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Watershed Education and Outreach by Pam Randles

Watershed Education and Outreach by Pam Randles



Community-Based Watershed Forum, March 2012, Juneau Alaska. Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition

Community-Based Watershed Forum, March 2012, Juneau Alaska. Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition



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  • Audience survey: WSC? Ts? Agencies? RPCVs? Small towns? Intro self - village schools, PC => do it yourself, sustainability => grass roots, community based Short – 20 mins Set: How would you set up a successful and sustainable program
  • This is the What and the Why Key words; implications: I need to involve the community; what is valued by residents? How do I make people good stewards ( I don ’t; I convince/persuade them) Don ’t do restoration and research EXCEPT they offer an opportunity for people and kids to be involved in a fun way AND to provide match. Where does my mission fit theirs? What could be?
  • For much of Alaska, watershed councils are at the identify level. Education and Outreach are mostly concerned with the first two. This is the what.
  • This is the how Start from where they are; pay attention to your community A truism I discovered from PC; be nosey; be opportunistic; look for win-wins Goal for folks to get what they want and with your help as facilitator, institutionalize the change This is about their own backyard Example (could be Marvin)
  • Perfect example of the model – L&O, D&D, TS, then the next L&O is monitor and evaluation Ton of trash and 200# produce Blank screen – Courtney and committee; orig plan to compost only (L&O D&D) Pic 4 bins < HFR out in snow next to school ; smell and recipe (TS) Pic 8 orig grnhs; bikes; ugly, open (L&O D&D) Pic 5 so painted (TS) Pic 7 and had a logo contest and a design contest; composted a ton of scraps Pic 8 use compost so built beds Pic 9 planted Tlingit potatoes and Anway strawberries Pic 10 and then tomatoes, onions, carrots, lettuce rafts Pic 11 and it grew; summer maintenance Pic 13 finally harvest 200#
  • What is: L&O; Ts work hard and have GLEs; What could be: D&D: Talk to them and offer to help; TS: make up a sample lesson plan for someone Example Forest Frolics: need for afterschool activity; was picked up by another; got institutionalized
  • What is: People ’s desire for knowledge about their own backyard What could be: Look to your own local resources (DFG, birdwatchers, fishermen, geologists, wildflower folks, gardeners); Often agencies don ’t have the personnel to do all the research they would like; propose; permits Example fish passage on 6 th and Union
  • More what could be: Website and facebook are great opps to inform, advertise We have recent sightings, photo upload, events, PCG, Gee Whiz Make it as dynamic as you can; if it keeps changing people will keep looking
  • And more: WW – you can download and use On our website
  • What is: How a skilled personality determined a program What it became: Cameras, 3 groups, Field trips weekly Marten photographed with trail cams Also have video program. So far PSAs (PBS and UK)
  • What is: Spring clean ups are a natural and there is money out there for them What could be: Logical connections with recycling, composting, invasives – community events DEC and ACWA (I think)
  • What is: January is quiet time, dinner and a movie, fundraiser What it became: Fundraiser, Showcase videos, Dinner and films is a good draw in winter, Gets your name out there; Collaboration with Fair (segue to next slide)
  • What is: Lots of folks operating in a vacuum and duplicating What could be: Back to win-win; community support; efficiency; NOTE : keep track of all of your participation You can help each other, match for each other But beware of politics
  • Controversial issues [HeliSki,CWS, Connelly] What you can do: Remember to not expect too much; small steps; Forgive yourself and learn from your mistakes (use Forest Frolics as example of program that got absorbed – this is what you want
  • What we became: CS crosses commun/school borders Not necessarily what you want to do, but we do it with two part-time employees and two contractors Our budget is $50K from Title III + other pieces that probably add a few more thousand
  • PC caveat re library AWW PW, PLT

Watershed Education and Outreach by Pam Randles Watershed Education and Outreach by Pam Randles Presentation Transcript

  • Takshanuk Watershed Council
  • Starting from your mission: The mission of Takshanuk Watershed Council is to provide stewardship for the Chilkat, Chilkoot and Ferebee River systems.  Through restoration, education, research, and community involvement we will benefit the natural ecology, economy and quality of life valued by all residents.
  • Identify Levels of Conserve involvemen t Mitigate Restore+ stewardship, educate, community = Goals for program
  • A FrameworkFrom Promoting Powerful People, Peace Corps Information Collection and Exchange T0104
  • Starvin’ Marvin and Marvin’s GardenListen and ObserveDiscuss & DecideTry Something
  • Teacher Support
  • Living in the Forest Presents LFP&CS & Citizen Science
  • Website
  • More informationWatershed WeeklyVideoBrochuresPublic ServiceAnnouncements
  • ChilkatForest EcoProductionsInvestigations
  • Beach and River Clean Up
  • Film Festivals
  • Collaborations
  • Tips•Listen and observe •Who is the audience? •It’s about relationships •You are a facilitator •Choose your battles •Develop temporary advisory groups •Keep track of participation•Start small and give programs time to grow •Persevere •Make it fun…or at least enjoyable •Remember what you enjoy •Publicize•You are not perfect; forgive yourself and learnfrom mistakes•Grant Project or program
  • TWC ProgramsSchool-BasedStarvin MarvinCFI CommunityEcoPro Living in the ForestTeacher Support Presents Beach and River Clean Up Website/Facebook Film Festivals Watershed Weekly Citizen Science Video GLOBE Informational Brochures Eagle Migration Collaborations Eagle Nest Fish Distribution Bird Observatory
  • Resources•GLOBE www.globe.gov•Journey North www.learner.org/jnorth•ADFG eLibrary www.adfg.alaska.gov•Invasive Plants aknhp.uaa.alaska.edu/botany/akepic/•Promoting Powerful People Peace Corps InformationCollection and Exchange T0104multimedia.peacecorps.gov/multimedia/pdf/library/T0104_promotingpower.pdf•AK Grade Level Expectationswww.eed.state.ak.us/tls/assessment/GLEHome.html•Coop Ext www.uaf.edu/ces/
  • Thank you