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Photo Shoot And Filming Imagery Ideas
Photo Shoot And Filming Imagery Ideas
Photo Shoot And Filming Imagery Ideas
Photo Shoot And Filming Imagery Ideas
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Photo Shoot And Filming Imagery Ideas


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Published in: Art & Photos, Technology
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  • 1. Photo shoot and filming imagery ideas Again, for further research into our music video and preliminary tasks, I have searched a number of styles which didn’t only follow our style convention, but also was relevant to our location. This PowerPoint, shows the research I carried out which shows us different ways to play around with our scenery, not only for the actual music video itself, but also for the photo-shoot to be used for the preliminary task. The images enclosed in the PowerPoint are editorial images, showing the professionalism of the shoot. By Sarah Gaffey - 0854 Centre Number - 33751
  • 2. Here the images are an example of an editorial photo shoot. The girl looking directly at the camera, with strong facial expressions, creating a dramatic look. As you can see on the image on the right, two images have been merged together – you can see, clearly, faint leaves have been merged on top of the original image. This emphasises on the location and the weather – that of winter – also creating a warmth atmosphere to the audience.
  • 3. Here shows a man and woman on a concrete wall. In Heaton Park there are similar areas within this location that we use to shoot different shots and angles for our photo-shoot and the filming itself. These images, I found on a clothing website, therefore, the poses they models are creating are purposely to promote the clothing's they are wearing. The lighting is quite light in the background of the image and the foreground is quite dull, here like the previous image showing the weather. Here it is cold, the audience will presume it could either be dusk or dawn, a chill, cold winters day.
  • 4. Here, like the first images, they are two images merged into one. Both theses images are taken from some sort of park, where Heaton Park, again has a very similar scenery like the ones above with the large trees and the wired fences. Almost, giving the image, here, a sense of personality, linked with the costume, setting an era, that of old and vintage. Which is something we are wanting to portray in our music video, even though we are using a modern costume, we are maintaining with the conventions of a music video where the costume and props etc… all link, yet, using sepia and black and white, not only represents the past, but also, shows a vintage era, which I personally think is a unique touch to a modernised music video.