Taking Big Data Visually
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Taking Big Data Visually



This is a presentation I made to the AMA Data with Purpose conference in March 2014. I looks at the current surge in data and how to create and share data stories to help make data more ...

This is a presentation I made to the AMA Data with Purpose conference in March 2014. I looks at the current surge in data and how to create and share data stories to help make data more understandable and actionable.



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Taking Big Data Visually Taking Big Data Visually Presentation Transcript

  • takingbigdata visually March 4, 2014 2014 Analytics with Purpose Behavioral Insight to Advantage San Diego, California Charles Sayers Experience Innovation SapientNitro csayers@sapient.com
  •  challenges in data volume and velocity what we’ll look at  how we’re wired for sight  creating visual stories © 2014 SapientNitro
  • THE REALITY we’re generating a LOT of data © 2014 SapientNitro
  • % of the data in the world today was created in the last 2 years alone. - IBM - © 2014 SapientNitro
  • This is the volume of photos uploaded to Flikr in a single day © 2014 SapientNitro
  • THE PROBLEM we’re generating too much, too fast © 2014 SapientNitro
  • we’re accumulating data faster than our ability to understand it ibm © 2014 SapientNitro
  • a new wave of data is on the horizon innovations in wearables and biometrics will drive a surge in physiological data © 2014 SapientNitro
  • 190,000 people with deep analytic sills as well as 1.5 million managers and analysts will be needed by 2018 to fill jobs in Big Data © 2014 SapientNitro
  • THE OTHER PROBLEM we don’t think in numbers © 2014 SapientNitro
  • an egg This is your brain, a pan this is your brain, a shift this is your brain on drugs, Any questions? this famous public service campaign signaled a shift in data story telling from numbers and statistics to emotional metaphor © 2014 SapientNitro
  • our brains process visual information , times faster than text © 2014 SapientNitro
  • % % of our brains are involved in of all of our visual processing sensory receptors are in our eyes © 2014 SapientNitro
  • THE SOLUTION visualization © 2014 SapientNitro
  • FOR PEOPLE visualization helps make data clearer and more engaging © 2014 SapientNitro
  • FOR BUSINESS visualization helps make data actionable and easier to manage © 2014 SapientNitro
  • visualization is about asking an intriguing question © 2014 SapientNitro
  • visualization is answered with contextual data © 2014 SapientNitro
  • visualization is expressed in an engaging way © 2014 SapientNitro
  • visualizations are created from one of two perspectives rational    literal quantifiable pragmatic creative    metaphorical relatable emotional © 2014 SapientNitro
  • visual storyscapes are created when you combine the two insightful revealing engaging © 2014 SapientNitro
  • “Stories are just data with a soul” Dr. BreneBrown Research Storyteller University of Houston © 2014 SapientNitro
  • what’s an intriguing question? © 2014 SapientNitro
  • BAD QUESTION do these jeans make me look fat? © 2014 SapientNitro
  • TRICK QUESTION do you know why I stopped you? © 2014 SapientNitro
  • INTRIGUING QUESTION how is the moon like an Oreo cookie? © 2014 SapientNitro
  • where do you find contextual data? © 2014 SapientNitro
  • what you’re doing who you are what you’ve done who you do it with retail © 2014 SapientNitro
  • what ‘s your lifestyle? why are you here? how much do you need? how much you deposit how much you withdraw banking © 2014 SapientNitro
  • what changed? what was? why did it change? what did the change change? change © 2014 SapientNitro
  • how can data stories engage? © 2014 SapientNitro
  • four types of visual engagement 1. collective 2. descriptive 3. adaptive 4. predictive © 2014 SapientNitro
  • collective visualizations summarize data modern history payment patents how search works deltasight.com interactive timeline the rei 1440 project © 2014 SapientNitro
  • descriptive visualizations share data-driven snapshots consumer intelligence the consumer barometer relative time retail dwell time here is today how retailers track you when you shop © 2014 SapientNitro
  • adaptive visualizations adapt to real time data feeds social mapping fitness monitoring spatial awareness google maps tictrac british airways © 2014 SapientNitro
  • predictive visualizations offer the ability to future-cast and explore conditional scenarios career advisor life coach the existential calculator Reporter app for iPhone financial manager MoneyWiz personal finance © 2014 SapientNitro
  • story complexity complexity of the data will point to the best option for visualization type of visualization © 2014 SapientNitro
  • following a single strand of hair A VISUAL STORYSCAPE © 2014 SapientNitro
  • In a world full of mobile savvy shoppers and aisles bursting with hair care products, how can one box of hair color rule them all? © 2014 SapientNitro
  • data considerations 84% of guests use their smartphone while in a store…but what are they actually doing? Is ‘showrooming’ something to worry about? © 2014 SapientNitro
  •  Smartphone use and behavior tracking  Location-based, interactive phone questionnaire data dive deploy device activity loggers onto the smartphones of a community of Shoppers to obtain detailed data on use both in-store and out of store © 2014 SapientNitro
  • learning environment  passive infrared sensors and sound collectors  heat sensors collect data on paths, dwell times, entry and exit points, fixture interactions  sound data is collected as a means to understand human interactions
  • smartphone    Unobtrusive widget runs in OS background Logs what people do on their phones 24/7 Data pushed to data warehouse for analysis questionnaire  Helps us understand context and drivers of a trip; ultimately match trip types of to phone behavior and use
  • contextual continuity
  • © 2014 SapientNitro
  • snackable moments © 2014 SapientNitro
  • THE CAVEAT believing what we see isn’t always a good thing © 2014 SapientNitro
  • this visualization overemphasizes the impact of non-communicable diseases This graphic lumps together pneumonia deaths at age 1 with car accidents at age 20, and cancer deaths at 50 with heart disease deaths at 80. http://www.informationisbeautiful.net/visualizations/20th-century-death/ © 2014 SapientNitro
  • visualization is a collaborative sport strategist designer developer what are the primary and supporting data points to our story? how do we convey that story visually? how do we enable our story? © 2014 SapientNitro
  •  ask an intriguing question  gather the right contextual data visualize this!  make sure your data is clean, accurate and complete  choose the best type of visual engagement  visualize truthfully  collaborate from start to finish © 2014 SapientNitro
  • a parting visualization the life you have in jelly beans © 2014 SapientNitro
  • thank you takingbigdata visually March 4, 2014 Charles Sayers Experience Innovation SapientNitro csayers@sapient.com