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  • 1. DISNEY XD
  • 3. OPENS HER style AMELIA LILY “IF MY HOUSE WERE FLOODING WARDROBE AND I COULD ONLY SAVE THREE ITEMS THEY WOULD BE…” Her music’s pop, but “A leather jacket – I’ve got about 20 so I’d have to save her fashion ROCKS. So one of them. My favourite is from Marks and Spencer, we had a nosy inside the because it’s comfy and I can move around in it. I do love cupboards of Miss Lily. my leather clothes.” Ooh, look at these… £75, Marks and Spencer Blazer Designer bag Navy Petticoat Slip £60, River Island £1,530, Louis Vuitton £68, American Apparel “I’d probably save my skinny jeans. Black JUMPING skinny Topshop jeans, I swear by. They’re stretchy and so comfortable.” ON MY TUTU £38, Topshop ”I love dressing up, especially tutus. I like prancing about in frilly dresses “My black biker boots, BAG LADY from time to time. I like to mix things they’re from Topshop too. They’re flat and “I’m more of a high street up, sticking to the same look is boring.” they’re furry inside. girl, but I love Louis Vuitton They keep me nice handbags. When I was 14 Technic Sultry Eyes and warm.” I got one for Christmas, I’d in Charcoal £80, Topshop been begging my dad for two £1.99, and a half years. I’d like a Instant Oomph MONOCHROME MOMENT patent black leather one.” Hair Powder “I’m really into monochrome at the £4.07, VO5 moment. A couple of weeks ago I wore black leather trousers and a white AMELIA ON TRENDS FOR SS/2013 Lip Glaze in blazer. I feel like I really suit black and Crème Caramel white because of my hair.” GIG HAIR - £7.50, MeMeMe Neon: “I like pink SORTED! neon, but I’m not ”I love really tousled, curly sure about any and even a bit scraggly hair – ROCK CHICK EYES other colour. I think like glam rock. I tong it all and ”I always go for a smoky eye – but there’s it can look a little bit then just basically put loads of a balance. Don’t wear smoky eyes with a cheap. I’ve got quite READY, STEADY… product in it. Then just rat the bright lip. Keep them nude. Use a lighter Necklace and bangles a few little neon both £6.99, New Look tops, but you have PARTY! ends up by backcombing grey, creamy colour on the inside and to be really careful Jumpsuit “If I’ve only got five them, and then just kind of then blend to a black on the outside. Then Ring with how you wear £45, ASOS minutes to get ready, and shake it about!” add your brow and you’re rocking away!” £7.50, Freedom at Topshop them. If you’re going to wear a I need to transform a WORDS: EMILY KERR STYLING: EMMA ARNOLD PICTURES: REX, PHOTOSHOT, INF, GOFF PHOTOS neon top, get that plain outfit into a party balance right.” Top look, I just put some Crazy Colours hair dye £XX, New Look black heeled boots on £6.99, – Topshop is always the best for those.” Checks: “I love them! I think they’re amazing DIY and really cool and fun. COLOUR I really want a black and white checked Black zip QUEEN skirt or dress. Or even “I like to mix things heeled boots ”My hidden talent is that a jacket!” I’m really good at dying £45, Topshop Dress hair! I refresh my hair BACK TO BLACK Dungarees: “I love a up. Sticking to the myself. I get someone to “Black is key for achieving the rock £55, ASOS dungaree! I want a leather bleach it and then I put chick look, it always makes everyone one! I actually got a leather dungaree dress a couple of the pink on. I use Crazy look super classy. And you can’t go days ago, but I really like the AMELIA’s style Colour in Candy Floss and rules are pretty I mix it with conditioner wrong with loads of jewellery. Then just keep your hair and makeup same look is boring” trousers too. I’d probably look on ASOS.” black and white then just brush it on.” simple for the ultimate classy look.”48 49 quizzes rd t wi-hard? Can you find your way to R-Patz’s heart? and you’ve got, You’re stuck in a lift with Robert Pattinson its moving! ooh, five minutes to impress him. Quick, START or too ha Are you wearing No! Yes! Ugg boots? You need to start “How are you Bad luck! conversation. What doing, Spunk Robert doesn’t do you say? Ransom*” understand BIRD SPOTTING CLUB your girls who wear Reckon you know your Cullens from Denali? “I think its the lesser- Ugg boots “Oh, divine, beautiful Clearwaters? Your Volturi from your quiz... spotted crested warbler” Roberto! Your eyebrows It’s breaking dawn speak poetry to my soul!” and you discover Sink your teeth into our Twilight mega you can get You start breakfast delivered Diet Coke and 8 Oh dear, blabbering to the lift. What Cinnamon 1 4 Which of the following three about Arsenal. do you order? Toast Crunch How did Twilight author In Twilight Edward remembers he’s looking acts recorded the lead single for Um, he likes cereals Stephanie Meyer get the idea how he first became a vampire. scared. What that, right? The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 1? for the series? Why did Carlisle Cullen now? bite and change him? The repair men are a) She was inspired by Count a) He was colour blind here! Robert asks if von Count, the vampire, Lots and lots of A game of you’d like to hang out *ITS HIS NICKNAME! WORDS: CHRISTIAN KOCH PICTURES: PRESS ASSOCIATION IMAGES, ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/GAFTERA UGURHAN, MAK-ART from Sesame Street and thought Edward’s You start dancing lovely stew - it’s darts and afterwards. Where do pool down b) It came to her in a dream arm was a peach in front of him, your favourite about a human girl and a b) To save him dying Gangnam style… you suggest going? the local vampire who thirsted from Spanish Flu HANDY VAMP youth club for her blood c) Because Edward "Im a qualified masseur. A B C c) Listening to My Chemical Romance and re- mocked his name (he’s never been a fan Honest luv." Bruno Mars Florence and the Machine Muse Do you not know anything about A mooch RESULT! Robert? He’s afraid of dancing around the Not only are you free, but youve 6 reading Dracula 47 times of northern English and the word ‘stew’ will only local also proved to be the perfect 9 towns) What makes Edward’s brother remind him of the dirty K-Stew graveyard. match for Rob. Now go and track 2 What is Bella seen learning to do 5 Jasper want to kill Bella at her 18th did. As for graveyard walks, He is in down a lift where Hollywood The Cullen family are What is Jacob birthday party in The Twilight Saga: in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse? Twilight, think again! Now be quiet and go stars hang out somewhere in “vegetarians” - but JACOB Black’s super New Moon? a) Become a better vampire after all… b) Ride a moped an embarrassing shade of red. the real world and make it break what does this really special skill? a) He gets a strong whiff of her blood’s gets it off down (dont say we sent you). mean in vampire speak? scent when she gets a paper cut c) Become less pasty by applying St Tropez a) Breaking bits of wood a) They really like tofu and the his chest unwrapping a present fake tan to her face between his abs 10 12 odd alfalfa sprout YES! b) Balancing biscuits b) She’s so pale he thought she b) They don’t drink human blood, just the blood of dead mammals on his nose c) Loads: Superhuman strength, amazing was a ghost anyway c) He believes no vampire girlfriend In The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Edward and Bella go on honeymoon to Isle Esme. But ADD UP YOUR SCORES ANSWERS: 1:B, 2:B, 3:Forks, Washington – the c) Not a lot. They often enjoy How does howling skills. What should survive her where exactly is it? town where Bella and Edward live, 4:B, 5:C, a nice glass of human blood. 18th birthday flame-haired vamp 6:A, 7:A, 8:A, 9:B, 10:B, 11:A, 12:C else do you expect from a) Bulgaria Victoria intend to 7 Where’s the nearest vein? werewolves? Why is this b) Brazil c) Just off the coast of Bognor kill Bella? 0 - 3 Must Twi harder... 3 a) Driving a stake Have you been down a well for years? Volturi elder 11 through her heart Get yourself a box-set pronto and a bit like Derren + + Edward and Bella decide b) Forcing her to wake up and smell the coffin! Twilight Maths time! What does this equation mean? Brown? to call their baby daughter eat a garlic frittata a) He can read ‘Renesmee’. Where does this c) Creating an army 4 - 8 Nice Twi! every thought of deadly ‘newborn’ name come from? Hurrah! You have a healthy interest in you’ve ever had just vampires a) From merging their the undead. Now run along and get by touching you mothers’ names yourself a new obsession. b) Have you not b) The medication seen this guy’s card tricks? they were 9 - 12 Twi watching something else? taking for MELANIE c) He once had a Your friends must be jumping with joy RED EYE indigestion off of X Factor makes dodgy-looking now that the Twilight Saga has died. Got any Optrex? c) It’s a lake a comeback Welcome back to the land of the living. goatee near ForksWE❤POP 38 39
  • 4. EGMONT
  • 5. TOXIC
  • 6. POWER RANGERS front back
  • 7. BBC