flow through the jet pumps short termreactivity commutes are performed. When the water flux through thecore is changed magnitude, because of neutron temperance,reactivity is as well increased. In that analysis, I have used Dataprocessor (PC) accomplishes reactivity reckonings from the staticpositive reactor period info for the control rod and accomplishesonline acquisition of distinct signals exploitation of the well-known in-hour equation. Moreover, various transient analysis, conditions and simulationbased analysis have been done for conducting that research Characteristic Analysis of Gen-4 Reactors
  23. 23. RESEARCH Heavy Particle Scattering from an ElectronFor reactivity control and transient analysis of reactor core simulation, Ihave analyzed the process of heavy particle scattering from an electron.My algorithm is that, an electron scatters heavy electrons. Sincesmoothening of the reactor operation, in Gen-4 reactors, heavy particledispersion is done. As alpha is heavy charged particles, pass throughmatter and they interact through the Columbic force, predominately onthe electrons of the medium as of they occupy most of the matter’s bulk.Towards heavy charged molecules with kinetic energy (MeV range), themore minuscule separation energy of an electron to the nucleus is trifling.Thus, a “free” electron at rest is that, with which an incident alpha particleinteracts. This is energy sufficient to free most electrons from their atomsand create an ion-electron pair. Virtually collisions transfer less energy from the alpha particle, and,consequently, tenners of grands of ionization and innervationfundamental interaction are requisite for an alpha with respective MeVof kinetic energy to retard and become part of the ambient medium. Heavy Particle Scattering from an Electron
  24. 24. RESEARCH Resonance Escape ProbabilityResonance Escape Probability is one of the crucial factors out thecontrivance of nuclear reactor is analyzed by me for the transientanalysis of reactor core.Thermal reactors are distinctive to diverse escape probability. Therecan be ordinal outflow of neutrons from an infinite core; all of thefission neutrons must eventually be absorbed somewhere in thereactor. However, some neutrons might be absorbed as retarding bynuclei having absorption resonances at energies over the thermalregion. Most of the neutrons are assimilated in a nuclear reactorsubsequently decompressing to thermal energies.For the absorption cross section as a mathematical function of freeenergy and the formulations for the retarding compactness to deducean equation towards the probability for a neutron to break away beingengulfed in the resonance realm as it decelerates to thermal zips,Breit-Wigner single level resonance expression has been exploited byme. The ensuing expression for the resonance escape probabilitycontours one depot in the four constituent normal for the transfiniteintermediate propagation factor. Resonance escape probability
  25. 25. RESEARCH Fusion Energy Gain Factor ModelI have used Fusion energy gain factor for the analysis of heating unit volumeof plasma in steady state.My analysis follows that, as it is the ratio of fusion power density to theexternally supplied power, Plasma must be maintained at a high temperaturein a fusion power reactor in order that nuclear fusion can occur. Variousconstraints ensue in this heat imparting the reactor chamber at a relativelylow temperature in virtually reactor excogitations, so that minuscule or noneof it can be recuperated as wattage. In these reactors, wattage is broughtforth from the fraction of the fusion power comprised in neutrons. In thesereactors, wattage is brought forth from the fraction of the fusion powercomprised in neutrons. The neutrons are not moderated by the obtuseplasma in inertial confinement fusion or the magnetic fields in magneticconfinement fusion but are absorbed in an encompassing "blanket".Imputable to versatile exothermic and endothermic reactions, the blanketmay have a power gain factor a few per centum higher or lower than 100%,but that will be neglected in our scheme. A fraction of the electrical power isre-circulated to run the reactor arrangements. The one conduct of energyexpiration that is autonomous of the confinement intrigue and practicallyinconceivable to obviate is Bremsstrahlung actinotherapy. Alike the fusion power density, the Bremsstrahlung power density devolveson the square of the plasma compactness, but it does not alter as apacewith temperature. Energy gain factor varies with efficiency and fusion power
  26. 26. RESEARCH Energy Confinement TimesI have analyzed Confinement times for measuring and analyzingthe rate of liberating energy to its environment. It is the energysubstance fractioned by the order of energy loss.My analysis follows that, the one conduct of energy expirationthat is autonomous of the confinement intrigue and practicallyinconceivable to obviate is Bremsstrahlung actinotherapy. Alikethe fusion power density, the Bremsstrahlung power densitydevolves on the square of the plasma compactness, but it doesnot alter as apace with temperature. In which 0.5 of a system’senergy are lost to its surroundings is defined as Confinementtimes. In a plasma device, whether enough fusion will occur tosustain a reaction is determined by confinement times. A simpleexpression for the optimal confinement for the optimalconfinement time is given.In a plasma ignition, the fusion power density that goes intoheating the plasma must exceed the power density lost to theenvironment and it has been formulated at my simulation. Theheating power is replaced by the kinetic energy of all chargedfusion products for the D-T reactions. Particle Confinement Times
  27. 27. RESEARCH Nuclei DynamicsI have analyzed Quantum mechanical analysis of electronic andnuclear dynamics of molecule and tunneling effect.My analysis and research was, the proton and neutron spatialdistributions are exhaustively coalesced overture the stability line,and radius of nuclear is proportional to molecular diameter. Thenimiety neutrons contour a stratum on the surface of such and inlight neutron rich nuclei near the drip-line, protons and neutrons aredissociated. Circumvents the nucleus, in cloggier nuclei near theneutron drip line, a rarity but compact layer of neutrons.Here for analysis, I have used neutron halos, nuclear skins andexotic shapes. Neutron halos
  28. 28. RESEARCH Data Security using Digital WatermarkingDigital watermarking is the newfangled idea in digital media. Asthe replication and modification of digital media content is donefrequently and without any significant obstruction, secrecy andauthenticity become vulnerable to attacks. In the informationhiding community digital watermarking has achieved immensepopularity due to its righteous stronghold against piracy and non-repudiation.Many watermarking algorithm has been developed in recentyears. From the context of the purposes, as they serve, they differfrom each other. Here I have done some basic algorithms ofdigital watermarking technique using LSB (Least Significant Bit)and DCT (Discrete Cosine Transformation).In the first one, the fragile watermark is embedded into the robustone which eventually embedded into original information. Secondmethod propose dynamic embedding with robust watermarking intransform domain and fragile in spatial domain. The third oneembeds two watermarks simultaneously in DCT domain of thehost image. For that research, I have used Spatial DomainAnalysis, the LSB method, Transform Domain Analysis, DCTcoefficient replacement method and DCT coefficient binaryrepresentation method. Data Security using Digital Watermarking
  29. 29. RESEARCH Security of SMS: Text hiding using Digital WatermarkingIn text watermarking, I have hided information within a text file. But it isnot so easy case, as there are no provisions for imperceptibility. Digitalwatermarking methods for text documents are limited because of thebinary nature of text documents which lacks rich gray scaling informationand some other peculiar properties, such as block/line/word patterning,clear separation between foreground and background areas. In theproposed algorithm, we have employed the line spacing character in ourembedding method. Our banking transaction SMS is basically some digits(0~ 9) and some additional characters (*, #).3. For example, we want totransmit the digit 4 then we have to transmit only 0100 (from the table)rather than it’s ASCII value (110100). The advantage is we have to transmitonly 4 bits rather than 6 bits; also the table position flexibility will enhancesecurity. Human eye cannot detect this discontinuity. So the mother text(into which the banking transaction text will be embedded perceptuallyremains same. Only the watermark remover can extract information fromthis mother text by checking the line space character sequence along thetext. So in both ends i.e.; mobile server and banking server ends we have touse watermarker and watermark remover for secured transaction. Someblank cells which might be used for further characters such as A, B, C, Dfor being a 13-radix number system. This will create provision for moreaccount hence more clients. Security of SMS using Watermarking
  30. 30. RESEARCH Fast and Highly Secured Speech CommunicationThis research presents a FPGA (Field Programmable GateArray) based speech signal communication system. Thesystem consists of encryption and watermarking. To facilitatefast operation and reduced data size, the sampled signal iscompressed before operation. There are many encryptiontechniques available for encryption. But for real-time signalencryption, fast encryption is necessary. Watermark providesmore secured authentication and ownership verification. Asrandom numbers are used for the encryption process, thesignal is secured for both wired and wireless media. FPGA is anefficient device for these operations on real-time signals.Conventional processors contain small number of registers andperform large operations in multiple cycles. FPGA can performa large number of operations at a time. In proposed methodvoice signal is compressed, watermarked, encrypted and sentthrough a transmission medium from the transmitting end. Atthe receiving end, the encrypted signal is decrypted andreconstructed as an audible speech signal. All the steps in thealgorithm are verified in MatLab. Secured Speech Communication Technique
  31. 31. RESEARCH Loss-less Compression for High Quality SpeechThis analysis presents a theory of loss-less digitalcompression. Quality of voice signal is not important for voicecommunication. In hearing music high quality music is alwaysrecommended. For this emphasis is given on the quality ofspeech signal.To save more music it is needed to save them consumingsmaller memory space. In proposed compression 8-bitPCM/PCM speech signal is compressed. When values ofsamples are varying they are kept same. When they are notvarying the number of samples containing same value issaved. After compression the signal is also an 8-bit PCM/PCM.MPEG-4 ALS is applied in this compressed PCM signal forbetter compression. Loss-less Compression
  32. 32. RESEARCH Secured Encryption for Real-time Speech SignalsThis research presents a watermarking technique with fastencryption and compression. Recently a number of algorithmsexist for watermarking and encryption. Their drawbacks aresize, security and time for execution. Compression is necessaryto maintain size small where bandwidth and storage capacityis limited. A loss-less compression technique is used tocompress speech signal. Due to compression, vacant placesare created. These vacant places are used for watermark. Inthe proposed encryption technique size of encrypted data isincreased by only 12.5%. Execution of encryption is fasterthan present unbreakable algorithms. This encryption is alsohighly secured and can be used for real-time application andsaving signal. Watermark will exist even after signal cropping. Secured Encryption
  33. 33. RESEARCH Compression of High Quality Speech SignalsThe field of speech compression has advanced rapidly dueto cost-effective digital technology and diversecommercial applications. In voice communication a real-time system should be considered. It is not still possible tocompress signals without facing any loss in real-timesystem. This research presents a theory of loss-less digitalcompression for saving high quality speech signals.Emphasis is given on the quality of speech signal. In hearingmusic high quality music is always needed, consuming smallmemory space. In this compression 8-bit PCM/PCM speechsignal is compressed. When values of samples are varyingthey are kept same. When they are not varying the numberof samples containing same value is saved. Aftercompression the signal is also an 8-bit PCM/PCM butexpansion is needed before hearing it. This technique mayalso be used in real-time systems. Compression of Speech Signals
  34. 34. RESEARCH Signal ReconstructionThis research presents a theory of 1.5 factor non-linear down-sampling, reconstruction and noise elimination. For lineardown sampling of two or three factor, one sample is taken andnext one or two samples are not taken/discarded. Here innonlinear down sampling two or three samples are taken andthe next one is not taken.The purpose of this non-linear down sampling is to send lessdata samples in voice communication. Though one sample isdiscarded after taking two samples value of this sample can bereconstructed from values of other samples. Here, twosamples are at original sampling period, Ts interval and nexttwo samples are at 2Ts interval. High-frequency sharp changeswere extracted when sampled at Ts interval. From receivedsignal, discarded sample can be reconstructed from nearbyfour samples (Previous two and next two). When originalsignal contains higher frequency some error signal isintroduced, after reconstruction.This error signal depends on original signal. Error signal iseliminated using original signal. Down-sampling is performedafter sampling and signal. Signal Reconstruction
  35. 35. RESEARCH Digital Image WatermarkingWe have analyzed a technique using digital image watermarking to make theSMS information non-transparent to an eavesdropping intruder while passingthrough the ISPs server broadband internet services. An image of JPEG formatcontains three matrices of RGB information which are chosen as the target forwatermark insertion. The three matrices, namely red, green, and blue, basicallycontain integer numbers ranging from 0 to 255 representing different pixels.Choice of matrices and sequence of choosing depends on encryption algorithm.On the other hand the information signal to be watermarked is plain text. Eachtext characters are defined by an ASCII value which requires 7 bits to besymbolized in binary. There are 160 characters in a single SMS needing 1120 bits(160x7) for binary ASCII representation. These bits are the information signal tobe inserted as watermark in the integer RGB values sieved from the chosen matrixof the image under consideration. In the proposed scheme, instead of workingdirectly on spatial domain, in order to enhance the level of security, we haveperformed watermarking in the discrete cosine transform (DCT) domain. DCT is aFourier related transform, but unlike the discrete Fourier transform (DFT), itavoids complex computation. Also DCT requires relatively less number ofcoefficients to represent the image data as compared to DFT. We first computethe DCT of pixel values frame by frame basis. Frame size is chosen on the basis ofhost image size to avoid fractional number of frames. Afterwards thesecoefficients are multiplied by a factor and rounded. DCT coefficients only above acertain value are chosen for inserting the watermark bits which are extractedfrom the text. In the proposed method, watermarking is performed on the LSB(least significant bit) layer of the host signal, which provides very low error anddistortion. Image Watermarking
  36. 36. RESEARCH Fast & Low-Power Consuming SRAMThis research presents a fast and low-power Static Random AccessMemory (SRAM) design. SRAM’s are widely used in computersystems and many portable devices.Designed SRAM is faster because of precharging at a desired voltage.For the most recent CMOS technologies leakage power dissipationhas become a major concern. According to the InternationalTechnology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS), leakage powerdissipation may eventually dominate total power consumption astechnology feature sizes shrink. To reduce overall powerconsumption we have to concern on both static and dynamic powerconsumption. Firstly, an equalizer with sense circuit was used toprecharge bit-lines near voltage (VDD - Vt). It reduces both staticand dynamic power consumption. Aspect ratio of equalizer is highfor fast precharging. Though we are precharging at desired voltagecircuit is simpler than conventional SRAM. Fast & Low-Power Consuming SRAM
  37. 37. PROJECTS
  40. 40. PROJECT: SOFTWARE DEVELPOPMENTScientific Calculator Using Graphical User Interface This is a basic Graphical User Interface (GUI) design that is designed by me. This is a scientific calculator and there are options for base functions and logarithmic functions. For scientific, base or logarithmic operations, one has to select the buttons. But for normal algebraic operations, ADD, SUB, MUL and DIV buttons are sufficient enough to execute the results. For that calculator I have used MatLab version R2009a.
  41. 41. PROJECT: SOFTWARE DEVELPOPMENTVoice Verification Software for User Authentication For large monitory transactions, added security scheme is incorporated in the proposed banking system. I have designed a voice authentication software for client verification to ensure safe data transmission between the client and the mobile server. During the process of registration the client will be offered the voice authentication. If the client agrees to add this enhanced security, he will be receiving a call from the mobile server requesting to utter the PIN code in his own voice, which will be recorded as a template for voice authentication. The client’s voice will be saved into the mobile server voice database. During the time of large monitory transaction, mobile server will proceed only after successful verification of client’s voice. The verification task will be carried out at the mobile server. For a faster operation, we propose to use only linear prediction coding (LPC) parameters as a voice feature.
  42. 42. PROJECT: SOFTWARE DEVELPOPMENTServer Design for GSM Banking For banking transactions only via GSM technology, I have used only text messages or SMS. Here I have designed two servers: Mobile server and banking server. At the very commencing, client request will be forwarded to mobile server. Mobile server has particular segments. The options are: Text server, voice database, user caller option, online communication using http and watermarking section. Another server is Banking server which have the segments of Account Database, transaction confirmation and updating database, http and watermarking decoding end. I this process, client will send his/her SMS containing transaction info to the mobile server. At mobile server it will be watermarked for the security. Then this watermarked SMS will be forwarded to Banking server. After reaching this, it will be decoded by watermarking software. Then according to the transaction request, clients account will be updated and functioned. For the database and server design, I have used Java and graphical user interface.
  43. 43. PROJECT: SOFTWARE DEVELPOPMENTAudio Watermarking Software Design Digital watermarking, which is a well established technology for copy control and media identification, is an effective methodology for hiding one information (text, image, audio or video) into another. The common practice of digital watermarking suggests that the information of interest is preferably hidden into an audio or video. A small audio file can be a good carrier for hiding SMS information. Instead of sending the SMS directly to the banking server, I have proposed to use the desired SMS as a watermark within an audio file. In view of developing a more secured audio watermarking, instead of directly working in time domain, embedding operation is carried out in frequency domain. We propose to use direct sequencing in the 4th layer LSB, which offers a greater imperceptibility and robustness against attack. DCT domain watermarking offers better robustness against noise and attacks. Data integrity is the main concern in m-commerce. From this perspective, here we have analyzed the immunity of the proposed watermarking scheme against pseudorandom noise. Considering fixed sequencing, the effect of noise with different signal to noise ratio (SNRs) is observed at several LSB layer entries of information bit. It is obvious that bit error rate (BER) decreases significantly with the higher layer of LSB used to embed information bit.
  44. 44. PROJECT: SOFTWARE DEVELPOPMENTImage Watermarking Software Design I have developed a technique using digital image watermarking to make the SMS information non transparent to an eavesdropping intruder while passing through the ISPs server broadband internet services. An image of JPEG format contains three matrices of RGB information which are chosen as the target for watermark insertion. The three matrices, namely red, green, and blue, basically contain integer numbers ranging from 0 to 255 representing different pixels. Choice of matrices and sequence of choosing depends on encryption algorithm. On the other hand the information signal to be watermarked is plain text. Each text characters are defined by an ASCII value which requires 7 bits to be symbolized in binary. There are 160 characters in a single SMS needing 1120 bits (160x7) for binary ASCII representation. These bits are the information signal to be inserted as watermark in the integer RGB values sieved from the chosen matrix of the image under consideration. In the proposed scheme, instead of working directly on spatial domain, in order to enhance the level of security, we have performed watermarking in the discrete cosine transform. In the proposed method, watermarking is performed on the LSB (least significant bit) layer of the host signal, which provides very low error and distortion. After performing the watermarking, inverse DCT (IDCT) is operation is carried out to obtain the image with watermark bit embedded in it. On the receiving end, data bit is extracted from the LSB of the selected DCT coefficients of the image signal.
  45. 45. PROJECT: SOFTWARE DEVELPOPMENTText Watermarking Software Design The SMS text sent by the client can be embedded into any audio, video or image file while forwarding from mobile server to banking server via internet. If any intruder or so called ‘hacker’ wants to snatch the banking transaction information, he would be baffled. Even if he would know there is hidden information, it would be almost impossible to extract them. th I have used two techniques for data hiding.-Standard LSB method or 4 bit LSB method . In standard LSB method the information text is converted into a binary stream and this stream is inserted into the LSB of the sample values of carrier file (audio, video, image etc.). But it is unwise in a way that LSB method is frail to noise attack. Again if we use all sample values sequentially it will be easier for an intruder to decode the information text. So from the th viewpoint of robustness to attack, we emphasize on 4 bit LSB algorithm. However, considering the obscurity to intruder we propose to employ a random sequencing in selecting sample values to be watermarked. Here’s a th drawback of using 4 LSB as it may cause a change of sample values as large as 16 (2^4) which in turn causes defect in carrier file and raise suspicion to the intruder.
  46. 46. PROJECT: SOFTWARE DEVELPOPMENTBasic Watermarking Software Design This software is designed based on basic watermarking technology. It is the developed version of the previously illustrated watermarking software. In that software, image, audio or text any one can be used. It is the prime feature of this software. Design principle and algorithms are approximately same. Just like all other watermarking software, it also has two parts: encoding and decoding parts. For that software, I have used MatLab.
  48. 48. PROJECT: SYSTEM DESIGNFPGA Implementation for Real time speech In this research, a secured real-time voice communication scheme is proposed and implemented it using FPGA and analyzed for several cases. Security analysis experimental results show that this cryptosystem will be very practical. The designed system has multi levels of security because encryption is performed using random number and the random bits are not easily guessable as they are not predictable. Compression makes space in the frame and facilitates the need of extra space for watermark and random numbers. Again watermark signal provides with necessary information and are hidden in the speech signal. They can be further used for authentication, user verification, copyright information and source tracing. The scheme saves the need for extra space. It is also good for high QoS (Quality of Service) data transmission as there is minimal latency from originating signal to the reconstructed signal. The designed system is tested for speech signal with noise found that it is suitable for a noisy environment. The proposed encryption-decryption system is not suitable for data facing bit error. Rather it is suitable for internet data transferring, where any lose of data is identified and corrected. That means this method is useable for those data transmission where bit error does not occurs (have very low probability of error) or bit error is identified and eliminated by inspection, such as check-sum method. It is also suitable for uploading and downloading voice-data. In real-time application frame should be dropped when an error occurs.
  49. 49. PROJECT: SYSTEM DESIGN MPEG-4 ALSMPEG-4 is the most popular loss-less compression system. The exact formulaused in MPEG-4 ALS to predict yi from the previous samples yi-k. A number ofpredictions are performed at the same time. One prediction is selected usingmultiplexer. The prediction possesses minimum error is selected. Whichprediction is selected is also transmitted after entropy coding. As oneprediction is selected for error minimization error is normally small andcommon. These errors are entropy coded. Performing these operations about54% compression ratio is found on average. Compression ratio ofproposed system is .74 when it is working alone. Cascading two systemcompression ratios will be .4018. Performance of lossy compression systemsis much better than loss-less systems. Their percentage of compression, costof compression, time needed for compression all are much better than loss-less compressions. Loss-less compression algorithms are Adaptive ArithmeticCompress, Adaptive Huff- man Compress, LZAH Compress, LZWAH Compressetc. In all of these algorithms compression ratio depends on input signal, likeproposed algorithm. These are completely loss- less but always cannotcompress data. For signal of smaller frame size of data after applying thisoperation is higher than original data. MPEG-4 ALS is a recent loss-less-onlyaudio compression standard, providing loss-less compression for PCMmultichannel audio signals, with an introductory description available in.Among all recent algorithms MPEG-4 ALS 19, optimum compression is thebest.
  50. 50. PROJECT: SYSTEM DESIGNSRAM Design Using Equalizer and SenseCircuit System shows the arrangement of designed SRAM cell. Normally Bit and Bit are precharged using PMOS and precharged to VDD. PMOS passer good 1 but poor 0 and for this it is used for percharging to high voltage. In proposed system a PMOS equalizer is used because voltages of bitlines after precharging is higher than VDD/2. The system contains one bit memory cell for explaining operation. After completing one read or write (R/W) operation sense is low and bit- lines contains previous value. Then both bit-lines are precharged using Equalizer (EQ). One PMOS pass transistor is used as Equalizer. When precharge is high bit-lines are precharged to about VDD/2. As threshold voltage of PMOS is lower than VDD/2 both PMOS will be ON and voltage of both bit-lines will become (VDD - Vt), within a very short time. This voltage will rise slightly after some period
  51. 51. PROJECT: SYSTEM DESIGNLAN Design for Administrative Protocol Any administrative robustness depends on well organization of the office activity. For well organization, File Management is an important criteria and there need Local Area Network (LAN) connection in the office among the stuffs. This can be implemented via a central server. Assuming, the head of the office can be connected with 4/5 stuffs by maintaining chain of command and under the supervision of these stuffs all other junior stuffs are distributed based on their section. Hence, file may be shared via LAN in a very swift manner and at the time of assigning work, deadline should be mentioned. Here an important factor is that, comparatively senior stuffs often give their assigned work to the junior stuff and by that practice, equilibrium of the office organization is hampered seriously. So, LAN design may be such that, in a particular section, comparatively junior stuffs and senior stuffs are connected themselves via LAN, but no LAN linkage between senior portion and junior portion for maintaining transparency of the assigned job. By implementing this scheme, well distribution of the assigned work can be managed in a robust way. In the system design, LAN connection in the various sectors of the company has been shown for well management of file sharing and management.
  52. 52. PROJECT: SYSTEM DESIGNWebsite Design for Transparent E-Governance Official web site and its management accelerate transparency and robustness of administration. Web site should be designed from two aspects. Firstly, as all its client, citizens and internet user can access the particular web site for the sake of knowing its activity, official members, recent activities and updates, its formulation and all other emergency and necessary information. For the clients of the e- government company, there should be accounts for the clients as all clients can log into their accounts to know the current status of their files and assigned works info. Before the deadline, company should clear the clients’ files and afterward client can take their files from that particular web site of the company by logging in to their web accounts by downloading their files. So, here a better approach is that, for any file management, client would not have to go to the government office. He/she is just post the file via email to that particular address and after the finishing of the work client can take their file from the particular account. In the developing countries and Asia- Pacific region corruption with clients file management and having bribe by a client to certain stuff for clearing the file is a common phenomena. This process is just like the process of e-mail checking and file downloads from e- mail.. Secondly, in the official web site, there should be a page for admin called Admin Page. Only admin can log in here for distributing works to all the stuffs, passing command to the supervisors, checking the current working status of all the stuffs and file management. By maintaining such web site and Admin Page government official job and client dealing might be much more convenient and it must be strong tool for protecting corruption. In the website, all the stuffs pages, corresponding files, security and all other necessary information about administration has inserted. If admin wants to notify any notice to clients urgently, then he may not mail them, as most people do not check their mail frequently. In that case, if client is notified by SMS by admin, then that SMS should be secured one. In example, If Power Development Board (PDB) wants to notify any client about electric bill to a specific bank account within a certain period or in a short time, then sent SMS should be secured one.
  53. 53. PROJECT: SYSTEM DESIGNMobile Wallet Implementation Because of scarcity of accessibility at different locations, cost, and slow speed, number of people using internet communication is a small percentage of the mobile phone users, especially in the developing countries. Moreover, security in internet- based banking is still a major concern. Most of the financial institutions have their own domain and offer web-based transaction facilities. In this paper, we propose a scheme to utilize the internet based existing banking facility via short message service (SMS) available in mobile phone technology without having the internet connection. In view of ensuring a high level of security, we introduce two-level security scheme: voice verification and digital watermarking. The main advantage of the proposed scheme is that, it establishes a way for a large number of populations to use e- banking facilities trough the SMS services of their mobile phones without the need of internet connection. In order to overcome the security problem of web-based banking, we incorporated two-level securities consisting of speaker verification and digital watermarking. There is no doubt that such a secured but easy to handle system can attract clients towards e-banking, especially in developing countries. Nowadays internet-based banking is getting popularity because of its several advantages, such as ease of operation and virtual monetary activities, i.e., client’s physical presence at different bank locations are no more required.
  55. 55. NOKIA SIEMENS NETWORKDual Band Propagation: KATHREIN GSM Antenna In Nokia Siemens Network, I have worked with dual band propagation of antenna. We have used KATHREIN GSM antenna. KATHREIN have an extensive product range that covers satellite and terrestrial antenna systems, broadband communication systems, mobile communication base station antennas, filter products and automotive systems. KATHREINs multi-band antennas can further reduce the number of antennas required by operating at multiple frequency bands. For example, our triple-band antennas simultaneously serve three mobile communication networks with each band set by its own electrical down tilt system. Kathrein offers enhanced dual band combiner coupler. The product allows a wireless carrier with operations in both the 806- 960 MHz band and the 1710-2170 MHz band to share a single feed line, saving the cost of a second feed line and the costs to install it, with the additional benefit of reducing tower loading. DC pass-through between all ports, up to 2500 mA, allows the operation of feed line powered accessories. An accessory DC-stop is available for applications where DC isolation is desired. Moreover I have worked with its azimuth and tilting setting for enhancing network.
  56. 56. NOKIA SIEMENS NETWORKEnabling Edge PCM I have used multiple PCM’s in Nokia Siemens Network at the project of network expansion. In this project, I have used a kind of PCM which is used only for enabling internet connectivity via mobile SIM. Actually that’s the way in which we can browse internet and attach to the global connection all over the world only via mobile phone. For using internet from mobile set, enabling of edge PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) is the must condition.
  57. 57. NOKIA SIEMENS NETWORKBTS Installation and Commissioning I have worked with Flexi BTS at Nokia Siemens Network. It provides a 70 percent reduction in energy consumption for a typical radio site (2G/3G) compared to traditional base station sites. The BTS can be upgraded to other radio standards through software, reducing site visits by up to 90 percent. Weighing less than 25 kg and with a compact volume of less than 25 liters, Flexi BTS modules can be carried and installed by a service technician without the need for cranes or other machinery. Flexi BTS operates outdoors, eliminating the need for costly shelters and air conditioning, reducing site costs by up to 25 percent. Its modular, compact design also means that 20-30 percent fewer sites are needed. In that BTS we can use either 900 or 1800 Band. Here for installation I have used combiner, multiplexer, feeder and jumper. For commissioning of BTS, I have used commercial software for checking all the ports, connections and alarms are alright. For checking rectification, I have used Eltek Software with BTS.
  59. 59. AXIATANetwork Expansion Project I have worked in the Network expansion project of Axiata under Nokia Siemens Network. At the very beginning, we have used single band propagation. As, mobile user and traffics are increasing day by day, we have appended 1800 band incorporated with 900 band for expansion of the network. Its design has implemented in such a way that, as it doesn’t exceed optimum cost.
  61. 61. CITI BANK & D.NETMobile Wallet Scheme Design I have done a project of GSM Mobile wallet technology where all the banking transactions will be performed by SMS. There I have embedded and designed particular formats of clients banking request. From client to banking server via mobile server, this transaction request will be forwarded only via SMS. As that SMS contains important info about clients account, so I have designed security algorithm and security software Digital Watermarking. I have implemented this project in Citi Financial IT Case Competition 2010.
  62. 62. CITI BANK & D.NETGSM SECURITY IMPLEMENTATION This project is based on the security of SMS. When users SMS will be sent to mobile server, it will be embedded into audio, video, text or image. Basically this embedding is called watermarking. The total embedded or watermarked file is now secured because if any intruder opens this watermarked file, he/she will notice just only the particular audio, image or video. Important text will not be noticed by that person. Then this watermarked file will be sent to banking server via business gateway. After reaching to the bank server, it will be decoded by water remover software and by that way, real information will be extracted. Then according to the transaction request, account database will be updated and finally update information will be sent to client/bank user for the confirmation.
  63. 63. CITI BANK & D.NETVOICE RECOGNITION: USER AUTHENTICATION I have designed software for voice recognition or speaker recognition. This security solution can be implemented not only in the banking sectors but also in all administrative and important sectors. Here, at first, voice print of the particulars will be collected and it will be saved to voice database. When any person will want to enter, that person will have to give voice. Then this voice will be matched with the previously stored voice of database. If the voice is matched, then that person will be given access. Based on that algorithm, voice verification software has been designed and it has been also implemented in D. Net organization at 2010.
  65. 65. LAB EXPERIENCESUndergraduate LAB Experience
  66. 66. LAB EXPERIENCESFabrication and Lab Works
  69. 69. SCHOLARSHIPS:  Junior Certificate Scholarship, Chittagong, 1998.  Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Board Exam Scholarship, Chittagong, 2004.  Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) Board Exam Scholarship, Chittagong, 2006.  Gold Medal from “Chittagong Business Association”, 2003.  Scholarship from NIIT Leading Global Talent Development, 2006.  Scholarship from NTV (National Television Channel, Bangladesh), 2006.AWARDS:  Selected for Bangabandhu Fellowship on Science and ICT, 2012.  Awarded Rotary Vocational Excellence Award’ 2011.  Awarded 1st prize and “Outstanding Researcher Award” from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology at EEE Undergraduate Project Workshop (EUProW), 2011.  Best All-rounder Cadet Award in Faujdarhat Cadet College  Assistant House Leader (AHP) of Faujdarhat cadet College (FCC), 2004.  Group Leader of BTV Quiz Team, Faujdarhat cadet College (FCC), 2004- 2005.  Team Leader of English Extempore Speech Team, Rabindra House, Faujdarhat cadet College (FCC), 2004.  Team Leader of English Debate Team, Rabindra House, Faujdarhat cadet College (FCC), 2004.  Class Representative, EEE Batch 2005.  Award of Excellence from Chief of Army Staff, Bangladesh for Secondary School Certificate Result at 2004.  Award of Excellence from Chief of Army Staff, Bangladesh for Higher Secondary School Certificate Result at 2006.  Elected for a Gentlemen Cadet for Marine Academy.  Elected for ISSB Cadet for Marine Academy.  Highest Stage Performer and Prize Winner of 2005 Batch Faujdarhat Cadet College.
  70. 70. SYNERGISTIC ACTIVITIESLEADERSHIP  Team leader at 2nd Citi Financial IT Case Competition, BUET EEE Team (BUET ENROOTERS).  Assigned as an Assistant House Captain of Rabindra House, Faujdarhat Cadet College.  Participated in the National Quiz Competition at Bangladesh Television (BTV) as a team leader of Faujdarhat Cadet College in 2004.  Participated in the National Quiz Competition at Bangladesh Television (BTV) as a team leader of Faujdarhat Cadet College in 2005.  Team leader of Inter Hall Volleyball Competition at Faujdarhat Cadet College (Junior Group).  Appointed as a Class Representative (C.R.) of Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE), Batch: 2005  Organizer of Old Faujian Association (OFA) Programme.  Organizer of Batch 2005 Cultural Programme.  Team leader of Inter Hall Volleyball Competition at BUET in 2009.  Organizer of EEE Day 2007.
  71. 71. CULTURAL ACTIVITIESStage performance is my passion. I am very much enthusiastic in the cultural functions andprograms. I am a presenter as well. I have been selected for one of the best presenters inBUET English Lab.  Participated in the Inter House English Poetry Competition in Senior and Junior Group at Faujdarhat Cadet College and secured 1st position both the times.  Participated in the Inter House English Extempore Speech Competition in Senior (secured 1st position) and Junior Group (secured 2nd position) at Faujdarhat Cadet College.  Participated in the Inter House English Debate Competition in Senior Group Faujdarhat Cadet College.  Participated in the Inter House General Knowledge Competition in Senior and Junior Group and secured 1st position both the times at Faujdarhat Cadet College.  At 2004 and 2005, participated in the Quiz Competition at Bangladesh Television (BTV) as a team leader of Faujdarhat Cadet College.  Performed as an anchor of Entrance Anniversary of BUET 2005 Undergraduate Admission Batch at 2007.  Performed as an anchor of “Fresher’s reception at Electrical Day”, arranged by EEE department of BUET in 2008.  Performed as an anchor of Level Completion of BUET 2005 Undergraduate Admission Batch at2009.  Performed music at EEE Day, arranged by EEE department of BUET at 2007.  Performed Drama "Merchant of Venice" by William Shakespeare at College Auditorium.  Anchor at English Current Affairs Display at Faujdarhat Cadet College.  Selected for one of the best presenters in BUET English Laboratory Presentation.
  72. 72. GAMES & SPORTSI am exquisitely interested in games and sports. In College, I have participated in Football,Volleyball, Cricket and Athletics competition with a great enthusiasm.  Participated in Inter Hall Volleyball Competition at BUET in 2006.  Participated in Inter Hall Athletics and qualify for 1500 meter long run at BUET in 2007.  Participated in Inter Hall Basketball Competition at BUET in 2008.  Team leader of Inter Hall Volleyball Competition at BUET in 2009.  Participated in Swimming Competition in the College level, 2004-2005 at Faujdarhat Cadet College.  Participated in the “Cross Country” competition from 2000-2005 at Faujdarhat Cadet College.  Participated in the “Obstacle Competition” in the years 2003, 2004 and 2005 at Faujdarhat Cadet College.  Participated in the Inter house Football competition in senior group in the Defense position in the year 2004 at Faujdarhat Cadet College.  Participated in the Inter house Volleyball Competition in senior group in the year 2004 at Faujdarhat Cadet College as a Team Captain.  Participated in the Inter house Volleyball Competition in junior group in the year 2001 at Faujdarhat Cadet College as a Team Captain.  Participated and passed in the “5 kilometer Mile test” competition in the year 2003 and 2004 at Faujdarhat Cadet College.  Participated in the Basic PT Competition in the year from 2000-2004.  Participated in the Basic Drill and Parade Competition in the year from 2001- 2004.  Trained at Basic Military Training at Faujdarhat Cadet College during 1999-2005.  Championed in the “Novices Drill” competition at Faujdarhat Cadet.
  73. 73. REFERENCES: REFERENCE 1: REFERENCE 4: Dr. Neri Oxman Ehsan Hoque Mediated Matter Group Graduate Research Assistant, Affective Computing Media, Arts and Sciences at the MIT Media Lab MIT Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Technology (MIT) Email: Email: Telephone: 617-452-5671 Phone: +18142189449 REFERENCE 2: REFERENCE 5: Dr. Md. Abdul Matin (Professor) Dr. Mohammad-Reza Alam IEEE member; Member Number: 90341528 Assistant Professor Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering UC Berkeley Bangladesh University of Engineering and Lecturer, MIT (Former), Technology Chief Science Officer, Resolute Marine Energy Inc Email: Email: Mobile: +8801199548736 Telephone: 617-459-5158 REFERENCE 3: REFERENCE 6: Dr. Shaikh Anowarul Fattah Dr. Hasan Imtiaz Chowdhury (Professor) Visiting Postdoctoral Research Associate, Vice Chancellor, Independent University, Bangladesh Department of Electrical Engineering, (IUB). Princeton University, Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering Assistant Professor, Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas, USA Department of Electrical and Electronic M.Sc. (Mechanical Engineering) Engineering, Texas A & M University, Bangladesh University of Engineering and B.Sc. (Mechanical Engineering) Technology Prairie View A & M Univ., Texas, USA Email: Email: Phone: +8801937800854 Phone: +8801919848595
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