How to Create Mobile Audio Tours that Rock!


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SayBooks is mobile app lets you link physical objects to digital contents via visual digital annotation and recognition.
Record your contents and drop the contents on physical objects. Other users can access to the contents via visual recognition from SayBooks.

On Museums and art galleries, both curators and visitors can generate digital contents (currently audio only) on paintings. In real-time, the contents can be shared other users.

The same contents linked to the exhibitions are also accessible from the printed art books sold in the museum shops. Museums can take advantage of SayBooks to boost revenue by packaging digital contents with printed materials.

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How to Create Mobile Audio Tours that Rock!

  1. 1. How to create Mobile Audio Tours that rock with
  2. 2. More than half of US museums offer mobile platforms to increase to widen engagement audiences Mobile in museums study - 2012 photo by MoMA
  3. 3. However, the key challenges are Small Budgets Limited Resources Lack of Strategy Mobile in museums study - 2012 photo by MoMA
  4. 4. Instead, use as mobile platform free No fees, No devices & No preparation! EASY Content creation/update, and Crowdsourcing Tie-in Products in museum shops to boost revenue
  5. 5. Here’s How to create contents Record your content Aim & Tap to Drop the content on Paintings
  6. 6. Here’s How to find contents 1. Click “Find” to visual search 2. Upon recognition, it shows list of contents 3. Select a content to play photo by Christian Kerrigan
  7. 7. Tie-in products sold in museum shops 1. Click “Find” to visual search on products 2. Upon recognition, it shows list of contents 3. Select a content to play
  8. 8. Physical exhibitions are linked to Multimedia contents Curators’ audio commentaries Original artist’s audio commentaries Foreign language translations Visitors’ review comments Youtube Links (available from Feb. 2014) Visitor’s questions to the artist Web Links to similar Arts (available from Feb. 2014) Recordings of a docent’s guided tours
  9. 9. engage with visitors Let them find contents from exhibitions Let them crowdsource contents Boost Revenues Tie-in products with digital contents Embed contents for more visitors and repeaters photo by Shutterstock
  10. 10. Questions? Contact us Visit our Facebook Page Visit our Tumblr Blog