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QR Codes to Enhance Patron Interaction in the Library
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QR Codes to Enhance Patron Interaction in the Library


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How to read and create QR Codes, examples and ideas for libraries.

How to read and create QR Codes, examples and ideas for libraries.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Enhancing Patron Interactionwith the LibrarySheryl Walters, MLSReference & eResources LibrarianLogan College of Chiropractic / University Programs
  • 2.  QR Code Basics QR Codes in Use @ Logan How to Read a QR Code How to Generate a QR Code Stats QR Codes in Use @ Other Libraries QR Codes in Use Outside of Libraries Discussion
  • 3. • QR Code - Quick Response Code• 2D Matrix Barcode • Usually a white square with black geometric shapes • Can be created in color and/or with integrated designs • Codes may contain: • Web Addresses • Location and Contact Information • Vcard or Blackberry Contact Cards • Phone Numbers • Small Amounts of Text • Email Addresses
  • 4. QR Codes are typically square and can be any size as long as itis readable.The more information encoded, the more complex the design.QR Codes are able to contain much more info than barcodes.Phone Number URL 5 Lines of Text
  • 5. May improve user interaction with library services.Makes library appear tech friendly and appeals to tech savvypatrons.Shows library is forward thinking and adapts new trends.Budget friendly – can implement right away with no cost.
  • 6. QR Code takes user to url for LibGuide on that subject.
  • 7. QR Code takes user to url for list of new library materials.
  • 8. QR takes user to url for the journal holdings list to access online journals.
  • 9. • Readable by mobile devices with a camera and a QR CodeReader • Smartphones • Mobile phones with a camera • Tablets with a camera • Webcams• Open the Reader app or software, point it at the QR Code justlike you are taking a photo and it will read it instantly.
  • 10. Mobile Devices Browse your app store or market for a “qr code reader.”Many are available free, some cost money. Examples: iOS – Qrafter, Optiscan, NeoReader BlackBerry – ScanLife, BeeTagg Android - QuickMark, ScanLife
  • 11. Easy to create with an app for a mobile device or through anonline generator.Examples of free online generators:Kaywa Project QR Lab
  • 12. Some generators (usually the paid ones) track statistics.At Logan, we use Google url shortener and track clicks for our QRCodes that contain urls.• Create an Google account, or login with an existing account.• Go to• Shorten the url.• Google automatically creates a QR Code image.
  • 13. Have a QR Code tutorial or explanatory section available forthose that are new to QR Codes.Indicate the url for those QR Codes that point towebsites for those that do not have readers.Do not use proprietary generators that require specificreaders.
  • 14. Current issue of an online journalInstructions on how to use copiersAt front of library with a map of the spacesPoints to chat reference, put QR Codes around study areasShelf signs for reading suggestions. “If you like this author, youmay like….”Bookmarks with code leading to library webpage or hoursLink to library survey or suggestion form
  • 15. Scan code to enter a trivia contestQR Code leads to a sign up form for study roomsAccessing eBooksShelf sign to read book reviews about displayed booksNotice to renew online at checkout stationsLink to mobile catalog at the catalog computer desktop stationsCreate a scavenger hunt where users have to follow clues fromeach scan.
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  • 21. Official QR Code Standards Site. 2010. Denso Wave Inc. About QR Things You Should Know About QR Codes. Codes and Academic Libraries. Robin Ashford.