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Acid Reflux... The Full Script.
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Acid Reflux... The Full Script.


Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), the medical term for “Acid Reflux” is defined as the product of abnormal reflux of gastric contents into the esophagus thus, creating a mucosal damage, …

Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), the medical term for “Acid Reflux” is defined as the product of abnormal reflux of gastric contents into the esophagus thus, creating a mucosal damage, likewise known as the chronic symptom.

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  • 1. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mourad 1
  • 2. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradMagnifying Acid RefluxGastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD),the medical term for “Acid Reflux” isdefined as the product of abnormal refluxof gastric contents into the esophagusthus, creating a mucosal damage, likewiseknown as the chronic symptom.This disease strikes adult primarily, whileinfants and children can also be affected.Normally spurred by eating certain foods,if not pregnancy, or taking a sleep rightafter eating a heavy meal, a large numberof persons suffer from acid reflux at onetime or another. 2
  • 3. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradHeartburn or acid indigestion is anothername that refers to acid reflux. Heartburn,the major symptom of Acid Reflux in theesophagus, is described to cause a burninguneasiness at the back of the sternum.The symptoms may come as coughing,voice transformation, hoarseness, constantear ache, or sinusitis. The complicationsbrought upon by acid reflux may lead toesophageal ulcers or worse this can lead toesophageal cancer.However, constant heartburn sensationsdo not necessarily mean that one hascaptured GERD already. The risk occurswhen heartburn happened more than oncea week, this occasion could possibly leadin developing GERD. 3
  • 4. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradThe usual cause of GERD is the increase inacidity or gastric acid production in thebody, obesity, pregnancy, or tight-fittingapparels, these all can add to the problem.The yeast infections are also thought to beone of the causes of GERD-like symptoms.An added ironical cause of the GERD is theinsufficient production of stomach acid inthe body. The explanation says that thevalve, the hollow organ with a flap thatinsure the one-way course of fluid throughthe organ, once emptied triggers acidity inthe intestines. If the valve fails to open,the contents of the stomach will beblended into the esophagus, and thenirritation occurs. 4
  • 5. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradMeanwhile, there are already severaltreatments for GERD today, one of whichis the balance and healthy eating habits.Now if proper diet fails to work, one canshift to medication therapy or surgery assuggested by the doctors. Below are thelists of several selections of Acid Refluxtreatment:• Proper Diet: the natural way to cureAcid Reflux is through change in theireating habits. A good number of peopleaffected by GERD found success infollowing this method. Avoid the foodingredients which can intensify heart burnsuch as caffeine, soft drinks, and smoking.Avoid eating two hours before sleeping;likewise, avoid lying down after takingmeal. These are the regular suggestedchange in lifestyle. 5
  • 6. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mourad• Another easy way to treat GERD is toelevate the head of the bed. Thepharmacologic therapy, the combination ofprevention of food two hours beforesleeping and the rise of the head of thebed, there is a great chance for a patientto gain a 95 percent relief. The rise of thehead of the bed is suggested to range foronly 6 to 8 inches or 20 cm. Using thismethod the backflow of gastric fluids willbe hampered.• Drug Treatment: Drugs reduce thesecretion of the gastric acid, for instanceand famotidine and omeprazole lessen thesecretion of gastric acid and the Antacidscounteract the acid. 6
  • 7. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mourad• Surgical treatment: the Nissenfundoplication, the standard surgicaltreatment for Acid Reflux, the medicationprocess will only cover a short period oftime. The function of this is to support thesphincter, a spherical bond of muscles thatopens and closes to let the food or wasteto pass, as well as stop Acid Reflux, and ofcourse restore the hiatal hernia. 7
  • 8. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradKeeping Pregnant Women Away FromAcid Reflux DilemmaMany women tend to experience heartburnsymptoms when they are still carryingtheir babies, and this happens for severalreasons.One of these is the increase of hormonesin the women’s body while they arepregnant. The occurrence of this will resultin softening the ligaments which functionis to keep the lower esophageal sphincter(LES) firmly closed. When the LES rests atunsuitable periods, tendency is, this willlet the gastric acid and food to reflux backto the esophagus and throat. 8
  • 9. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradOne more reason of experiencingheartburn during pregnancy is because thechanges in the body and the developmentof the baby creates more pressure in thewomen’s stomach. Therefore, the stomachcontents are forced right into the LES, andthen to the esophagus.However, there are several methods that apregnant woman can observe to lessen thediscomfort brought by heartburn. Thefollowing are good advices, although thismay not remove the heartburn totally:• Avoid the food that triggersheartburn. Examples of this arechocolates, spicy foods, citrus fruits andjuices, mustard, tomatoes and tomatobased products, fatty foods, fried foods, 9
  • 10. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradand highly seasoned dishes. Try to refer tomedical specialists to know the completelist of foods to avoid Acid Reflux. Also, forfoods that you may take which containslittle danger of causing heartburn.• Get rid of drinks that have caffeine,like tea, coffee, and soda. Too much ofthese will cause the LES to relax and letthe acid to return into the esophagus.• Stay away from alcohol beverages.This, like caffeine tends to relax the LESthus, creating the same effect—triggeringheartburn. 10
  • 11. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mourad• Avoid eating large meals. It issuggested that taking numerous smallmeals throughout the day will be better.• Avoid rush in eating your meals.Chewing food thoroughly will really help inavoidance of heartburn, so better takeyour time in eating.• Rest for at least three hours afterhaving your last meal before taking yoursleep.• A pregnant woman is advised to takemore glasses of water a day, at least 8 to10 glasses, though this must be taken notjust during meals. Through this, thestomach will expand, and then the LES will 11
  • 12. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradbe given more pressure, obliging it to openinappropriately. Hence, it is reallyrecommended to drink more water andother fluids in between meals.• When sleeping elevate the head of thebed for at least six to eight inches. Try tosleep with an elevated head and shouldersthrough a wedge pillow. Through this, thegravity will work as much that it will keepthe acids in your stomach in their place—inthe stomach, not in the esophagus. Try toconsult physicians to gain additionalknowledge on how to relieve nighttimeheartburn.• Don’t wear tight fitting clothes.Tightness around the waist and stomach 12
  • 13. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradwill trigger heartburn as it causesuneasiness.• When bending, do it at the knees, notat the waist. This will avoid in creating toomuch pressure in the stomach.• Don’t slouch; rather sit erect in arelaxing chair.• Maintain a sensible amount of weight,too much weight and fatness will givemore stress in your stomach. As a result,this will force stomach contentsthroughout the LES and to the esophagus.Stay with your doctors guidelines. 13
  • 14. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mourad• Avoid smoking. Doctors stated thatsmoking could cause several effects to apregnant woman, much that it can add tothe possibility of experiencing heartburn. 14
  • 15. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradHeal Your Heartburn through AcidReflux DietAcid Reflux, another term for heartburn, isa disease which is created by a simpleimbalance of chemical make-up in thebody--the attack of acid reflux in theesophagus when it is supposed to be inthe stomach only.The fact that Acid Reflux, the acidindigestion, affects not just adults but alsoinfants and children, make it essential foreveryone to be aware of its symptoms andhow it can be prevented. 15
  • 16. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradSince the Acid Reflux is triggered byvarious foods like chocolate, citrus fruits,spicy foods, including fried and fatty foods.Together with the time of day the foodsare eaten and over eating which causesexcessive weight. Therefore, the key toavoid the heartburning uneasiness broughtby the Acid reflux also lies on the foods—amanage diet.Truth in studies show that a specific foodcan head out acid reflux, so it is vital thateveryone must take a careful observationof their eating habits.Nevertheless, any person who is sufferingfrom Acid Reflux needs a diet that wouldsuit to treat the illness, the foods that 16
  • 17. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradshould be taken and those which shouldnot be.Now, you might be wondering what couldbe the best diet to observe to avoid acidreflux, the heartburn-free recipes that arefitted to an Acid Reflux diet.It was distinguished that drinking milk canbe a speedy cure to alleviate acid refluxtrouble. Although, milk produces an actionand encourages discharge of morestomach acid, causing then acid reflux.So, people affected by heartburn shouldfollow a diet wherein they eat a small mealduring dinner and follow it up with a small 17
  • 18. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradsnack before they go to sleep, crackers forinstance.Likewise, they should make sure that theytheir meal are rich in complexcarbohydrates. This includes breads, riceand pasta; this fixes the excessive acid inthe stomach, hence, giving it an easyfeeling.Chew your foods well, do not rush oneating, 20 minutes for each meal will do.Extract all the nourishment that you canget in your food.Along with the diet, it is also advisable tokeep yourself in a straight position duringand after eating, for least 45 minutes. 18
  • 19. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradRemove from your diet high-fat foods, thiswill tend to stay in the stomach longer,with this, the stomach will be forced toproduce more acids for digestion.In addition, avoid eating large meals; thiswill also stimulate the stomach to producemore acids to digest them.One the medical specialists’recommendations is to add more plantprotein in your diet, like beans and lentils,in this process the animal protein that youhave taken will be replaced.Also, try to observe in your diet the timeyou spend for eating, the amount of your 19
  • 20. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradmeal, your relaxation when you eat, andhow thorough you chew your food. It isadvisable that you take several smallmeals in a day, than you take large mealsregularly, for instance six small meals aday will do than having three large ones.The procedure is simply breaking up themeal.If you want additional informationregarding proper diet to battle Acid Reflux,you can visit a nutrition-oriented healthcare practitioner like a dietician,naturopathic physician, or nutritionist.They can give you accurate dietaryschemes that will fit your private healthneeds and objectives. 20
  • 21. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradOverlooking Acid Reflux Disease inChildrenAn 11-year-old boy in Boston developed aGastro esophageal reflux Disease (GERD).According to his mother, Cathy, it was theend of June in the year 2005 when his sondeveloped a cough which usually happensduring sleep, and even during daytime. Itis only a short dry cough symptom. Hispediatrician thought it was only allergy,however, when his son was tested, resultshowed that his son had no allergy.According to her, it was his son’s asthmathat relates to GERD.Studies show that GERD is likewise normalto infants and children like in adults,though this fact is often times beingoverlooked. The symptoms come in 21
  • 22. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradcontinual sickness, coughing, and otherrespiratory trouble.Children are vulnerable to GERD becauseof their immature digestive system. Truthis majority of the infants grow out of GERDonce they reach the age of one year old.The medical specialists further stated thatsymptoms for children may come indifficulty in swallowing foods, or failure togrow. The doctors recommended that insituation like this it is best to lessen theamount of acid in the children’s stomachbefore it could lead to acid reflux, sincethis disease is not very curable in children. 22
  • 23. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradHowever, the doctor suggested someapproaches to avoid acid reflux onchildren; an example of these is burpingthe infant quite a few times duringfeeding, or letting the infant stay in anerect position for 30 minutes afternourishing.Although, for a child ages three and up,doctors suggested to keep them off fromsodas that includes caffeine like softdrinks, carbonated drinks, spicy foods likepeppermint, acidic foods like citrus fruits,too much chocolate, and fried and fattyfoods. Ideally, establishing a healthyeating habit diet can really decrease theacid reflux in children. 23
  • 24. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradIt is also suggested that children will eatsmaller meals before sleeping, if possible,do not allow them to eat two to threehours before sleeping, also, elevate thehead of their bed for at least 30 degrees.Further treatments include the use of H2blockers; this is available in any drugsstore. Prevacid, proton plump inhibitors,can also be used in treating acid flux forchildren.However, if these treatments fail to stopthe symptoms, other treatment methodneeds to be done. It is very atypical, butdoctors’ recommends surgery, this is sofar the best treatment for relentlesssymptoms which do not anymore counterto other treatments. 24
  • 25. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradThe Esophageal reflux surgery for childrenis designated for children who have hadunsuccessful medical treatments, andcontinuous surgery is essential as the childgrows.Now, if you get confused whether when isthe time to consult a pediatricianregarding acid reflux. The answer is youobserve, observe the amounts of vomitingof the child, if it already comes out ingreen or yellow or appears to be like bloodor coffee grounds, there difficulty inbreathing after vomiting, and there is painin swallowing, immediately consult apediatrician before the symptom getsaggravated. 25
  • 26. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradSo to prevent the occurrence of thisdisease, stay away from the habit ofleaning forward after eating, or worse,sleeping after taking a large amount offood.Take note, advanced acid reflux diseasehas a great possibility to end seriousmedical complications, and it may lead tohospitalization.Be keen of the possible symptoms so willnot overlook it. Take care of your kids. 26
  • 27. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradAcid Reflux Disease Symptoms:Knowing your BodyAcid reflux disease is a condition in whichthe stomach acids abnormally reflux intothe esophagus. This phenomenon isirregularly experienced by most people,most especially after eating.Our body uses gastric and stomach acidsto break down the food that we eat.Normally, after the digestion in thestomach, the food is delivered by thedigestive muscles to the intestines forextra digestion. But in patients who haveacid reflux disease, the acidic stomachcontents are moved back to the 27
  • 28. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradesophagus, which then causesinflammation. Cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine,pregnancy, and fatty foods are somefactors which worsens acid refluxconditions.Our present knowledge about acid refluxbased on medical researches tells us thatthis disease is common in men as it is inwomen. There is no sexual preference.Moreover, the prevalence of acid reflux ismore frequent in people of 40 years of ageor more.Symptoms of acid reflux may be typical oratypical. But based on the diagnosis ofacid reflux patients, only 70% of thosewho have this disease manifest typicalsymptoms. 28
  • 29. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradTypical or esophageal symptoms concernindicators which are related with theesophagus. Such symptoms include thefollowing:Heartburn. This is a condition in which thepatient feels a painful burning feeling inthe esophagus. The pain often develops inthe chest and may swell to the neck orthroat. This is most probable to occur inrelation with these activities: after a heavymeal, lifting, bending over, and lyingdown. Based on one study, about 75% ofacid reflux patients experience thissymptom at night. These nigh-timepatients also tend to experience moreharsh pain than those whose symptomoccurs at other times. 29
  • 30. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradDyspepsia. Researches show that abouthalf of acid reflux patients have dyspepsia.This is a syndrome which consists of painand distress in the upper abdomen,nausea after a meal, and stomach fullness.It is not a rule however, that those whohave dyspepsia have acid reflux.Regurgitation. This is when the gastriccontents back up into the pharynx andsometimes as far as the mouth. In caseswhere the acids have spilled into thetracheobronchial tree, respiratorycomplications can be stimulated.There are many instances, though, thatacid reflux patients do not manifest 30
  • 31. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradsymptoms such as regurgitation andheartburn. Instead, they experienceatypical or extraesophageal symptomswhich include the following:Throat Symptoms. Although it does notcommonly happen, acid reflux patientssuffer from symptoms that occur in thethroat. Hoarseness, the feeling of having alump in the throat, dry cough areundergone by those who have acidlaryngitis, a throat symptom. Patients canalso have difficulty in swallowing, acondition known as dysphagia. In criticalcases, the food may get trapped in thethroat or even choke, which can result to asevere chest pain. Other throat symptomsare chronic sore throat and persistenthiccups. 31
  • 32. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradVomiting and Nausea. When a patientsuffers from nausea which persists forweeks, he may have acid reflux. There arefew instances where vomiting can occur asoften as once a day.Respiratory Symptoms. Coughing andwheezing are counted as respiratorysymptoms. These result from theoverrunning of the stomach acids into thetracheobronchial tree creatingbronchoconstriction.Acid reflux disease can last for severalmonths if not given proper medicalattention. Drug treatment may only berequired for a short time. But when the 32
  • 33. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradsymptoms tend to repetitively occur, thedrug treatment may have to be reapplied. 33
  • 34. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradAcid Reflux in Baby: Keeping YourBaby ProtectedAcid reflux, which is also termed asgastroesophageal reflux, is one of themost frequent problems among infants.Babies with acid reflux often suffer from arange of conditions, from a mild degree toa severe one, such as recurrent spittingup, abdominal pain, and night waking.This discussion would be morecomprehensive with the understanding ofthe physiological or the mechanical aspectof the condition. The body has a band ofmuscle in a circular structure that is calledthe lower esophageal sphincter. Thismuscle detaches the esophagus from thestomach. When food comes into the 34
  • 35. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradstomach, it closes so as to prevent thestomach acids and contents from backingup into the esophagus or regurgitating.But in the case of some babies, the loweresophageal sphincter has grownimmature. As such, the partially digestedfood and digestive acids are allowed to berefluxed. This condition causes irritation inthe esophagus lining which results toinflammation that is also commonly calledas heartburn.Acid reflux among babies usually developswhen they are between two to four weeksold. Doctors usually prescribe medicinesthat minimize the production of digestiveacids. Within six to nine months, the acidreflux starts to naturally subside. At thistime period, the babies spend most oftheir time in an upright position. This is to 35
  • 36. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradapply the law of gravity on the food takenin; that is, the food stays down morenaturally and reduces possibleregurgitation.The following are helpful pointers onfeeding and positioning of babies to lessenacid reflux:Prepare smaller feedings recurrently. Itmakes sense to feed your baby more thanusual but less than the accustomed. Iflesser volume of milk goes into thestomach, the digestion will be faster andthere will be fewer amounts of contentsavailable for regurgitation. 36
  • 37. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradMaintain the baby in an upright positionafter feeding. As discussed earlier, gravityhelps to keep the digestive contents down.Position your baby seated in your lap whilehis head rests on your chest. Keep thisposition for at least half an hour afterfeeding.Breastfeeding helps a lot. Breast milk iswell-known to have many advantages overother commercial formula, mainly forbabies with acid reflux. Breast milk can bedigested faster, which of course lessensspitting up, and it has special enzymesthat assists digestion. In addition to that,breast milk does not trigger allergy tobabies compared to other milks availablein the market. But for those who areformula-feeding, it is advisable to use milkwith a hypoallergenic formula as advised 37
  • 38. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradby a doctor. Aside from having highertolerance with sensitive intestines,hypoallergenic milk can also be digestedfaster by the stomach so as to minimizerefluxes.Set your baby in a comfortable positionwhen asleep. Since when a baby lies flatwhen sleeping, gravity cannot help inkeeping the food down in this set-up. As aresult, a baby with acid reflux often has toendure a sore night waking. If a baby cansleep soundly, then there will be no needto call for a change in his habit. But somebabies become restless, which can benoted by abdominal pain, acid breath, andwet burps. In this case, it is recommendedto elevate the baby’s crib to about 30degrees. This will be enough to reduce theregurgitation. You may also try to train 38
  • 39. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradhim to sleep on his left side. It is in thisposition where the inlet of the stomach ishigher than the exit. This will also help tokeep the food down. 39
  • 40. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradAcid Reflux Medication: KeepingHeartburn at BayIn a normal digestive process, the partiallydigested food is being forwarded bymuscular movements from the stomach tothe intestines. However, for some people,the stomach contents travel back to theesophagus from the stomach. Thiscondition is known as acid reflux.Common symptoms of this disease includeheartburn, difficulty in swallowing,regurgitation, chest pains, dental erosion,hoarseness, asthma, dyspepsia, vomiting,and many others. 40
  • 41. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradIf not properly treated, acid reflux can lastfor several months. But drug treatmentcan play an essential part in the treatmentprocess of a patient.The most common medications usedinclude the following:Antacids. These drugs are used toneutralize the acids in the digestive tractand are primarily taken in for relief of mildsymptoms, such as occasional episodes ofindigestion and heartburn. They also act toincite the defensive mechanisms of ourstomach by building up the secretion ofmucous and bicarbonate. Most antacidscan be bought over the counter evenwithout a medical prescription. Moreover,these drugs are one of the first to be 41
  • 42. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradrecommended by professionals to lessenthe pain brought about by heartburn ormild symptoms. The three basicingredients of antacids are magnesium,calcium, and aluminum.Acid suppressants such as histamineblockers are also commonly used.Histamine blockers obstruct the productionof stomach acids by alienating the actionsof histamine. Histamine is a chemical inthe body that promotes the production andsecretion of acids in the stomach. Anti-histamines are available even withoutprescription and offers relief of symptomsin most of the patients with frequent acidreflux. Patients have to wait for 30 to 90minutes for these drugs to take effect. Buttheir effect also lasts six to 24 hours. Incases of severe symptoms, a patient may 42
  • 43. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradhave to take two dosages a day. In someresearches, histamine blockers haveshown to improve asthmatic symptoms inthose who endure from both acid refluxand asthma.However, in a study dated 2001, it wassuggested that histamine blockersoccasionally impart complete relief ofsymptoms for dyspepsia and heartburn.Proton pump inhibitors are also employedas a medication. They act to trim down theproduction of stomach acids by reactingwith the cells found in the stomach wallwhich produce and release acids into thestomach. However, researches haverevealed that the use of proton pumpinhibitors poses some concerns. Side 43
  • 44. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradeffects, although uncommon, includediarrhea, headache, itching, and nausea.Moreover, these drugs should also bestayed away from by pregnant and breast-feeding mothers.Another medication that is generallyhandled is the use of agents which protectthe mucus lining in the gastrointestinalregion. This kind of drug acts by attachingto an ulcer crater so that it will be guardedfrom damage caused by digestive acids. Itis advisable for people undergoingmaintenance therapy with mild ormoderate acid reflux conditions. Likewise,it has minor side effects, includingconstipation. 44
  • 45. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradAnti-spasm drugs are also utilized toprevent acid and even non-acid reflux. Agamma-amino acid butyric acid agonist,an anti-spasm drug is generally used toabate the spasms in the muscles. Unlikemost medicines used for acid reflux, it canalso lessen non-acid refluxes and amplifythe pressure in the lower esophagealsphincter, a muscle that separates theesophagus from the stomach and preventsbacking up of stomach contents. 45
  • 46. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradUsing Acid Reflux Medicine to Get Ridof the Annoying HeartburnsAlcohol lovers would often love to matchtheir drink with spicy dishes and greasyand fatty foods. The perfect combinationmakes the drinking perfect to the palate.Unfortunately though, this is bad for theesophagus and the stomach. The alcohol,the spicy dishes and the greasy and fattyfoods causes acid reflux or also known asGastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).Other causes of acid reflux are pregnancy,genetic influences, presence of infection inthe gastrointestinal tract, and the Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs(NSAIDs). 46
  • 47. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradThe Gastrointestinal System of the body iscomposed of the following: the oral cavity,the esophagus, the stomach, smallintestine, large intestine and the anus. Themain function of the GastrointestinalSystem is to digest food particles, absorbdigestive juices and eliminate undigestedmaterials which are of course the feces.The acid reflux affects the stomach andthe esophagus. This occurs when the liquidfrom the stomach which contains pepsin,an irritating substance produced by thechief cells goes up to the esophaguspassing through the cardiac sphincter. Thecardiac sphincter is the opening to thestomach from the esophagus. Its functionis to prevent reflux of the substances inthe stomach because these substancescause esophageal irritation and ulcer. If 47
  • 48. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradthe cardiac sphincter fails to close afterreceiving food from the esophagus, acidreflux occurs.Acid reflux is a chronic condition. Once aperson suffers from it, it becomes a life-long ordeal. Injury in the esophagus alsois a chronic condition. Even if theesophagus has healed with treatment andit is being stopped, the injury will return inmost patients within a few months. Oncetreatment for said illness is begun, itusually needs to be continued indefinitely.Normally, liquid reflux in the stomachoccurs to a healthy individual. However,people with the acid reflux or GERD, hasmore acid in the liquid. This may becaused by the genetic influences, 48
  • 49. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradspecifically, an increased number ofparietal cells which produce pepsin in thestomach.The body has mechanisms to protect itselffrom the harmful effects of reflux and acid.Most reflux happens during the day whenindividuals are upright. In said position,the refluxed liquid is more likely to flowback down into the stomach due togravity. Moreover, while individuals areawake, they continually swallow,regardless if there is reflux or not. Eachtime individuals swallow the reflux liquidslide back into the stomach. The last bodydefense to reflux is the salivary glands inthe mouth. These glands produce saliva,which contains bicarbonate. Every time anindividual swallows, the bicarbonate-containing saliva slides down theesophagus. The bicarbonate neutralizes 49
  • 50. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradthe small amount of acid that remains inthe esophagus.Basically, acid reflux medicines inhibit theproduction or release of pepsin producedby the chief cells and hydrochloric acidproduced by the parietal cells in thestomach. Other medicines may not totallyinhibit the production but they neutralizethe acid.The acid reflux medicines are theHistamine Blockers or the H2 receptorantagonists. Histamine stimulates a pumpin the stomach that releases hydrochloricacid. The H2 receptor antagonists preventthe histamine from stimulating this pump.They block the production of thehydrochloric acid thereby reducing 50
  • 51. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradsecretion and concentration into thestomach.One of the acid reflux medicines is theCimetidine which was introduced in 1975.It has a short half-life and short durationof action. The three most popular H2blockers are Ranitidine, Famotidine andNizatidine. They are more potent thanCimetidine because in addition to blockinggastric acid secretions, they also promotehealing of the ulcer by eliminating itscause. They also have longer duration ofaction.As the cliché goes, an ounce of preventionis better than a pound of cure, you canavoid having an acid reflux or GERD byavoiding too much smoking and alcohol, 51
  • 52. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradand by eating less of spicy and greasyfood. When taking NSAIDs, be sure youtake it after meals. Lastly, avoid stressbecause it stimulates the release of thedeadly acid. 52
  • 53. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradPillows and Positional Therapy asImmediate Remedy for Acid RefluxWhen we eat, the contents in the stomachnormally proceed into the intestines withthe aid of digestive muscle contractions.However, for those who have acid refluxdisease, the digestive contents travel backinto the esophagus. And since thedigestive materials contain acids, a patientsuffers from inflammation in the throatwhich may be associated with pains in theabdomen and breastbone. Othersymptoms include dyspepsia, vomiting,regurgitation, and respiratory-relatedindicators.Acid reflux is a chronic health condition.Once it has started to transmit in thebody, it will continue to inhabit 53
  • 54. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradindefinitely. Although treatments areavailable, symptoms usually tend to beapplied repeatedly. And this means thattreatments also need to be employedrecurrently.The act of stomach liquids backing up intothe esophagus is actually normal. It alsohappens to those without acid refluxdisease. In the case of acid reflux patients,however, the stomach contents have moreacid than the normal and that the acidtends to stay in the esophagus in a longerperiod of time.The human body, of course, has its ownmechanisms to lessen the harmful effectsbrought about by the refluxed acids. Anexample of such is the salivary glands 54
  • 55. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradfound in the mouth. These glands producesaliva, a liquid which contains bicarbonate.When we swallow, the saliva containingbicarbonates passes through theesophagus.Bicarbonates have the ability to neutralizeacids, which may have remained after anearlier regurgitation. Also, studies haveshown that most cases of reflux happenduring daytime. At this time, individualsare usually on an upright position. Withthe aid of gravity, reflux is minimizedbecause the stomach contents are heldback down. Moreover, when awake,individuals recurrently swallow. And thispractice maximizes the benefits that salivadoes in reducing the level of acids in thethroat. 55
  • 56. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradThe mentioned natural ways of the body toprotect itself are important in themaintenance of the esophagus. But saliva,swallowing, and gravity can only workwhen a person is in an upright position.During night time, when individuals areasleep, gravity cannot help much. Also,the saliva secretion is trimmed down andswallowing does not take place. It is forthese reasons why acid reflux which comesabout at night becomes more severe sorein the esophagus because the acids staylonger and therefore do more damage toit.Acid reflux can be more susceptible to thepregnant and obese. The increased levelsof hormones during pregnancy and high 56
  • 57. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradlevels of fats in the body can induce acidreflux because of the pressure in the loweresophageal sphincter, a muscle thatprevents the stomach contents frommoving back to the esophagus, is reduced.As such, it will be easier for the partiallydigested contents to come back becauseless force is holding them back down. Inaddition, for the pregnant women, thepressure in the abdomen rises due to thedeveloping fetus in the womb.There are ways to help the body minimizethe occurrences of reflux. One of theeasiest to implement is positional therapy.This is done by elevating the head and thetorso when in a sleeping position. Pillows,which are readily available, can bepositioned to raise the torso at about sixto eight inches. This position can provide 57
  • 58. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradmaximum effectiveness in holding backreflux. Surveys have shown that the use ofincreased recommended elevation resultsto greater efficiency. 58
  • 59. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradSore Throat Set off by Acid RefluxAcid reflux refers to the condition in whichthe partially digested food containingdigestive juices travels back into theesophagus from the mouth.To describe the mechanical layout of thisdisease, our digestive system has acircular band of muscle called loweresophageal sphincter. This muscle splitsthe stomach from the esophagus. Whenthe food enters the stomach, this musclecloses so as to prevent the partiallydigested materials from traveling back intothe esophagus. But when the loweresophageal sphincter is renderedincompetent, the stomach contents areallowed to regurgitate or spit up. 59
  • 60. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradThe stomach contents that moves back tothe esophagus contains digestive acidssince they have undergone digestion in thestomach where digestive liquids arereleased to facilitate the digestion.Because of the acidic nature of therefluxed materials, inflammation developsin the lining of the throat; thus a sorethroat is one of the most commonsymptoms of this condition.Sore throat is usually associated withother symptoms, though sometimes it isuncommon, such as the occurrence of puson the tonsil surface and drooling orfrequent spitting. Moreover, a patient withsore throat may also experience difficultyin breathing caused by the narrowing ofthe air passage through the larynx orpharynx. 60
  • 61. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradThe pain or other difficulties caused bysore throat can be abated, if not treated,with simple self-treatments that can bedone at home. Gargling is a recommendedpractice. You may try gargling with warmwater mixed with table salt. Drinking a lotof water is also very important. Get extrasleep, for this encourages faster recovery.Popsicles or cold drinks are good for sorethroats. Humidifiers or vaporizers can beused to sooth the pain in the throat. Andalso, sucking on solid candies, which helppromote saliva production, works as analternative remedy. It is known that salivacontains bicarbonates that help neutralizethe acids that might have remained in thethroat due to the reflux.But if home-treatments are not enough toease your condition with the sore throat,medical treatments are available. The 61
  • 62. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradintake of medicine is particularly advisedfor those who experience associatedsymptoms like difficulty in breathing,dehydration or body water loss, andsevere pains. Take antibiotics if you feelthat viral or bacterial infections havefurther developed in the throat. Also,rheumatic fever can be prevented fromarising, though this condition is very muchuncommon. Corticosteroids, which have ananti-inflammatory effect, can help in caseof critical sore throat conditions.Preventive measures and remedies, ofcourse, are available to minimize theincidence of acid reflux, and sore throat,as well. One practical and immediatetreatment is the application of gravity;that is, the person is kept in uprightposition at most times so to hold thedigested materials down. Gravity can help 62
  • 63. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradprevent regurgitation, or the traveling ofthe stomach contents back up to theesophagus.Eating habits should also be changed tofacilitate in the treatment of acid reflux.Usual cases of acid reflux usually takeplace after a meal. It is recommended thatevening meals should be taken earlier andin smaller quantities. This is so that thestomach can get emptied in a shorterperiod of time as compared to when heavymeals are eaten. Moreover, patients withacid reflux have less chances ofregurgitating when they lie down.Medications are also available. Some drugsact to neutralize the acids in the stomachand some work by blocking the productionof acids by controlling the actions ofhistamine. 63
  • 64. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradThe Two Most Common Acid RefluxSurgery with Quick RecoveryDid you know that unhealthy eating habitscan cause acid reflux? Based on scientificresearch, anyone, even infants and youngchildren have a tendency to have acidreflux. This disorder is most common ininfants and young children but in time,disappears. Acid reflux known also asgastro-esophageal reflux disease candefinitely affect adults too. This is adisorder that could happen anytimeespecially to someone who had just had alarge meal with lots of acidic foods or evensomeone with history of acid reflux, thus,having recurrences of the disorder due tounhealthy eating patterns. 64
  • 65. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradUnhealthy diet and an inappropriate eatingschedule can cause acid reflux. As aperson consumes a heavy meal, full ofacid foods, an abnormality in the stomachcan occur like bringing back the foodinduced to the esophagus and throat. Acidreflux is unexplainable to many becausethis condition can occur anytime but aremost likely to occur after several heavymeals or unhealthy eating habits.Many people with acid reflux can controltheir condition by means of medicaltreatment and even appropriate diet.Some people with a severe condition ofacid reflux should consider surgicalprocedures because for most people, acidreflux surgery is the best solutions for thisdisorder. There are several surgicalprocedures that acid reflux patients canchoose from. The most effective and safe 65
  • 66. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradacid reflux surgeries are Laparoscopic anti-reflux surgery, also known as LaparoscopicNissen Fundoplication and IntraluminalEndoscopic surgery that most patientsencounter.Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication, orfundoplication for short, is the mostcommon form of acid reflux surgery. Thissurgery is performed by tightening thewalls of the esophagus in the area next tothe stomach then adding pressure to thelower esophageal muscles. When thepressure increased between the stomachand esophagus, this medical procedureprevents the content of the stomach to goupward inside the throat and esophagus.Another method mostly considered byother patients with acid reflux is havingthe esophageal valve tightened in order to 66
  • 67. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradseal the esophagus and prevent gastricacid to enter.Intraluminal endoscopic acid reflux surgeryis another acid reflux surgery that mostpatients prefer. This surgical procedurehas the same procedure as thefundoplication except that it involves asmall optical, tubular instrument that isneeded to be inserted in the body and atthe same time, view the inner parts of thebody that needs surgical or biopsyattention thus allowing an actual biopsy orsurgery to be performed. This is possiblethrough the so called endoscope.Intraluminal endoscopic acid reflux surgeryis quick and has minimal risks for thepatients. As such, a post-operatorytreatment is not required but allowspossibly fast recovery for patients as well. 67
  • 68. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradBecause of medical advancement andmillions of modern treatments, acid refluxcan now be treated. Patients who wish torid of acid reflux can do so because of theoptions given to them through possiblemedications, proper diet or surgery.Likewise, surgery is most recommended topeople with chronic acid reflux but is nowavailable to patients with less seriousconditions of acid reflux. Henceforth,surgical procedures have been the mostcommon way of getting rid of acid refluxcompletely and permanently. In mind,patients that are considering surgery willhave quick recovery after the surgicalprocedures and will no longer have acidreflux. 68
  • 69. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradBe Aware of Acid Reflux by Learningits SymptomsEvery day, the digestive system is alwaysbeing used due to regular food and liquidintake. When food and drinks are induced,it goes through a passage called theesophagus that helps breakdown the food.When food reaches its destination or thestomach, acid and pepsin is released tohelp aid in the process of digestion.If and ever a problem in the digestivesystem occur, many people often neglectthese possible problem by using homeremedial treatment to aid with digestiveproblems. However, a common digestivedisease that most people have neglectedand encountered is the acid reflux orheartburn. This digestive disease ordisorder occurs when the esophagus isirritated by the acid regurgitating to the 69
  • 70. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradstomach while acid is being seeped backthrough the esophagus and throat.There are different kinds of digestivedisease but the most common of all is acidreflux or gastro- esophageal reflux diseaseknown also as heartburn. There aresymptoms to indicate if you have acidreflux. These symptoms will likely help anindividual indicate whether they have acidreflux. The most common symptoms thatacid reflux is associated with is the searingsensation in the digestive tract, usually thechest or throat, that individuals willencounter. Even symptoms of hoarseness,acid in the mouth, sour or bitter taste,wheezing and coughing are also symptomsof acid reflux. 70
  • 71. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradLuckily, acid reflux has specialcharacteristics that are most helpful inindicating its existence. Thesecharacteristics involve particular activity tobe avoided; such as avoid lying down orbending over, while other individuals havedifficulty when eating. Others, however,have tried physical activity like exercise tobe rid of acid reflux but unfortunately,even exercise can not ease the symptoms.Most likely, use of antacids can be helpfuland can actually ease the symptoms ofacid reflux. As such, symptoms of acidreflux are often mistaken for symptoms ofa heart attack.Acid reflux disease can happen to all agesincluding infants and young children.Although infants have a tendency to haveacid reflux or heartburn, this conditionusually fades in time while young children 71
  • 72. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradcan develop acid reflux like other adults.Usually in adults, acid reflux is caused bypoor diet, lack of physical activity, andeven lifestyle.There are other factors that could alsocause acid reflux. These factors are mostcommon during pregnancy becausewomen in this stage have increasedhormone levels and in sense, the stomachis being pressured due to pregnancy. Also,obesity, overeating, some beverages andmedications, and particular foods are alsofactors that can cause acid reflux.A person who thinks he or she has acidreflux should learn more of the symptomscaused by it. In this way, individuals canindicate this condition and take certainprecautions to prevent possibleoccurrences due to acid reflux. For a fact,the best way to avoid acid reflux or 72
  • 73. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradheartburn is through prevention. By doingso, individuals will be able to avoidoccurrences of acid reflux and at the sametime, have a healthy lifestyle.Most often, acid reflux are caused byinappropriate diet, therefore, have aproper diet and nutrition to aid itseradication. A patient with acid reflux canlead to a more serious condition that couldcause more problems even in therespiratory system due to continuouscoughing and loss of breath. If acid entersthis area, it can be damaging, therefore,learn the symptoms to avoid a moreserious problem due to acid reflux. 73
  • 74. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradFacts about Acid Reflux TreatmentMan cant possibly live without food, whichis a true and a proven fact. Food providesthe body with all the needed nutrients andenergy for a man to do all his dailyactivities.People know that the digestive system,particularly the stomach, digests all thefood taken in by the body. Acids foundinside the stomach decompose it, turningit to amino acids and proteins. The acidscant harm the stomach because itcontains a protective membrane whichprotects it from the acids.If you listened well to your elementaryteacher, you already know that theesophagus is where the food passesthrough before it reaches the stomach.The esophagus has no protective layer like 74
  • 75. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradthat of the stomach. So when acid fromthe stomach is able to penetrate theesophagus, the walls are easily burned.The sensation that you will likely feel iscalled heartburn.Heartburn is the first symptom that mostpeople with acid reflux experience. If acidreflux remains untreated, it will just getsevere. The next thing that you mightexperience is regurgitation, wherein thefood that you just ate will go back to yourmouth. The chest pain will get worse, youwill have difficulty in swallowing the food,until finally, you might get asthma, andwhen the acid reaches your mouth, it willnaturally corrode your teeth.But don’t worry. Acid reflux can be curedbut it would greatly depend on the severityof the disease. A small valve, called loweresophageal (LES), can be found in 75
  • 76. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradbetween the esophagus and the stomach.When it does not function properly, youllsuffer from acid reflux. The heartburnsensation is due to the rising acid levelwith which the esophageal lining cantwithstand.The treatment of this condition can bedone through medical therapy, andsurgical methods. The treatment is aimedat eliminating acid reflux completely fromour system.The cure for acid reflux is antacids. Mostpeople use this more often, and it comesin tablet or liquid form. Some prefer theliquid from more because it is easilyconsumed. You can take antacids afteryouve eaten, probably after 30 minutes toone hour. 76
  • 77. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradOther antacids in tablet form create afoam-layer inside the stomach, so thatacidic juices cant penetrate through it. Butmake sure that you chew the tablet well sothat its maximum healing properties willbe released.Some medications are focused instrengthening the lower esophagealmuscle, and this greatly reduces acidreflux. It would be best to ask a doctorbefore taking any kind of medication. Thedoctor can assess the severity of the acidreflux, and will be able to give you theappropriate treatment.Most doctors recommend a change in dietto those who suffer from acid reflux.Though this may be difficult to some, theyhave no other choice unless they want toworsen their condition. 77
  • 78. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mourad Don’t wait until you need a surgicalmethod to cure your condition. It is best tostart curing acid reflux as soon as youdiscover that youre suffering from it.If in any case youve experienced thesymptoms of acid reflux, immediatelyconsult a doctor. Gather as muchinformation about acid reflux, to help youin better understanding your condition.The doctor can provide you with thecorrect diagnosis and the neededtreatment. 78
  • 79. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradAcid Reflux and the Cure: Apple CiderVinegarSnow white slowly took a small bite of theapple and she fell to the ground losingconsciousness. Most children, and eventhe adults, are familiar with this fairy talestory. It is in fact just a tale, but in reallife, the apple can make wonders.In reality, many people suffer from manydiseases; and the worst thing to happen toa person is to die from suffering suchdisease. But before the situation leads toan unpleasant end, you must be awarethat these are still old-time homeremedies which really work.The apple cider vinegar has been used inmany homes for many years now. It isproven to cure many ailments likeallergies, acne, sinus infections, flu, high 79
  • 80. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradcholesterol, candida, chronic fatigue,contact dermatitis, sore throats, gout,arthritis, and acid reflux.There are a large number of peoplesuffering from acid reflux or the GERD(gastro-esophageal reflux disease). Thisusually happens when the LES or the loweresophageal sphincter does not functionproperly. The contents of the stomach,particularly the liquid, go back to theesophagus. The liquid contains pepsin andstomach acids. The pepsin digests proteinsand the acid from the stomach burns thewalls of the esophagus causing heartburn.Experiencing heartburn once in a whileshould be a cause for worry, but if youexperience the sensation more than twotimes each week, its time that you consulta doctor. 80
  • 81. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradAcid reflux is harmful once the esophaguslining is destroyed, so you should undergomedication once youve been examinedand diagnosed with acid reflux to preventfurther complications.Acid reflux is usually treated with antacids,but some people complain that it onlymakes the situation even worse. If youuse antacids, the body will only producemore acids to compensate the decrease inbody acids. The reflux will only worsenafter the dose wears off at the end of theday.Apple cider vinegar is now more preferredby people who want a natural way to curetheir acid reflux. Going back to naturalmedicines are also helpful, but it requirespatience and time. Natural remedies takesome time before you can actually see theeffects or results. 81
  • 82. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradA bottle of apple cider vinegar costsbetween three to four dollars. Its evencheaper than buying antacids. The bestpossible cure for acid reflux is just in yourkitchen. But if you cant find one in yourkitchen, look for it in the supermarket.Here is the dosage of drinking apple cidervinegar: two tablespoons of apple cidervinegar (ACV) diluted in water at leastthrice a day. You need a much strongerconcoction if youre currently treating thedisease.Some experience side effects like ametallic/acid taste and a burning tongue.Most people don’t like its taste, but to becured, you must withstand its unpleasanttaste. The apple cider vinegar really workswonders; in fact, you can find many 82
  • 83. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradcustomer testimonials about the benefitsof the vinegar.It doesn’t matter what brand of apple cidervinegar you choose to buy, as long as itgives the needed relief. Studies haveproved its effectiveness, so don’t hesitateto use it. Perhaps Snow White was betteroff drinking apple cider instead of bitingthat big red apple that the old womanoffered. 83
  • 84. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradThe Relationship between Asthma andAcid RefluxThe environment that people live intodays world is very much different fromthe environment hundreds of years ago. Atpresent, you can see many places beingabused by man, and pollution is just abouteverywhere.Perhaps it is due to this pollutedenvironment that many people get sick.Although one may not like it, thepossibility of getting sick is sometimesunavoidable.One of the many conditions that mansuffers from is asthma. Asthma is a well-known disease which is characterized bybreathing difficulties, with symptoms likewheezy breathlessness, airflow resistance,and occurrence of frequent allergies, 84
  • 85. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradstimuli hyper responsiveness, andnocturnal episodes.Another disease related to asthma is theGERD or the gastro-esophageal refluxdisease which is popularly known as acidreflux. You might have an acid reflux ifyou experience heartburn for more thantwice each week. Heartburn is a symptomof acid reflux. The sensation is caused bythe stomach acids which burns the walls ofthe esophagus.These two diseases are said to besomewhat connected with each other.However, there have been no conclusivestudies about this matter. What mostdoctors know now is that acid refluxworsens asthma. How is this possible?When acid reflux remains untreated, thedisease would simply get worse. The 85
  • 86. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradstomach acid will continue to go up until itreaches the mouth. But before it reachesthe mouth, the lungs will be affected first.A research showed that by putting acidinto asthmatic peoples gullets it worsenstheir asthma. And so they reached theconclusion that asthmatic people get GERDmore often. They further explained thatthis was caused by the chest changes dueto big pressure every time the personbreathes. The high pressure is said toforce the stomach liquid to travel thewrong path.People suffering from asthma should avoidgetting acid reflux, but the sad truth isthat they are the ones who are most proneto having it.Studies regarding the connection of thetwo diseases are still continually being 86
  • 87. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradconducted because some pinpointed that ifacid reflux is effectively treated, then theasthma should also be better. But theywere disappointed by the results.So if you are diagnosed with asthma, andyou think that you also have acid reflux,then it would be better to consult a gooddoctor. They would help you a lot inaddressing your asthmatic problems, aswell as your acid reflux. Never takemedications without consulting yourdoctor.The doctor can give you medicines like theadrenaline and hydrocortisones. These areknown asthma-preventers. If you canprevent asthma, then it might be possibleto prevent acid reflux as well. Mostmedicines are better taken by breathingthem in because it has fewer side effectsto the body. Other drugs also help asthma, 87
  • 88. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradbut again remember to consult your doctorfirst.Asthma changes during a personslifetime. Some children outgrow asthma,but later on, it usually grows back. Adultssuffering from asthma sometimes arenever relieved from it even if they usemedication. The aim now is to minimizethe airways inflammation.Whether you have acid reflux or asthma,the most important thing to do is to getproper treatment. Don’t wait until suchtime when the situation gets even worse.The time to act is now, be aware of thedisease, and how it can be treated. 88
  • 89. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradAvoid Food/Beverages That CauseAcid Reflux, Change Your LifestyleMany people get hungry because they lackfood. Children become malnourished ifthey are not given the right amount offood which contains the needed vitaminsand minerals which in turn make the bodystrong and healthy.The fact is, not all foods are healthy. Themost popular unhealthy food is junkfoods. Just as the word suggests, junk,which means it is like garbage. But manypeople are still patronizing these kinds offood.People diagnosed with certain diseasesoften are given a list of foods to avoid.And this is true with the case of a personhaving acid reflux. Acid reflux or the GERDis a condition wherein stomach acids go 89
  • 90. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradback to the esophagus because of theimproper functioning of the loweresophageal sphincter. If this condition isnot treated, it will only get worse whichcan cause serious complications.You can effectively tell if you have acidreflux if you experience symptoms likesour taste, burning sensation in the chestor upper abdomen and your throats back,excessive belching, breathing difficulties,tightness of throat, difficulty in swallowingfood, and bad breath.If you frequently experience thesesymptoms, then you probably have acidreflux. Visit your doctor to get an accuratediagnosis, so that you will know theseverity of your condition. 90
  • 91. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradThere are certain beverages and foodswhich cause acid reflux, and this includesthe following:- Chocolate- Coffee- Spearmint and peppermint- Alcoholic drinks- Fruit juices- Fatty foods and fried foods- Onions- Citrus fruits- Spicy foods- Products which are tomato-based- Caffeinated drinks 91
  • 92. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradA change in your diet is the most effectiveway to deal with acid reflux. Although atfirst you may feel deprived of these foods,think of what will happen if you continueto eat or drink these beverages and foods.Start your change in diet by keeping arecord of your food intake. In this manner,you can tell which of the foods orbeverages causes your acid reflux. Soevery time you experience that burningsensation, take note of what youveactually eaten. Once you have the listaccomplished, put it somewhere whereyou can easily see it, like the refrigerator.A lifestyle change may seem ratherdifficult. Your doctor can greatly help youin your transition. The very first thing thatyou should do is to set a goal, like forinstance eating small meals, whileavoiding those above-mentioned foods. 92
  • 93. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradSlowly quit smoking and drinking. Ofcourse, you cant expect an abruptchange.Every time you feel any of the symptoms,you will be instantly reminded that youreon the wrong path. Self-discipline is verymuch important to attain a successfullifestyle change.While many people are taking antacids,others are finding it better to stick with thenatural way. On the long run, antacids arenot that good for your body, even to yourstomach. It would be better to startchanging your lifestyle, the sooner thebetter.Besides, a healthy lifestyle doesnt onlyprevent acid reflux but other diseases aswell. You will gain more benefit inchanging your life entirely, especiallyregarding food eating habits. Eat the right 93
  • 94. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradkinds of food at the right amount, andyoull stay healthy. Prevent acid reflux,change… 94
  • 95. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradThe Foods to Avoid that Causes AcidRefluxProblems in the digestive system shouldnot be neglected. There are differentpossible digestive system disorders ordiseases that are most often neglected bymany people. The most common digestiveproblem is the acid reflux or gastro-esophageal reflux disease, mostly knownas heartburn. Acid reflux affects differentages from infants to young children andadults as well. This disorder should begiven special attention because it can leadto a more serious problem that couldaffect the respiratory system.Acid reflux is determined through thesymptoms associated with it. Symptomssuch as a burning sensation in the chest orthroat, wheezing, hoarseness or other 95
  • 96. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradsymptoms associated to it should never beneglected because these symptoms of acidreflux also are similar to heart attack.An individual with these symptoms shouldimmediately consult a doctor to determineif they have acid reflux disease orsymptoms of a heart attack. Once thedoctor has diagnosed the individual withacid reflux, they should take propermedications to aid in this condition toprevent further problems.Fortunately, advancements in medicaltreatment have been introduced lately,making it possible for individuals with acidreflux to undergo medical surgery, assuch, providing a permanent remedy foracid reflux in a fast surgical procedure. Onthe other hand, acid reflux surgery can bequite expensive; therefore, naturalremedies to rid of the problem are an 96
  • 97. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradoption for those individuals unable to havesurgery.As most people know, acid reflux orheartburn can occur at anytime but arelikely to occur after having a heavy mealwith high acidic foods. As such, individualsshould avoid foods that are highly acidic toprevent this condition to occur. Even friedand fatty foods should be avoided. Thesesorts of foods can lead to more severesymptoms that could affect the respiratorysystem. Even chocolates are considered ano-no for individuals with acid refluxbecause chocolates are highly acidic too.If you have been diagnosed with acidreflux, try changing your diet by choosingthe right foods and eating healthy. Excludefoods with tomatoes and citrus fruitsbecause tomatoes and citrus fruits arevery acidic as well. Also, food with spices 97
  • 98. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradsuch as garlic, onions, red or black pepperand chili powder can cause the conditionto flare. Ginger, however, is a naturalremedy used to relieve heartburn.Here are some foods that should beavoided by individuals with acid reflux.Fatty foods like hamburgers and hotdogsis one of the risks in triggering this painfulcondition. Certain vegetables likecauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage,and broccoli causes acid reflux also. Mostof all, avoid caffeine found in teas, coffeeand sodas. Caffeine causes acid gastricsecretion that can lead to the problem.There are other ways to aid theelimination of acid reflux that does notinvolve eating, this is done by limiting yourfood intake. Usually, heavy meals in onetime can cause acid reflux than eatingsmall portions of foods in every meal. 98
  • 99. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradEating heavy meals can result in stomachproblems due to foods unable tobreakdown properly for stomachconsumption, therefore causing acidreflux.Acid reflux is a condition that needsattention. It can lead to worse conditions ifunattended. Individuals should takepreventive measures to avoid possibleoccurrences of acid reflux, whereas,avoiding also the foods that causes acidreflux in an individual to happen. Learn todiagnose the problem caused by acidreflux and take preventive measures inavoiding possible occurrences of thisdisorder by avoiding possible foods thatcan cause acid reflux. 99
  • 100. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradPrevent and Treat Heartburn or AcidRefluxThe most common digestive systemdisorder people experience is heartburn,which is highly associated to acid reflux.Often, many people will encounterheartburn or acid reflux during night time.When this happens, a burning sensation inthe chest will be felt. This particular pain issimilar to heart attack symptoms.However, heartburn acid reflux is also avery serious disease that can affect manyindividuals including infants and youngchildren as well as adults. Infants usuallygrow out from this condition after timewhile most young children will likelyexperience acid reflux in their lifetime.Meanwhile, many adults are likely toexperience possible occurrences of this 100
  • 101. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradcondition due to lifestyle factors andeating habits.Understanding how heartburn occurs isessential to those diagnosed with acidreflux. Eating habits or lifestyle factorsshould be changed to prevent heartburnassociated to acid reflux. As such,unhealthy eating or eating excessively inone time can cause improper movement ofthe gastric juices in the lower portion ofthe esophagus causing possible heartburnto occur that can result to acid refluxeventually.These juices in the gastric area are highlyacidic. When the gastric juice touches thelining of the esophagus, irritation andinflammation of the esophagus occur,causing heartburn. The abnormal gastricjuice flow is due to either LowerEsophageal Sphincter, LES in short, 101
  • 102. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradcaused by the relaxation of the musclebetween the esophagus and the abdomenor other related factors such as structuraldefects or disorders like hiatial hernia orlifestyle factors.Heartburn or acid reflux needs treatmentespecially when a night time attackhappens. Night time attacks have similardaytime attack symptoms except thatnight time attacks include snoring,restlessness, fatigue and evenabnormalities in breathing are all nighttime symptoms. Attacks during the nightare more severe than attacks duringdaytime.Many people with heartburn or acid refluxunderstand the cause of their condition.However, there are still many peoplelacking essential knowledge of howheartburn acid reflux can be triggered. The 102
  • 103. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradsimplest answer is food. Many peopleexperience acid reflux after having a largemeal due to improper breakdown of foodscausing acid reflux to occur. Foods such asspicy foods, chocolates, fried and fattyfoods can trigger this condition. In fact,even citrus fruits have a tendency to flareup heartburn.If you have been diagnosed with acidreflux, you should try preventivemedication and treatments to help aid inits cure. One way that can help lessen theoccurrences is by changing your lifestyle.A change in lifestyle can really help rid ofacid reflux from recurring. Also, youshould avoid eating aa heavy large meal atone time. Instead, eat small meals atintervals. Eating large meals can increasepressure in the esophageal sphincter andat the same time, expand your stomach. 103
  • 104. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradOther preventive measures includemaintaining your weight, avoidingalcoholic beverages, and not wearingtightly fitted clothes around the waistbecause all these factors can cause acidreflux.Acid reflux is a common condition that canlead to severe problems if left untreated.If you are diagnosed with this condition,always take necessary precautions whenexperiencing it to avoid further seriousproblems that could affect even therespiratory system. Because acid reflux isa serious problem, people with heartburnacid reflux should seek advice on how toprevent and treat this particular condition. 104
  • 105. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradThe Right and Effective Home Remedyfor Acid RefluxAre you fond of eating junk food, protein-rich food and processed foods? If you do,well, this is bad news for you. You arecertainly a candidate for an acid refluxproblem in your stomach and esophagus.Acid reflux is a condition that is a preludeto ulcer. It is caused by a disturbance inthe acid-alkaline condition in the stomach.Eating specific acid foods that are hard todigest induces stomach spasms ortwitching which causes the cardiacsphincter, opening between the esophagusand stomach to open for gases to formthat should not.This is an indigestion problem that hasgotten out of hand and created acidwastes to flow up to your esophagus 105
  • 106. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradcausing an irritation. This irritation, if notcontrolled can result to ulcers and otherinfections. The acid reflux diet that youhave been eating should now be changed.Once you have the symptoms of acidreflux, you need not resort to medicationsat once to cure the problem. You can startwith home remedies that are surely lessexpensive.You may start with changing your diet.You have to say goodbye to the followingfood and beverages: tea, coffee, radishes,garlic, onion, spices (pepper), oils, alcohol,sugar, soft drinks, diet soft drinks,asparagus (Brussels sprouts), high proteinfoods, pasta noodles, corn starch, eggs,plums, prunes, cranberries, and allprocessed foods including junk foods.Now, you may want to cry. All yourcomfort foods are gone. 106
  • 107. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradIf you think, you cannot abruptly eliminatethem in your diet; start with taking justsmall amounts. Then start substitutingthem with the following: fruits, citric fruitsin small amounts though due to theiracidic content, all kinds of vegetables andalmonds.If you feel that you are not feeling the acidreflux symptoms anymore, you may goback to your previous diet in moderationthough to prevent recurrence of the acidreflux.Aside from proper diet, there are practicalhome remedies to avoid the acid refluxsymptom. They are:· Avoid smoking before or during meals.· Eat in an upright sitting position. 107
  • 108. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mourad· Do not lie on the bed immediatelyafter eating.· Take small walks after eating. Itstimulates the digestive system.· Avoid exercise after a large meal.· Avoid wearing tight clothes.· Do not drink alcohol while eating.· Chew food slowly and thoroughly.One of the home remedies for treatingacid reflux is the ginger alternative.Ingesting ginger with a meal helps toreduce an upset stomach. The ginger isgrounded and added to foods and taken intea or capsule form. Most herbalistsrecommend consuming 500mg. of gingerwith a full glass of water after meals. 108
  • 109. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradWe are often told by our physicians todrink more water, if possible at least 8glasses each day. The water helpseliminate body toxins and allow the bodyto expel acid naturally.Green tea has been used for centuries inJapan and other oriental countries as anafter dinner drink. Green teas assist thebody in the digestion process, and helpsoothe the stomachs sensitive tissue.Herbal teas containing peppermint,chamomile, ginger, licorice root and catnipeven in just small traces help the stomachlining repair itself. Often, one cup of teafollowing dinner is enough to reduce futureacid reflux symptoms.So, kiss acid reflux symptom goodbye! 109
  • 110. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradHow acid reflux disease could bediagnosed and treated among infantsDo you find a hard time feeding yourinfant because of persistent spitting andvomiting? Don’t just take it for granted. Itcould be a gastro esophageal reflux and itneeds proper attention before it severelyaffects the health of your baby. Worse,acid reflux disease can lead to malnutritionand poor growth.Infant acid reflux is an uncomfortablesensation for the baby since the acids thatreflux to the esophagus irritates the baby’sthroat. Commonly, acid reflux diseaseoccurs when abdominal pressure increaseswhile the baby is very full. Coughing andcrying right after the baby had been fedcan result to that pressure in the upperstomach which pushes the stomach acid tothe throat. 110
  • 111. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradThe noticeable symptoms on the babysuffering from acid reflux are the adverseloss of weight, continual vomiting,recurrent choking episodes, too muchdrooling, problems in swallowing,hoarseness, food aversion and chronic earinfection.While there are noticeable symptoms ofacid reflux, some infants may not showsigns such as throwing up. It’s becausetheir tendency is to swallow up the acidsinstead. Although the child is not pesteredby the reflux, this could still result toirritation and damage to the esophagus.One way of detecting silent acid reflux oninfants is through the pH probe.To diagnose acid reflux on infants, certaintests could be made. One of which is thebarium test where the infant has toswallow a little amount of barium. Then 111
  • 112. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradthe doctor could detect the passage offood outlined by the chemical. However, itwill only work in the moment that the childis undergoing acid reflux while beingtested. In place of barium, a radioactivesolution could also be made to swallowbefore an x-ray. Through this, thefrequency of the acid reflux could betested. An endoscope views the infant’smouth, esophagus and the tract of food inthe stomach.The effective cure for infant acid reflux is athickened formula. This could be done byadding cereal into the baby’s food. Andwhen feeding the infant, keep him in anupright position and not lying on his back.The same case is true when changing thediaper, especially after feeding when youknow that the infant is still full. It would bebest if the infant can burp frequently to 112
  • 113. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradreduce the acid reflux. Small amount ofmeals should be given at short timeintervals.Breastfeeding will also serve as a greathelp to decrease the vomiting and thesymptoms of acid reflux in infants. Thenutrients in a mother’s breast milk havebeen proven to supplement the needs ofthe infants. Plus, the natural formulationof breast milk avoids the side effects suchas constipation in chemically preparedmedications. However, the pediatrician canprescribe other medications to give reliefto the infant in times of discomfort. Theparents must take note of the criticaladministration of the drug. In case thatthe particular formula prescribed does notwork or results to graver side effects, it isadvised to shift to a new one. 113
  • 114. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradOnce infant acid reflux is detected,precautionary measures shouldimmediately follow. Since the infantcannot yet speak of the discomfort he issuffering, parents should be patientenough to attend to their needs. 114
  • 115. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradSymptoms and Natural Cure for AcidRefluxHow would a person know if he or she hasacid reflux? How does acid reflux feel like?It is a burning sensation that affects theupper abdomen after a heavy meal when aperson is already relaxing. Later, the paingoes up to the breastbone and to thechest. From this discomfort, it can lead tothe inflammation of the esophagus,indigestion, hoarseness and many othersymptoms.Acid reflux disease is the condition thatgives uneasiness to many adults includinginfants by causing sudden pains andburning in the chest. Its most commonsymptom is called heartburn. Thecondition is characterized by refluxing orbacking up of the stomach acid into theesophagus. While heartburn can normally 115
  • 116. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradtake place sometimes, it cannot be alwaysrated as acid reflux disease. But ifheartburn occurs twice to thrice a week, itis more probably a symptom of acid reflux.In many cases, the symptoms of acidreflux disease occur after a fatty meal,when drinking liquor or beverages whichcontains caffeine, when lying down rightafter meal and worse when smoking. Andbecause of these unpleasant sensationsbrought about by acid reflux, it canseverely affect your health and yourlifestyle. A number of people who sufferedfrom this disease also suffered in thequality of lifestyle. Who would be enjoyinglife if there were a constant reminder ofpain? The symptoms are so obvious thatyou do not need a doctor to diagnose it.For this particular disease, there could bea variety of treatments that you can 116
  • 117. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradchoose from. Symptoms which occur lessthan five times in a month can easily betreated by over the counter medicines.The doctor can give you pieces of adviceon the kind of medicine appropriate foryou. However, if your body does not workwell with the prescribed medicines, itwould be best to shift to a new one orseek for another option. Medicinesformulated from natural herbs have less orno side effects.For cases of acute acid reflux, surgicaltreatment may already be recommendedto you. The standard treatment that hasbeen preferred for a long time is callednissen fundoplication. In this surgicalprocedure, the stomach is wrapped toreinforce the sphincter and therebypreventing the stomach acid fromrefluxing. 117
  • 118. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradIn any manner, the effective way offinding relief from acid reflux symptoms isthe natural way. Some simple steps thatcan work together with your medicationswill effectively cast away your sufferingfrom this disease. A modified lifestyle willhelp you make things better. Things to bechanged include your dietary habits,refraining from smoking and minimizingthe alcohol intake. Salty foods have beenfound out to aggravate acid reflux diseaseas much as the fatty foods. Taking extratable salts in your meal can expose you tograver risks.Obesity doesnt only harm the heart butcan worsen acid reflux disease as well. Theexcess fat in the abdomen amplifies thepressure in it causing the stomach acid torise up to the gullet. So diet must beintensively watched out so as to avoid the 118
  • 119. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradsymptoms and the discomfort theycaused.Natural cure of this disease also includesexercise. Proper stretching can helpreduce the pressure on your stomach andsubsequently helping you fight thesymptoms of acid reflux disease.If you can follow the preventive measuresagainst acid reflux disease, then you areon your way to beating acid reflux withoutturning to medications. 119
  • 120. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradHeal yourself from acid reflux, find aneffective natural remedyHave you been suffering for a long timefrom gastro esophageal reflux disorder andhelplessly tried all the alternative drugsthat just ended up to tolerance? And youdon’t even make yourself feel better at all?Then you become sluggish and lose yourappetite to go out and meet with friends orany other activities?Most probably you’re just making the drugcompanies wealthier by patronizing aproduct that doesn’t even heal you at all.When you become addicted to theprescribed drug, it seems that you can nolonger live without it. So put a stop toyour suffering and heal yourselfeffectively. There are better naturalremedies that can provide the cure thatyou actually need. No side effects. No 120
  • 121. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradaddiction. And with steps so easy tofollow. The only thing you have to do is tomake it a part of your system.Studies show that treatment of acid refluxdisease does not only fall on attacking theGERD alone, but on treating the wholeperson. This means that the individualinfected by the disease should inculcate agood living habit while taking medicines.The primary habit that must be correctedto outwit the acid reflux is the change ofdietary habits. Since the disease involvesabnormal stomach acid production, theperson must stay away from certain foodsthat trigger or aggravate acid reflux. Fattyand acidic foods must be avoided inpreparing meals for those who haveexcess acid production. The same case istrue on alcohol, caffeine, and soft drinks. 121
  • 122. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradThis will prevent the symptoms, such asheartburn, to occur.A severe smoking habit must also bestopped. Paradoxical and scientific basishad proven how smoking could worsen theacid reflux disease plus the risk that it cangive to those people who do not yet havethe disease. Those who smoke regularlyare 70% vulnerable to get a gastroesophageal reflux disease compared tothose who do not smoke. And thesymptoms of those who are suffering fromthe disease are doubled due to this badhabit. This spells out to doubling of thepain that they also have to suffer.For almost anybody disorder, the chiefadvice is exercise. Perhaps this universalcure could be so powerful that it covers awide range of diseases. Exercise does notonly keep the body parts functioning 122
  • 123. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradproperly, more so, it uplifts the spirit. Ifyou feel tired and sluggish and you stillconfine yourself in a corner, the sicker youwill most likely get. Besides, the earlymorning sun is so soothing to strainedbody systems that it can easily transformit to an energetic one.Modifying a lifestyle includes theavoidance of lying down right after a meal.Enough time must be given for thestomach to properly digest the food beforeslumber. Also, eating must be avoided twohours before sleeping. And when its timeto sleep, there is also a system to befollowed: the head must be elevated thanthe body. The altitude of the elevationmust be about 6-8 inches. A greatpercentage of those who follow thismethod find a complete relief from theacid reflux disease. 123
  • 124. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradThese simple tips will work well in thecombination of herbal products. And if youkeep a good system of eating, exercisingand avoiding things that pollutes you, youare healing yourself better than any drugscan. 124
  • 125. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradHeartburn-the principal sign of acidreflux disease, causes and caresAcid reflux disease is a product of thefailure of the esophageal sphincter tofunction properly. Because of abnormalacid production, digestive processes areaffected and causes burning sensations inthe stomach, chest and even up to theesophagus. Too low acid production causesthe valve in the stomach not to open. Sothe tendency of the stomach acids is torise up and inflame the esophagus. On theother hand, too much acid productionfollows the same case.There are many factors that can bedeemed responsible for acid refluxdisease. One of which is the use of toomuch salt. Aside from alcohol, caffeine andsmoking which all add to the risk of acidreflux, salt is unexpectedly concluded to 125
  • 126. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradcause and aggravate the disease. Thisfinding is in accordance to the studies ofresearchers from Sweden. They found outfrom the lifestyle of their samplings thatextra table salt increases the risk of havingacid reflux disease up to 70%. This isalarming because it is implied that extratable salt can harm more that alcohol andcaffeine. A related study conducted by Dr.Roshini Rajapaksa of New York UniversityMedical Center attested the same resultson the risks of too much table salt.Countless individuals who suffer from acidreflux disease also suffer the discomfortand pains of its symptoms. The principalsign of acid reflux disease is persistentheartburn. Seldom heartburn experiencedby most people may not lead to an acidreflux problem but a regular occurrence ofup to thrice a week calls for proper 126
  • 127. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradattention already. In some cases, thereare individuals who do not suffer fromheartburn although they have acid refluxdisease.Heartburn is usually experienced aftereating a heavy meal or when bending orlying down. The symptom is characterizedby the burning sensation that originatesfrom the upper abdomen and to the backof the breastbone. Then a burningsensation is felt in the chest. As timepasses by, the pain travels up to thethroat until you experience a sour taste inyour mouth. The pain radiates allthroughout the back that you becomeuneasy and unable to do things.Some of the other signs of acid refluxdisease are regular hoarseness especiallyin the morning, finding a hard timeswallowing, choking sensation where the 127
  • 128. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradfood seems to be stuck in the throat,constant dry cough with unknown causeand bad breath. These are just some ofthe symptoms that the person inflicted byacid reflux disease can notice on himself.These symptoms, nevertheless, can betreated depending upon the frequency andthe level of pain. Particularly, heartburnmay need greater attention because itcould be more than the pains it causedyou. Further tests should be undergone topoint out the real root and the length ofdamages that the heartburn had gone.Only the doctor can prescribe you themedications that will reduce an acuteheartburn.Healthy habits such as proper diet andexercise should also be developed in youreveryday system so as to avoid thesymptoms and totally cure the acid reflux 128
  • 129. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouraddisease. And bad habits such as smokingand drinking alcohol and caffeinebeverages should also be avoided orminimized. This is the natural way oftreating any disease. 129
  • 130. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradSimple Ways to Stop Acid RefluxSeveral millions of people are being struckby Acid Reflux disease - adults, children,and even infants cannot escape from itsaffliction.Basically, the Acid Reflux or heartburnpertains to the disease caused byupflowing of the acid from the stomach upto the throat.Scientifically, the process occurs whenthere is a relaxation that occurs in thelower esophageal sphincter (LES), allowingthen the stomach juices to flow back intothe esophagus.There are already various conditions thathave been connected to this. Several ofthese are the average persons’ increase inanxiety, lack of bodily exercise, andunhealthy diet. All of these have some 130
  • 131. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradeffect in the body—the body increase inthe production of acid, thus, resulting toAcid Reflux disease.There are already findings that showwherein the boost in the production of acidin the body can also be connected tokidneys, digestive respiratory and heartdisorders as well.The symptoms of the Acid Reflux come indifficulty in swallowing, vomiting,headache, constipation, and insomnia.These are all indications that acids hadalready invaded the esophagus.The only way to battle the disease isdefinitely to reduce the entire amount ofbody acid. Through this the production ofbody acid will be corrected, the disorderwill be fixed, and so, overturning the signof the Acid Reflux. 131
  • 132. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradIf the repeated occurrence of acid in theesophagus will not be treated immediately,the person affected by this will continuallysuffer from the extreme pain as it directsto the harsh stage of Acid Reflux, andcould probably lead to fatal situation.Although time was able to establish thenumerous medicines which are speciallymade to treat the disease. Most of themstill deal to a serious trouble—side effects,costly prices, short-term results,permanent prescriptions.The issue on the costs of medicinal curehave always been stressing the patients;this is a common scenario, especially forthose who are incapable to afford this.For this reason, there are several waysthat have also been practiced to cure thedisease. This would only require simple 132
  • 133. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradmethods which are stress-free in thepocket.The methods are only simple. Hometreatments specifically could correct thebody acid imbalance and this are assuredto bring an enduring relief.The primary recommendations for thisdisease which will not require for a heavycost is proper diet, in particular, a healthyeating habit and a regular physicalexercise.Believe it or not, chewing gum is advisableto neutralize the acid instantly, and thiswill bring out an instant relief. Likewise,honey and aloe juices create the sameeffect, they neutralize the acid in thethroat and they are offered in the nearbylocal stores. All of these are directlyequivalent to a medical prescription of a 133
  • 134. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouraddoctor, the sole difference lies in theirprices.Also, try to remove in your diet the drinksthat contain caffeine, alcohol beverages,fatty and fried foods, spicy foods, citrusfruits, chocolate. If you think you aretotally addicted to them, you can still takethem, though only in reasonablequantities.However, if you are frequently attacked bythe symptoms, you have no other choicebut to completely get rid of them, or else,the consequences are yours alone.Now, as you practice your diet, maintain inyour habit as well to go to bed when youhave already rested for two to three hoursafter you have eaten your last meal. 134
  • 135. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradWhat cause acid reflux disease, itssymptoms and treatmentsAcid reflux is the common term for gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD, thecondition of abnormal reflux that causesmucosal damages. This disease can affectboth adults and children or infants, butgives high vulnerability to pregnantwomen, smokers and people who doze offright after eating without prior rest.The symptoms of acid reflux are asfollows: heartburn, which is characterizedby chest pain; inflammation in themucosa; difficulty in swallowing; coughand hoarseness. These symptoms are feltby the infected person after eating a fattymeal or drinking liquor, when bending, andworse when constantly smoking. 135
  • 136. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. MouradAcid reflux is primarily caused by themalfunction of the esophageal sphincter.In other cases, it can also be broughtabout by the abnormal production of thegastric acids. If there is insufficient supplyof the stomach acid, the valve in thestomach responsible for churning up foodsto the intestine does not open up. Thisirritates the esophagus and leads toinflammation.Some of the factors that can trigger acidreflux are hiatus hernia, zollinger-elisonsyndrome, hypercalcemia, sclerodermaand systemic sclerosis.According to paradoxical beliefs, drinkingalcohol, tea and coffee can lead to gastroesophageal reflux. But recent studies showthat although individuals already infectedby this disease can be aggravated byalcohol, tea and coffee, these elements do 136
  • 137. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradnot cause the disease. Compared tosmoking which amplifies the risks ofgetting the disease, alcohol, tea and coffeehad the least impact. But this doesn’tmean that GERD infected people are freeto take the beverages stated above.Doctors still suggest avoiding drinking ofalcohol in order to shun furtheraggravation.Smoking is the chief culprit that causesacid reflux disease. Regular smokers fortwenty years are 70% susceptible to acidreflux disease compared to non-smokers.And symptoms of those who alreadydeveloped the GERD are worsened day byday due to smoking.The highlight of the research is that greatamounts of salts are found to beequivalent to regular smoking in terms ofthe risk of developing GERD. It is not a 137
  • 138. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradcommon knowledge that table salts cancause acid reflux disease but researchersfound out in their studies that people whoare constantly using extra salt are 70% atrisk to have gastro esophageal refluxdisease. Gastroenterologists of New YorkUniversity Medical Center attested thisfact.Gastro esophageal reflux disease can bediagnosed even by the infected personhimself through the appearance of thesymptoms. In the occurrence of thesesymptoms, it is advised to undergo thetests conducted by medical experts toclear doubts of having the disease or tocarry out possible treatments. To treat thiskind of disorder, there are varieties ofways possible. It can be cured byprescribed drugs such as antacids, bynatural way such as change of diet 138
  • 139. MatthewACID REFLUX… THE FULL SCRIPT. Mouradsystem, elevation of the head when lyingdown, or to the utmost is surgery. And ofcourse, it will be best to stop or avoidsmoking and drinking alcohol especially topeople who are vulnerable to acid refluxdisease.Gastro esophageal reflux disease causes alot of discomfort that it can ruin even yourlifestyle. To avoid its bad effects,precautionary measures should beconsidered. The cliché quote thatprevention is better than cure appliesalways. 139