SAVVY CITY Q2 2014 Deck


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SAVVY CITY Q2 2014 Deck

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SAVVY CITY Q2 2014 Deck

  1. 1. SAVVY CITY 2014: WHAT IS #SAVVYCITY? SAVVY CITY 2014: WHAT IS #SAVVYCITY Savvy City is a free app which aggregates all of the see and be seen VIP events and connects tastemakers in real time with the brands that benefit from their personal social cache. We set out to engage consumers & influencers in a new way. For tastemakers, the Savvy City App simplifies the VIP experience, and provides THE event-specific guidebook that maximizes the experience. For VIP Brands, Savvy City offers direct access and user generated content in return for VIP use.
  2. 2. Savvy City: The Real VIP Experience - iPhone - iPad - Droid The Savvy City App acts as a vehicle that allows brands the opportunity to align themselves with more than one event – obtaining key visibility in oversaturated markets.
  3. 3. COACHELLA 2013 Savvy Activation Highlights SXSW CANNES SUNDANCE Influencers received PInatas filled w/ Savvy City swag to create engagement surrounding #coachella ART BASEL Custom Savvy City Art Bike Series with Sole Bicycles We distributed Savvy City Swag Bags to every room at the W Hotel in Austin, @WHotelATX, during SXSW. We also sent a push msg & activated over 1500 ppl by bringing them out to a pop up party from 1-6AM. Savvy City App for entry We experienced Sundance & Cannes, working with talent such as Alec Monopoly, Patrick Skoff, Gen Art, & Capital Cities
  4. 4. SOCIAL CURRENCY ARCADE: How It Works A Pop-Up store/ digital experience that accepts only social currency; no cash, no credit. By taking certain social media actions you can earn currency to spend at our pop up store. {Specific actions & Social Reach can multiply or add points} We set up shop in temporary locations by partnering with various brands, venues & events. Sundance Social Currency Suite prizes included 55” Smart TV’s from LG Electronics! SXSW, we’ve got prizes like Bonnaroo tickets & Mystery #BeachMint Boxes, curated by SavvyCity
  5. 5. THE REAL VIP SCENE. SAVVY CITY KNOWS BEST SAVVYCITY is your source for where, when and how to engage with festival's most exclusive events. These are the events that are likely not on the radar and don’t require badges. Use the in-app schedule to create your daily dose of Savvy City from early morning yoga to the late night red-carpet parties all at your fingertips. Although we don’t guarantee entry -- that doesn’t mean we don’t hook you up with every RSVP that is to be had ;) .
  6. 6. #InstaSavvy Your #SAVVYCITY experience is meant to be seen AND shared. With in-app Instagram integration, connect and see how the SXSW community is sharing the latest updates from the premieres to the parties. Streaming updates of all the popular Instagram #hashtags from Sundance will be aggregated within the app. #InstaOnPoint.
  7. 7. THE DETAILS ….at your Fingertips SAVVY means you’re up to speed on all the SXSW films as well as the parties & artist’s performing. There’s too much to see and explore, we don’t want you wandering aimlessly! Savvy City overlays your event schedule with Yelp integration to provide a smart way to search for that next meal or meet-up place with friends. Austin’s best venues, restaurants and shopping will be at your fingertips. USE #SAVVYCITY TO: - Preview Films - Watch Trailers - Promo Codes & Freebies - EVENT RSVP’s - Scheduling
  8. 8. Art Basel ‘13 Brand Activations BOMBAY SAPPHIRE x SBE ENTERTAINMENT We worked with BACARDI USA & SBE, creating a Bombay Sapphire Cocktail Menu that was complimentary to App users at SLS Hotel & Redbury Hotel. KIPLING USA We worked with Kipling’s #MyKiplingBag Tour → bringing out our street team to boost online conversations. We also curated a live art activation for the event. SOLE BICYCLES Collaborated with artists like Thank You x Art and brands like ZICO Coconut Water to make #savvycity Sole Art Bike series for Basel. Each bike was custom painted.
  9. 9. SAVVYCITY TESTIMONIALS "Integrating with the Savvy City App is a great way to get your brand in front of influencers, whether it be at Sundance, Coachella or SXSW!” Patrick Jammet -Marketing Director, Honest Tea “Savvy City is the brand to watch, #SocialDisruption for real” Karla Ballard – Ogilvy & Mathers
  10. 10. #SXSW2014 : INTEGRATION PACKAGE SAVVY CITY APP → SPONSORSHIP DELIVERABLES {A LA CARTE} ★ Inclusion in all things #SAVVYCITY #SXSW2014 // CATEGORY EXCLUSIVE ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Logo Rotation & social messaging for 8 days in our photo kiosk (CLICK TO LINK) Content Creation {Videos, Product Placement & Photos} Social Distribution {Mentions via Savvy channels & Influencers) In-App Store Representation with Brand Page / Promo Code to shop in app Social Currency Games for Online Engagement & #branded conversation Celebrity, VIP & Online Influencer Seeding // Gifting & Prizing ★ Custom Event Integration → SAVVYCITY is popping up daily with www. // in the heart of Austin all throughout SXSW, with Social Currency Games, Activations & Prizes 3/7 → 3/15 ★ Push Message sent to SAVVYCITY users to notify them …of a Flash Sale or Pop Up Event / any message surrounding #SavvyCity #SXSW2014
  11. 11. #SAVVYCITY #SXSW2014: Event / Influencer PACKAGES SavvyCity is your source to get influencers to engage with your brand & specific events at SXSW. Here’s how it works: Based on the demogrpahic & brand identity, Savvy will assign you an influencer to: ★ Hit each event once per day OR one event for 1-2 hours. ★ Activate social media channels by posting 2-3x from your event ★ Social content distribution among highly visible #SXSW2014 tastemakers social channels #SAVVYCITY #YOURBRANDHERE ★ ★ Utilize Savvy City to drive traffic to your event at SXSW — stand apart from the masses by seeding info through social networks & Savvy City App. Add On Push Message (alerts all 8,500 Savvy City Users with a message) Push Message sent to SAVVYCITY users to notify them …of a flash Sale or pop up event surrounding #SavvyCity #SXSW2014 (promo code: SAVVYCITY)
  12. 12. #SAVVYCITY #SXSW2014: Event / Influencer PRICING Event Activation & Influencer Pricing: ★ ○ ★ $350 Specialty App Listing & Promotion ★ ★ $750 per day / $250 each additional influencer recommended program for max visibility $2500 per Push Message > Mobilize the SXSW Community in Real Time Not able to make it to Austin? Have SAVVYCITY strategically place your product, create rich social media content & distribute it. $1,000 per venue / day Distribution —> wholesale pricing per unit OR a flat $500 fee per venue (Seeding event activations or VIP Gifting) ★ VIP / Gifting programs > $1000 minimum ★ 1,000 unit product budget minimum Brand Ambassadors .. Online Influencers .. Word of Mouth … Grassroots…
  13. 13. THANK YOU See you soon! The Savvy City Demographic Hip, Influential, Entrepreneurs & Creatives