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Project ppt.

  1. 1. PROJECT REPORT ONTo Analyze The Effectiveness Recruitment And Selection Methods At DuPont™ Danisco® Submitted By: Savita Rawat MBA IIIrd Semester Enr No: 10616603911
  2. 2. COMPANY PROFILE• Danisco A/S is a Danish bio-based company .• It was formed in 1989 from the largest Danish industrial merger ever of the two old C.F. Tietgen companies Danish Sugar (founded 1872), and Dansk Handles- og Industry Company (Danisco A/S).• Headquartered in Copenhagen, the group has approximately 6,800 employees in more than 80 locations in 40 countries.• Annual Turnover is around 13.7 billion.• Danisco is one of the worlds leading producers of ingredients for food and other consumer products .• Danisco’s ingredients are used globally in a wide range of industries – from bakery, dairy and beverages to animal feed, laundry detergents and bioethanol – offering functional, economic and environmental benefits.• On 13 May 2011, DuPont Co. agreed to acquire Danisco A/S for $5.8 billion. Now Danisco comes under DuPont Health and Nutrition branch .
  3. 3. Cont’d VISION To be leading supplier of ingredients to the global food industry.DuPont Danisco Product RangeMeeting Global Food Challenges• Health & nutrition• Food protection• Sustainability• Cost optimization
  4. 4. OBJECTIVESPrimary:• To analyze the effectiveness of various sources of recruitment followed in DuPont Danisco.• To analyze the effectiveness of various selection tools administered by the organization.• To find out methods to reduce cost of hiring.Secondary:• To study the recruitment and selection procedure followed in DuPont Danisco• To identify the area where there is scope of improvement
  5. 5. RESEARCH METHODOLOGYDATA COLLECTION:Primary: Through structured QuestionnaireSecondary: Through Internet, Journals, Newspapers , Company website,brochure & Misc. sources.Procedure: Survey methodRESEARCH INSTRUMENT : Structured Questionnaire.SAMPLING PLANSample Design: Convenience samplingSample size : 30 employeesSample Area: Study was conducted at corporate office of DuPont Danisco inGurgaon.Sample unit: Data was gathered from employees working at various positionin DuPont Danisco.
  6. 6. Question: How far the questions asked in interview are coherent with thejob profile?Question: To which extent the Work Sample test describe the actual jobtask?
  7. 7. FINDINGS• About 50% of employees prefer job consultancy websites to post their resume.• Around 60% of employees agree that the attractive salary packages of the organization motivate them to post their resumes.• Around 60% of employees get to know about their present job through consultancy and less number of employees are through the internal referrals, promotions ,organization job posting.• Most of employees agreed that the external recruitment stagnate the internal promotion of existing employees.• About 65% of employees are agreeing that questions asked in interview are relevant to the job.• About 80% of employees are agreeing with the relevance of personality test.• Almost all employees show their agreement towards the importance of behavior based interview.• About 55% of employees shows consensus towards the reliability of structured interview.• Around 62% of employees are agree with relevancy of work sample test in replicating the actual job task.• About 63% of employees shows consensus over the importance of knowledge based test for non-technical jobs and less effective for technical jobs
  8. 8. CONCLUSIONS• The recruitment process at DuPont™ Danisco® to some extent is done objectively and therefore employees well aware about the organization recruitment and selection policies.• The organization relies on job consultant for their hiring’ that reduces their boundary of talent pool need for recruitment.• Most of employees prefer for job switching after experience of 2-5 yrs. this may lead to employee attrition and hence increase the cost of recruitment.• Most of employees feel that the disparity is created by organization in internal promotion through the external recruitment; this may lead to employee dissatisfaction.• Most of the employee agrees with the importance of behavior based interview for selection. It helps in selecting the candidate fit to organization culture.• Most of employee agree that the knowledge based test are more relevant for non-technical jobs and less important for technical jobs.
  9. 9. SUGGESTIONS & RECOMMENDATIONS• The organization should be using other sources of recruitment like recruitment through job portals, company websites, social networking sites along with the job consultancy sites; this will increase the talent pool selected for hiring.• The organization should promote employee referrals programs in order to increase the hiring through internal referrals.• The organization should be promoting the recruitment through internal referrals and through promotion of existing employees .• The company can use some differential rating system while administering the knowledge based test for technical jobs.• The company need to promote the internal employee rather than hiring the external candidate if required KSA are already possessed by the existing employee, this will promote employee retention, hence reduces cost of hiring.
  10. 10. LIMITATION OF STUDY• Employees are reluctant to talk at times.• Sample Size was small, so difficulty in generalized the conclusion• Some of the questions of questionnaire are unanswered.• Study was not conducted on candidate unsuccessful in getting the job .• Employees asked lot of counter question so convincing them was a major task.• Employees show little interest in filling the questionnaire due to their own workload.
  11. 11. RESEARCH QUESTIONNAIRE Question: Which mode of recruitment you generally prefer to post your resume?• Job Portals(,, etc.)• Directly to company website.• Social Networking sites(linkedin,facebook,twitter)• Job Consultancy websites(,,etc)• Post / Courier/By HandQuestion: What makes you to post your CVs for job? Employer Branding(Company Reputation) Salary package Complete Job Description Job Switching Future Growth OpportunitiesQuestion: How do you get to know about your present job? Advertisement/ Media(TV,FM) Through the internet(Job portals) Job Consultancy Internal referrals/Organization billboard job posting/ Promotion,Tranfer Campus placement cell/ Mass recruitment event• Any other source: ………………………………………………………………………………………………..
  12. 12. Question: Do you feel that the internet recruitment has improved the quality of talent pool? Strongly agree Agree Disagree Can’t SayQuestion: Do you feel that the external recruitment can stagnate the internal promotion? Always affect the internal promotion Sometimes Facilitate the promotion Can’t relateQuestion: When do you think for job switching? Experience of 2- 5 yrs. Experience of 5-10 yrs. Anytime depend on better job opportunity Never thinkQuestion: What do you think about the quality of new employees in your organization? More Competitive & Motivated Satisfactory Less competitive & Demotivated Not identifiedQuestion: How far the questions asked in interview are coherent with the job profile? Always related to job To some extent Irrelevant Questions Can’t Say
  13. 13. Question: Do you think that the personality test justify the candidate personality? Always To some extent Never Can’t SayQuestion:. Which one of following is the most reliable type of interview in your opinion? Behavioral Structured Unstructured Situational Stress PanelQuestion: How do you rate the importance of behavior based interview for your organization? Very important To some extent Less important Organization doesn’t conduct such interview/ No ideaQuestion: To which extent the Knowledge-Based test (Aptitude test/ personality/ job knowledge test/ interview) justifyitself as selection tool. Essential for all the jobs Only effective for Knowledge- based jobs(Trainer, scientist, Professor ) Less effective for technical or practical jobs(programmer, computer jobs etc.) Both b&c Can’t Say
  14. 14. Question: How frequently you update your Resume? Daily /weekly Fortnight/Monthly Quarterly YearlyQuestion: To which extent the Work Sample test describe the actual job task? To some extent Always related to proposed job task Not/ Hardly relates Can’t SayQuestion: Are you satisfy with the present method being followed by your organization for Recruitment andSelection? Yes To some extent No Can’t say
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