Presentation IBT (Innovative business technique)


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Облачный сервис для интеграции любых сторонних облачных приложений с целью обмена данными и единой двухфакторной аутентификации

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Presentation IBT (Innovative business technique)

  1. 1. 00Интеграция «облачных» технологийв малый и средний бизнесДоклад на тему «Облачныетехнологии для бизнеса»INNOVATIVE BUSINESSTECHNOLOGYAVAILABLE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY FORSMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESS :«CLOUD» SOLUTIONDATA MINING
  2. 2. Problem statementWith the growing popularity of "cloud" is growingand the problem of integration of heterogeneoussolutions. On the one hand, a large number of cloudservices makes it difficult to work with. On the otherhand, accumulate terabytes of information that isdifficult to analyze the available means.The purpose of this project - to ensure theimplementation of effective businessopportunities IT-solutions for businessprocess and analysis of arrays ofunstructured information as accessible andcost-effectively.
  3. 3. 1. "Cloud" for business: Providing software torent on the SaaS model for the integration ofheterogeneous "cloud" and local services inthe same entry point.Product / Technology2. Service for on-line analysis of large volumesof unstructured text information, provided bythe SaaS model.
  4. 4. The project team1. Author of the project: Sergey S. SAVKINExperience of about 20 years. Worked as a systems administrator, programmer, technologyexpert design automation, systems analyst, CIO-managerParticipated in major projects of implementation MRP/ERP, CRM-systems;2. The project members The project currently involves 4 members; All participants have considerable experience in variousfields of IT-sphere(at least 12 years), higher technicaleducation;
  5. 5. Sales marketThe main consumer of "cloud" services are the small and mediumbusiness (the number of 20 to 200 jobs)To date, the Russian Federation has approximately 850,000 small businesses.Of these, the "cloud" solutions use no more than 1%.Taking into account that the "cloud" solutions, in fact, are not tied to ageographic location of the service provider market is virtually unlimited.
  6. 6. CompetitionCurrently, the segment of integration of "cloud" services favorablesituation: potential customers already use many of these services,and integrated solutions provider market has virtually absent.Now in the Russian market are few companies - suppliers of suchsolutions (foe example, EZ-Login).In the market analysis of the data mining are only single largecompanies offering local software (Microsoft, IBM, Google).
  7. 7. Competitive advantage1. The relative novelty of the market;2. Providing comprehensive services (systemintegration);3. Providing free additional services for existingcustomers;
  8. 8. Business model1. Description of the clients problems :Customers need in the related tools to implement businessobjectives: CRM-systems, accounting, groupware, projectmanagement, electronic means of communication.2. Market segmentAbout 70 000 small and medium-sized businesses;3. Place in the value chainDevelop your own "cloud" products, rental services from third-partySaaS-providers to provide services to end-customers.4. Revenue modelThe rent of the "cloud" services, agency fees for providing servicesto customers of third-party providers;5. Competitive strategyProviding comprehensive services (system integration);;6. Growth strategyDevelopments in «Data mining»;The development of cloud product “APB” (analysis, planning andbudgeting)
  9. 9. Key financial indicators of the project *1. The total investment 2 850 000 mln. rub.2. Costs of organizational period 830 000 rub.3. The average monthly turnover to the end of year 2 6,1 mln. rub.4. Profitability index(PI) 3,715. Internal Rate of Return(IRR) 59,66. Net profit for the project in 3 years 13 292 thous.7. The payback period 2 years and 10 mnt.8. The discounted payback period 3 years 6 mnt.A detailed financial plan outlined in the business plan of the project.* The calculations were laid middle option between optimistic and pessimistic.
  10. 10. Capital requirements1. Total amount of investment needs 2 850 000 rub.Of these starting 1 200 000 rub.The beginning of the return on investment(relative to the time of inception)From the 3-rd yearDuration of the full return on investment 18 months
  11. 11. Risk factorsRisk factor Ways to overcome1. The emergence of new larger playersin the market•Price competition or sale of thebusiness of a larger company. Possiblemerger.4. The global (national) financial crisis •Redesigning the portfolio of IT-servicesat the most popular of the currentconjuncture.
  12. 12. Стратегия выхода и возвратинвестиций Corporatization, capitalization, access to the IPO,selling shares on the stock market Sale of its share of the company concerned. Competitoror partner.
  13. 13. Thank you for your interestContact Information :Author of the project: Sergey SAVKINcell. : +7 910 544 60 80, +7 964 148 52 61Skype: sergiologinoE-mail: