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Poster and article


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  • 1. Using conventions poster and article analysis
  • 2. Poster Target audience and genre. Our target audience is mainly teenage girls however our film has a universal appeal. The genre is a hybrid genre of Chick flick/Fantasy but the poster portrays more of a chick flick film through the colour scheme, images and the kiss symbol.
  • 3. Existing film posters for feature lengths and shorts that show typical conventions. Our poster is very similar to this one, this film is a chick flick genre, the colour scheme used we have applied to our work and the layout is similar giving our poster a professional look.
  • 4. Title We wanted a font to represent the film I think this curly font represents it well as girly and romantic. We tried many different colours but thought the black and white ones were best. We place the title at the top this was so it is the first thing people see and read, a bold title grabs the attention straight away. We have added the kiss symbol to create a brand across all the products so it is instantally recognisable.
  • 5. Tagline We have only used taglines on the teaser posters, this was to create a hype as we would launch them as a viral campaign. My favourite tagline has to be ‘You will go to the party’ as it modernises the original Cinderella and relates to our target audience as it includes one of their interests.
  • 6. Blurb and details of product We didn’t include a blurb of the product because we didn’t want to give to much away. We did however include a review from GRAZIA magazine, we perposely not used a review from a film magazine eg Empire as our target audience wouldn’t read or of heard of that magazine.
  • 7. Images We have included the same pictures off the teaser posters on the main poster it is a good way of linking them all together and again not revealing to much. We have edited them into polaroid's to show these are Cindy’s memories. We have also chosen not to reveal the characters until the magazine this is so the magazine gets an exclusive and we get free advertising.
  • 8. Colour scheme We have used the colours black, white and pink. Black and white are conventionally used in many film posters but we have added the pink to give hints towards the genre. The pink is not too overpowering however so the film could have universal appeal.
  • 9. Article What type of film magazine was it intended for? We were thinking something like Empire magazine or Total Film magazine as the are less formal than some of the others such as Sight & Sound and our audience are more likely to read a informal review than a formal one taking about cinematography.
  • 10. How does it adhere to layout and design conventions? There is usually a bold title which we have copied, the colour scheme is usually black and white with hints of colour we have done this aswell. The images are very bold and usually in the corner we have tried to do this aswell.
  • 11. Analyse the title The title should be bold and you should be able to see what the film is straight away. The title also cant relate to the film to much as this is the standard title used to display all the film names. If we had used a swirly font a film in the horror genre would look ridiculous in it. It should also grab the readers attention and I believe this font and its bold colour does that.
  • 12. Analyse the mode of address and article content. The article is quite informal this means our target audience of teenage girls won’t be intimidated by it. The spoiler alret gives readers the choice to read on or not and the verdict and star rating gives a nice informal way of giving an overview of the film.
  • 13. Analyse the images you used and the captions you created. We tried to just bright images to grab the readers attention, we have now introduced one of the characters for the first time, this is so the magazine gets an exclusive and we get free advertising, the caption once upon a…now? Plays on the theme and adds a twist to the modern day Cindy.