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Shot Analysis

  1. 1. Shot-By-Shot Analysis Annotated Screen Shots
  2. 2. <ul><li>The following pages include screen shots of the frames from my music video with a brief annotated analysis conveying the reasons for my choices. </li></ul><ul><li>Note that some of the images are blurry due to on-screen movement. </li></ul><ul><li>Furthermore, the analysis follows the same order as the shots appear in the music video. However, some of the performance shots have not been included as they are duplicates. </li></ul>
  3. 3. Medium shot has been used as to include all the on-screen action. The head conforms to the rule of thirds by being 2/3 upwards in the frame. The gap below creates an opening for the hand to enter. A high angle has been used as the audience is looking down on the female from the perspective of the male actor, therefore including the audience with the narrative.
  4. 4. The same shot as the previous. However, now a hand enters from below the camera and lifts the chin of the actor. This now creates a point-of-view shot as the model looks directly into the camera and into the eyes of the male; the role which the audience have now adopted. Furthermore, this opening choice has create suspense and curiosity through not immediately revealing the male.
  5. 5. Cut to a medium close-up of the male model. The close shot creates intimacy as so the viewer connects with this character and also to convey his closeness to the female actor. The angle is low as it is from the perspective of the female. This is reinstated through the use of a point-of-view shot as so the audience experience the emotions and feelings the female has towards the male.
  6. 6. Over-the-shoulder shot as to keep to the theme of perspective. The audience view the action from the males perspective, however, as both models are in the frame it reveals their connection and intimacy to one another. Therefore, this should allow the audience to recognise that they are in a relationship.
  7. 7. Extreme close-up as to emphasise the on-screen action. The on-screen action is symbolic of love. The connotations it posses should highlight to the audience the actors affection for one another through the use of an extreme close-up to focus on this.
  8. 8. Medium close-up/two shot has been used as to include both models and all the on-screen action in the frame. The shot is fairly tight and close, which is effective as it helps to highlight the couples intimacy.
  9. 9. Close-up of the lead singer with the microphone included on-screen. Through including the prop it may inform the audience of the importance self-played and genuine music has to the band. The close range shot allows the audience to connect with the band member as he do not pose as a threat as he is exposed and revealed through this shot.
  10. 10. Establishing shot to set the scene and allowing the audience to recognise where the scene is being set and so the plot is not disjointed.
  11. 11. Over-the-shoulder shot includes the model in the frame as so the audience understand the action he is doing. The high angle is used as so the viewer follows the course of action and are bent down just as the model is.
  12. 12. Medium shot is need here as the sequence of the action requires a further range shot as so the audience understand the action in relation to its surroundings and the rest of the scene. As the hand slides across the table the camera also pans as to follow the action and to place the audiences’ attention on the action.
  13. 13. Close-up used here as to put the audiences’ focus on the action. The note exchange is an important action as it is the portrayal of the males love to the female. A high angle has also been used as the male model is vulnerable and prone as he is expressing and opening his heart to the female.
  14. 14. Match on action of the over-the-shoulder shot of the male model. A connection has now been made between the actors and it is in terms of their love for one another. Again, the high angle and medium shot used helps the audience to successful view the on screen action.
  15. 15. Medium-long shot of the band member as to include both instruments which reveals his role within the band and therefore inform the audience. The shot allows the audience to fully view the band member and are given a insight to him.
  16. 16. Medium shot of the drummer with the drums included in the frame as to display his role within the band. The action frame is very tight and close showing the band have a very strong relationship with their instruments, rely heavily on them and on independent ,‘real’ music. The angle is low giving the impression of the band member being powerful as without him their would be no music.
  17. 17. The medium close-up includes both the models face and the note within the frame. This is done as to convey the relationship between the models reaction and the note. The angle is low as to reflect her delight and happiness at receiving a love note.
  18. 18. A medium over-the-shoulder shot has been used her as to convey the strengthening of their relationship through the power of the love note. The shot is from the perspective of the female as so the audience understand her feelings for the male.
  19. 19. Here a medium shot has been used to focus the audiences’ attention on the instrument. Through doing so it signifies how important the music is to the band and the fact that they play all their own instruments. Furthermore, focusing the audiences’ attention on the instrument also heightens the sound of the music, therefore emphasising the film.
  20. 20. Below is a medium-long shot/two shot of two of the band members performing. A two shout represents a unison within the band as the members collaborate together. Therefore, this shot signifies an intimate relationship between the band members. Moreover, the medium-long shots allows the audience to fully view the performance. Also, a low angle has been used as to give the impression that the viewer is a member of the audience and are watching the band in a life performance themselves.
  21. 21. An aerial shot of the couple in bed puts the audience in a god-like perspective. I have chosen to use this shot as to represent that the audience are privileged to sneakily see intimate moments between the couple. The aerial shot makes the couple appear vulnerable which enhances their intimacy. A two shot is also used to express their relationship and admiration for one another.
  22. 22. Below high angled medium shot from behind the female model. This shot allows the audience to clearly view the male models expression and thus his feelings towards the female.
  23. 23. This shot is a match on action of the previous shot. Through making a connection between the shot and angle the audience can see that the couple share a mutual affection for one another.
  24. 24. Below is a medium-long shot of the drummer playing. The shot includes the instrument in the frame as so the audience can view the skill and talent of the performer.
  25. 25. Medium close-up shot of the backing singer. This shot informs the audience of the support from this singer and that it is not just reliant on the lead. Through including this shot it conveys the range of talents this performance beholds.
  26. 26. An establishing shot of the park as to inform the audience of a change of setting as so the narrative is coherent and they understand the transition of scene.
  27. 27. Long shot of the couple on the swing set as to express the on-screen action and to represent their intimacy within the macro space of the frame.
  28. 28. Medium shot of the lead performer. The angle is neutral as so the audience feel the band have included them in sharing their experience of their music.
  29. 29. Matched shot to the previous to represent that the band members are united in this view and collaborate together well.
  30. 30. A long shot which is left with space on the right side, as an opening for action to flow into (the swing). This shot is used as a filler as to aid the audience’ understanding of the action and to soften the uncomfortable jump of the subsequent shot.
  31. 31. The previous shot jump cuts forward to a medium shot. This is done purposely as to heighten the audience focus on the kiss. The kiss is an important factor as it is a symbol of love. Therefore, bringing the action closer should emphasise their love.
  32. 32. Below is the beginning and ending of the same shot. The camera remains still while the model runs from a medium-long shot (seen left) into an extreme close-up (seen right) towards the camera. Moreover, the shot is a point-of-view shot from the perspective of the male as so the audience can view his reasons for loving this girl.
  33. 33. The male perspective is continues as seen from this extreme-long shot of the female model teasingly running away. This shot informs the audience of their cute, playful relationship.
  34. 34. As to not scare the audience into thinking the female has ran away from the male, I have included the shot where she returns. The shot is exactly the same as the previous as to represent that she was only playfully leaving him.
  35. 35. This shot is a medium point-of-view shot. The shot is from the male perspective and the audience experiences how he is constantly watching his on-screen partner. Through using a point-of-view shot the audience begin to realise why the male loves the female and also feel involved in their relaitonship.
  36. 36. High angled long shot as to portray the vulnerability of the male actor. He is currently depressed and upset which is represented through making him look prone via the angle.
  37. 37. Medium two shot has been used in order to convey the relationship between the characters. There is tension between them and a shift in the equilibrium. The two shot emphasises the change of emotion between the characters.
  38. 38. Reverts back to the high angled long shot of the couple as to emphasise the distance created between the pair and to allow the audience to fully see the on-screen visual of the male pushing the female away.
  39. 39. Reaction shot of the female model as to portray her reaction to the incident that has just happened. The shot is a medium-long shot as she is feeling distanced and vulnerable. The shot emphasised how prone her emotions currently are.
  40. 40. Long shot of the male model walking away from the scene. The distanced range of the shot helps emphasise how he does not feel intimate and loving towards his partner.
  41. 41. Another reaction shot of the female model as to evoke empathy from the viewer through repetition. This is enhanced by using a close-up shot as so the audience can fully view her reaction. Furthermore, the angle is slightly high as to convey her vulnerability.
  42. 42. Medium-long shot of the male model walking through a door. As the shot is from behind the character it emphasises his anger and his wish not to connect emotionally and personally with anyone or the viewer.
  43. 43. A match on action of the model walking through the door as so the action looks realistic. The shot is a medium-long shot as so the audience can fully view the action as he leans against the wall in stress.
  44. 44. Medium close-up of the male model as to express his dismay and as to inform the audience of the males reaction to the events.
  45. 45. Long two shot of the models as to emphasise the distance that has now been created between them. The two shot displays how they are now separate and not as intimate as they once were.
  46. 46. Here is a medium shot of the couple. The camera has closed in on the action as to emphasise it. The angle is high as so emphasise the shift in the couples relationship. The angle shows their depression and distance. Furthermore, the positioning of the camera makes the male model appear a lot further away, which, again, enhances the distancing.
  47. 47. Close-up of the females arm being snatched away from the males hand. The close-up focus’ the audiences’ attention on the action and therefore heightens the emotion and shock of the on-screen action.
  48. 48. The shot now reverts back to the opening shot of the scene of the long two shot. In doing so it has highlighted contrast in the couples relationship and signified the change in the males mood.
  49. 49. A close-up of the female model as to emphasise her sadness and reveal her emotional state to the audience. The angle is low as to show she is dominant within this scene as she has rejected the male.
  50. 50. A medium close-up of the male model as to present his emotional state to the audience. A further distanced shot than the previous as to show he feels separate and pushed away. The angle is high showing that he is powerless and feels rejected.
  51. 51. Aerial shot, the same as that from the previous bed scene. An angle above the scene is most appropriate for viewing the course of on-screen action. Furthermore, a two shot has been used to show the actors in correlation with one another and portray the erosion of their relationship.
  52. 52. A close-up of the females face as to reveal her emotions to the audience. From this shot they will understand that she is hurt and depressed by the previous events.
  53. 53. This shot is a match on action from the previous, signifying that the couple share a mutual depression about the events and are both sad and hurt.
  54. 54. The shot reverts back to the original aerial shot once more as to show the change of attitudes of the characters. Through using the same shot it makes the change more dramatic for the viewer.
  55. 55. Over-the-shoulder shot of the male model as so the audience can see what he is doing. The composition of the shot makes the action of writing ‘I’m sorry’ most attention grabbing as the male model blends into the left of the frame and the prop is almost centralised. The high angle has been used in order to aid the view of looking over the models shoulder.
  56. 56. As before, the note is slid across the table. However, it is now a still frame as to signify that things are now uncomfortable between the couple. The medium shot places focus on the action. The course of action is centralized within the frame as to keep audience attention on this.
  57. 57. An over-the-shoulder shot from the perspective of the female. The shot is far away from the action as to represent that the female does not feel attached to the scene and has distanced herself from the male.
  58. 58. The angle changes as so the audience can see the females reaction to the note. Facial expression and body language can both be seen in relation to one another and the action and scene can be fully viewed by the audience.
  59. 59. Reaction shot of the male model. The shot is a medium-long shot as to represent that he no longer feels close to the female and is being pushed away.
  60. 60. Long shot of the female model walking away from the scene – similar to that of a previous scene where the male model walked away. The long shot shows she bears little attachment to the event. The shot pans and follows the female walking as if the audience are watching her walk away from something special.
  61. 61. Long two shot of the couple facing one another. The shot shows the couples relation and orientation to one another. The shot has the sun directly behind them as so they are silhouettes and not revealing their facial expression and body language.
  62. 62. Close-up of the female model. The shot is also a point-of-view shot from the males perspective. The female looks into the camera and looks away signifying that she is in emotional pain. As the shot is from the point-of-view of the male the angle is high to be realistic.
  63. 63. Cuts to a point-of-view shot of the male model from the females perspective. The shot is a close-up and a low angle to match the pervious shot and be from the position of the female, making it realistic.
  64. 64. Reverts back to the long two shot of the couple. The couples walk away from one another. The distance being created is emphasised through the range of shot as the audience can see they are slipping away from one another.
  65. 65. Over-the-shoulder medium close-up shot of the male model. The shot is composted as so the female model is visible in the background signifying the relationship between the couple. The medium close-up allows the audience to view the models reaction and his relisation.
  66. 66. Over-the-shoulder medium shot of the female. The range of the shot allows the audience to see the symbolic and real distance made between the couple. This heightens the happiness of them reuniting.
  67. 67. Again, the same long two shot has been used in order to represent the contrast between the distance the models were apart to the intimacy of their reunion.
  68. 68. Close-up reaction shot revealing how content the male now is with his partner. The shot evokes emotion from the audience as it displays the male actors emotional state.
  69. 69. Medium shot of the female model to show her facial expression and how joyous she is about the reunion.
  70. 70. The ending narrative shot is of the couple kissing. This is the crescendo as it is a enigma leaving the audience to make up their own interpretation of how the characters future relationship will be. The shot then fades to a black screen as to signify the end of their narrative.
  71. 71. A medium shot of the drum kit as to signify the end of the performance. The drum kit is centralised as to place the audiences attention on this. I have decided to use this clip as it contains the band name and is therefore concluding promotion of the band.
  72. 72. <ul><li>The analysis of each individual shot conveys why I chose specific camera shots, angles, movement and composition for each frame. </li></ul><ul><li>Some of my original intentions for camera altered during the filming process and I have not included/added some shots that I did not originally plan within the Planning and Research element of my project. </li></ul><ul><li>The editing process allowed me to make the text coherent and visually aesthetic and understandable for the audience. </li></ul><ul><li>Overall, I believe the video is successful and effective due to the sever planning and editing I conducted. </li></ul>