What Is Human Resource Development (HRD)


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Human Resource Development covers a major function of Human Resource Management, but what exactly is it and why is it important for you to understand? Continue to read this article for the answers...

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What Is Human Resource Development (HRD)

  1. 1. What is Human Resource Development (HRD)?What is Human Resource Development or HRD? How essential is it in a business? How does it differfrom Human Resource Management?Human Resource Development covers a major function of Human Resource Management which focuseson the professional advancement of an organizations workforce and processes. It is a combination oftraining and learning that helps improve the skills of the company’s employees.The aim of Human Resource Development is to build superior teams and departments, which will resultin strategic advantage as businesses and companies compete against one another.It certainly makes sense then that an organizations activities revolve around performance managementand workforce planning. This will have a serious impact on your company’s recruitment success. How isthis possible? Well, this happens in several ways:Performance Managementa) TrainingIt is not enough that hiring managers and HR professionals may bring post secondary training or pass onthe job training to your workplace. In order to recruit successfully for your team or workgroup, theyneed to receive company and / or industry specific training and lessons in order to enhance their skills.Through on the job training and coaching, your hiring team can manage to recruit more employees.They will be confident in your needs and as well as your long term goals.b) Performance ReviewsThose members of your team engaged in recruitment services and selection activities that are not aboveperformance reviews. You must have measures of success for this important function, and they must beconnected with a system of accountability that is consistent and understood by their colleagues. If youare not happy with the results of your organizations recruitment efforts, the performance review is onegreat tool that allows you to consider and address the opportunities for company and employeeimprovement.Workforce PlanningYour recruitment professionals should have tools and processes for proactively addressing the labourneeds of your organization. Succession planning and trend analysis can help you to anticipate shortagesor openings in your team, and with that foresight, your business will be able to respond more effectivelyto fill those needs.Human resource development is about investing in your workforce to build a strong and committedteam. It is all about developing and optimizing your employees’ skills to its fullest potential. HumanResource Development or HRD is essential to this paradigm. One major importance of Human ResourceDevelopment is building a successful leadership team that walks the talk of HRM.
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