Cyber Crimes Forensics


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A short presentation on the now very popular method of crime - Cyber Crime and their forensics

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Cyber Crimes Forensics

  1. 1. Cyber Crimes and Forensics Rashmi Ranjan Nath (U113103) Ravi Kumar Garg (U113104) Rosali Priyadarshini (U113105) Saswat Mohapatra (U113106) Saurabh Thacker (U113107) Sayan Sambit (U113108)
  2. 2. Computer viruses Denial-of-service attacks Malware (malicious code) Introduction …Cyber Crimes and Forensic Techniques Types Of Cyber Crimes
  3. 3. Cyber stalking Fraud and identity theft Information warfare Phishing scams Cyber terrorism Cyber warfare Digital forensics Computational forensics Forensic intelligence Mobile device forensics Introduction …Cyber Crimes and Forensic Techniques Forensic Techniques
  4. 4. Business Implications…
  5. 5. Business Implications… % Expense on restoring systems post data breach
  6. 6. Bank Fraud Cases and Recovery Business Implications…
  7. 7. Cyber crimes in India… 0 2 7 2 0 3 1 4 3 1 9 9 158 188 259 259 90 146 118 282 1 1 6 21 3 8 5 19 21 7 17 5 2009 2010 2011 2012 Cyber Crimes registered during 2009-2012 iii)Currency/stamps ii) Tampering i) Property Mark Counterfeiting Criminal breach of trust/fraud Forgery Destruction of electronic evidence False electronic evidence Offences by/against public servant
  8. 8. Cyber crimes in India… Measures Taken India’s first Cyber Forensic Laboratory (CFL) has been set up in Tripura, an official said Monday. The lab, established at the Tripura High Court will provide court case related information. “A National Judicial Data Grid (NJDG) is being developed under the Supreme Court’s supervision. All information about legal services, court cases and judicial actions would be available from the NJDG,” “So far, 13,000 judicial officers, including judges, have been trained about the e-court system and to equip them with the ongoing modernization of legal services” “With this new system of trial and administrative works, the litigants will be immensely benefited. It will save both time and money to get quick justice and prompt disposal of cases,”
  9. 9. Major Antivirus Vendors Major Players and their market share…
  10. 10. Market share and change from previous years Major Players and their market share…
  11. 11. Global spending on cyber security products and services is expected to exceed $71 billion by 2014, according to Gartner (IT), an information technology research and advisory firm. Top 5 Cyber security vendors Major Players and their market share… NAME ANNUAL REVENUE 5 YEAR AV. SALES GROWTH Check Point Software Technologies (CHKP) $1.25B 12% Sourcefire (FIRE) $165.65M 22.56% Fortinet (FTNT) $433.58M 19.14% Symantec (SYMC) $6.72B 8.60% Websense (WBSN) $364.18M 5%
  12. 12. Conclusion… • Cyber crime is increasing at a rapid rate • Companies and Consumers both need to be aware of what cyber crime is about and take the necessary precautions. • This also provides opportunities for network security and antivirus providers
  13. 13. References…       2012  FIRE-FTNT-GUID-SYMC- WBSN/4/19/2012/id/40357?page=full&refresh=1
  14. 14. Questions and Answers
  15. 15. Thank You !!!