Bonus Film Review **Dead End**


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Bonus Film Review **Dead End**

  1. 1. Sayda Vega<br />History 141<br />Class # 50587<br />BONUS FILM REVIEW<br />-DEAD END-<br />The story of this movie begins in the East River of New York City back in the 1930’s representing how real life was like during the Great Depression time, and how poverty, crime, family, and authority worked out. Samuel Goldwyn made a good job with this film because it let us know what people had to go through in order to survive or have a better life. He showed it to us by having different types of persons and personalities in the film, and making it more understandable for us. <br />This is the classic story in which one of the main members is the revel one, the kindhearted, the younger brother who always want to be protected, or those who affect and influence the members of a family. Baby Face Martin left home some time ago with the hope of making some changes in his life and obtain a better future afterwards. Suddenly he realizes it’s time to come back home and see his family. He also feels the need to return home because he expects his ex-girlfriend to accept him as her partner one more time. However, Baby Face never got what he hoped. His mother didn’t welcome him; on the contrary she just rejected him and urged him to go away from there. He also discovered that his ex-girlfriend became a prostitute and wasn’t doing well. Those reasons provoked Baby Face to capture a wealthy child, forget what he came back home for, and return to his old life style.<br />His old friend Dave Connell was aware of his plans and tried to stop him from causing more damage to himself, to the rich kid and to the town where they lived. After arguing and fighting with Baby Face Martin, Dave ends the problem by shooting Baby Face Martin, and letting the authorities do their job. Dave Connell receives money from the authorities and gains the popularity of hero.<br />Another main character of the film is Drina, a young girl who is always taking care of her younger brother and wants nothing else but the best for him, she has always worked hard to keep him out of trouble and give him whatever he needs. But it seems like Tommy (her brother) doesn’t realize what she does for him. He became the leader of a gang and got in serious problems which forced him to hide from the authorities to avoid being taken to jail.<br />At the end, after Dave Connell realized there was no chance of having a relationship with a rich girl he was in love with, he put his eyes on Drina who was patiently waiting for someone like him, and later on Dave helped Drina to find a way to resolve the problem of her brother Tommy. <br />