The Astro Burner Delgina & Sarah
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The Astro Burner Delgina & Sarah



An innovation of the home burn, to be used it outer space.

An innovation of the home burn, to be used it outer space.



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The Astro Burner Delgina & Sarah The Astro Burner Delgina & Sarah Presentation Transcript

  • The Astro-Burner By: Delgina Cain & Sarah Brooks
  • Identify the Problem
    • An Astronaut wants to roast marshmallows in outer space.
    + =
  • Brainstorm
    • Our ideas were:
    • Make a don-like figure that can hold in oxygen
    • Use heated pads that conducted heat from electricity
    • Create a fire ball out of paper and fuel
    • Or make a burner
  • Research
    • We went to , and found that in outer space, theirs is no oxygen. And, without oxygen you can’t have fire.
  • Identify Criteria and Specify Constraints
    • The product will be able to produce heat. Hot enough to roast or melt the marshmallow.
  • Explore Possibilities
    • You can’t use a fire
    • You can use an electric heating source
    • It can’t burn the marshmallow, but it works
  • Select an Approach
    • We discovered that using fire wasn’t the only way to roast marshmallows.
    • So… we needed something that can take the place of fire.
  • Develop and Design
    • We decide to make a burner
    • But because the burner is already invented, we were going to change some details
  • Our Astro-Burner
    • Astro: constellation, star
    • Burner: a heating element for cooking
  • Test and Evaluate
    • As astronauts are training, the will test the Astro-Burner. If the marshmallows melt, then we would have to go back and brainstorm new ideas. If it does work ,then our ideas were successful.
  • Refine the Design
    • When your in space, there’s no weight so everything floats around.
  • Create or a Solution
    • I need to add a stability tray at the bottom so the Astro-Burner stays in place.