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  • 2. Profile of Zaraei Ootaque Introduction Zaraei Ootaque is established on 15th April 2012 at Peerano Patan near Sikandar Abad Taluka Nara District Khairpur approximately 82 Km away as of Sukkur City on the right bank of Nara Canal. The model Zaraei Ootaque was developed by Mr. Umair Nazeer student of Sukkur IBA BBA-VIII, and he was further assisted by Sukkur IBA, especially by Mr. Nisar Ahmed Siddiqui. It is being financed by Mian Nazeer Ahmed Malik father of Umair Nazeer. Zaraei Ootaque is covering diverse fields at same time. It is working in cultivation of its own crop, financing other formers, researching on seed production and expansion, and marketing other farmers’ production. Zaraei Ootaque came into being because of following factors:  To bring the revolt in agriculture by: Changing thinking process Humanizing people Introducing up to date Techniques of cultivating Research & experimentation  To help the farmers.  To grow the ability of production/increase per acre yield.  To reduce unemployment.  To reduce political affects.  To remove mediators and to approach directly to local, nationwide and international market.  To make motherland food secure. The land occupied by Zaraei Ootaque is 200 Acres (83.33 Hectares) at Nara. Prince Mir Mehdi Raza Talpur leased this land area to Zaraei Ootaque. Before rental to Zaraei Ootaque this land was beneath forests and was uncultivated. From total area under cultivation 150 Acres is irrigated by lifting machine from Nara Canal and rest 50 acres is cultivated through Government Channel. Main goal of Zaraei Ootaque lies on the development of Agricultural sector. Zaraei Ootaque is struggling in modernizing agriculture from traditional practices. It is providing consultancy services to farmers those who registered with Zaraei Ootaque. Zaraei Ootaque is planned to be introduced overall in Sindh. Initailly its head office is planned to be opened at Rohri, because it is centre point. They also have planned to open franchises at Sanghar and Nawabshah.
  • 3. Main Crops Cultivated Zaraei Ootaque product, services and Process Zaraei Ootaque deals in following fields:     Growing Crops Consultancy Services Research & Experiment on Seeds and crops. Seeds, Fertilizers, Pesticides and Fuel Growing Crops Zaraei Ootaque focuses specially on growing Rice, Wheat & Cotton in a well structured format of cultivation, which differs from traditional cultivation done in Sindh. Zaraei Ootaque works in cultivating following food and fiber crops. Food Crops Wheat & Rice Brinjal, Bitter Gourd, Carrots, Ladyfinger, Bottle Gourd, Radish, Garlic etc… Fiber Crops Cotton & Sugarcane All of crops except sugarcane is cultivated at Zaraei Ootaque and Sugarcane is cultivated by them on 30 Acres in Ranipur. Wheat Zaraei Ootaque following steps to get maximum output. They plough deeply. (Five times tillage). Land is leveled with Laser Land Leveler. Give first water to the land according after checking moisture of land. Sow different types of seeds according to check which seed gives better output. Planting must be finished before Nov. 30 to obtain maximum yield. Second time land should be irrigated 40 days after sowing. Along with water Nitrogenous and Phosphoric fertilizers should be used in a ratio after measuring PH (Potential Hydrogen). Potassium fertilizer must be used if wheat is planted after rice or sugarcane. Weeds must be destroyed by using chemical pesticides if any harmful disease found. Third time land is irrigated when grain is raw in the corn. Harvesting should be done according to the crop ripening. Frequently harvesting is done in March-April.
  • 4. They get 2 Tons yield per Acre. Expenses per acre are 32000 PKR Rice Land is deeply ploughed (Four Times to get better results). Build levees of 10 by 10 feet to grow seed. Seedling is done in before 15th may to achieve maximum yield. Mulching is done and land is flooded and approximately 2 inch water level is kept. Best seed (Hybrid 6) is chosen and sown in land and after 1 month, half grown plants are shifted and planted to new prepared land (by laser Leveler). To keep rice healthy fertilizer (Zinc) is applied. When the rice is mature after 120 days the water is drained from the fields. Rice is harvested through combine machine. Average yield per acre is 3.5 to 4 tons. Total expense per acre is 22000 PKR. Land at every step irrigated according to fields’ need and atmospheric moisture. Cotton In spring, the acreage is cleared for planting soon after wheat. The land is ploughed 4 times, leveled with Laser Land Leveler and build levees. Seed (Seed type 333 VIP) is sown and irrigated. Seedling is done before 15th May to get better results. Firstly, DAP is used 2 bags per acre. After applying needed water fertilizers (Nitrogen) is utilized. With good soil moisture and warm temperature at planting, seedlings usually emerge five to seven days after planting. Approximately six weeks after seedlings appear, "squares," or flower buds, begin to form. The buds mature for three weeks and then blossom into creamy yellow flowers, which turn pink, then red, and then fall off just three days after blossoming. After the flower falls away, a tiny ovary is left on the cotton plant. Pesticides and other chemicals are sprayed if any hazard to crop appears. When crop is fully prepared, is harvested (No any technology is used. Average 2 tons yield per acre 50,000 per acre is expense. Consultancy Services Expert farmers and field workers are employed for registered farmers’ consultancy. The consultancy is provided to enhance production capacity, minimizing expenses, to use technology and modern methods of cultivation.
  • 5. Research & Experiment As at Zaraei Ootaque different seed varieties are applied, so in this way they experiment the seed production per hectare. Maximum crop producing seed is sent to the market. Initially seed were brought there from Punjab, but these days they are developing their own seeds at Shoaib Seed Corporation (SSC) after passing grains from different process on machines. Currently they are only working to develop seeds of Wheat and Cotton crops. Inputs Zaraei Ootaque facilitates to its registered member by providing variety of Inputs like seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and repairs facilities as per need/demand at someway smaller amount than the local vendors. Seeds which Zaraei Ootaque is providing to members are developed by them at Shoaib Seed Corporation. Fertilizers and Pesticides are brought from different local, nationwide and multinational companies. Zaraei Ootaque also facilitates the farmers by providing fuel and machinery maintenance at no extra cost and no interest at all.
  • 6. Total Man Force Total staff engage with Zaraei Ootaque consists of 25 trained farmers and one field officer. Who work on the fields of Zaraei Ootaque and also provide consultancy to its members by visiting their fields. Complete Supply Chain of Zaraei Ootaque F & P Industries Registered Members Z/O Fields Shoaib Seed Corp. Zaraei Ootaque Wholesaler ProcessingIndustries Consumers/Farmers Zaraei Ootaque produces products (Rice, Wheat, Cotton, Vegetables & Seeds) itself, receives products from registered members (In this case it is mandatory upon every loan receiver that he must sell his production to Zaraei Ootaque) and also from Shoaib Seed Corporation. Also Zaraei Ootaque use to purchase Fertilizers & Pesticides from manufacturing industries and wholesalers and sell it at affordable price to farmers. Brands of Zaraei Ootaque Zaraei Ootaque has particular brands that have good local market share are as under: Wheat 1. 2. 3. 4. TD-1 Sahar Shafique Ab. Sattar 1. 2. 3. 4. Cotton BT 886 VIP 333 Z 33 (Non BT) CIM-496
  • 7. Marketing Activities Zaraei Ootaque is mixed up in direct market & interactive marketing, and applies pull approach to influence customer. Zaraei Ootaque arranged different kinds of seminars on agricultural activities, village kachehries to attract farmers to introduce new methodologies of farming land. They have developed face book page to express their message and advertise their brands, and also the packaging on the seeds also shows name of the company. Financials According to Mian Nazeer Ahmed the owner and CEO of Zaraei Ootaque, totally 35 million Rupees have been invested in Zarae Ootaque since it started. He said that Zaraei Ootaque earns revenue by providing loans to farmers at small interest, cultivating crops and purchasing & selling of other farmers’ production. Last season earned 1.8 Million rupees after deducting all expenses. Remunerations Zaraei Ootaque pays its farmers on their services half share of profit generated by the help of them.
  • 8. Profit Share 50% Zarae Ootaque Farmers 50% Difference between Zaraei Ootaque and Traditional Farming Zaraei Ootaque is one of the comprehensive modern farms that totally engage with agriculture sector. The farm is being differed their self to others with the following standards. 1. Research and examination the humidity of Land Before Cultivating 2. Utilization of confirmed Seeds by the advice of Experts 3. Using modern Machinery 4. Proper planning before harvesting 5. Manage all the resource with effective manners 6. Controlled past utilization for the insects and other harmful diseases 7. Recommended pesticide and Fertilizer used 8. Research and Experiments of the crop and their formation 9. Provide the consultancy with small and uneducated farmers 10. Provide the Input facility to their registered members 11. It helps the farmers to sell their products with handsome amount 12. After cultivation of land their routine Check and balance may observed by the field officer. 13. Control the threat of insect attack of crops Observations 1. Ordinary and traditional water providing methods 2. More than two hundred acres cultivated area and only one tube well that is much time consuming method
  • 9. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Direct and open electricity provide to the tube well which is being harmful Central point of Area is too far from the all cultivated area. The land is near to forest but no precautionary measures taken by Zaraei Ootaque There is no any equipment that is used for the emergency time The land is near to Nara canal there may be the risk of Snake and other dangerous insects so the no any medicine and other facility available there. 8. No any instructions are being written and posted anywhere at Zaraei Ootaque 9. Zaraei Ootaque is located at rural area that is away from Sukkur more than 80 Km. and no any other immediate facility available in the rainy days. 10. Tube Well that is being used for the water facility is being observed outdated 11. No proper dressing code use for the employee and Labor. 12. No formal record keeping method observed 13. There is no visible demarcation between crops Recommendations and Suggestions 1. Solar system is one of the best solution for the shortage of Light, where the Zaraei Ootaque also paid heavy electricity Bills. 2. There might be the need of walking area identification. 3. Computerized methods should be use for the Zaraei Ootaque and its members. 4. Demarcation of individual farmers should be visible. 5. Formal chart of the area of Zaraei Ootaque must be posted at central visiting point. 6. Precautionary broachers should be provide to the visitors. 7. Assigned vehicles for the Zaraei Ootaque must be the named with organization.
  • 10. Al-Noor Rice Mill Profile Al-Noor Rice Mill is located in Arain near Airport Road Sukkur. Al-Noor is owned by Noor Muhammad Bhutto. It was established in 1993.