An agency from scratch


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An agency from scratch

  1. 1. an agency from scratch….….. if I was designing an agency from scratch, in tune with the web as it is today, what would it look like? what is the latest and best thinking of how an agency should work? what would its ethos be? how would it make money? what tools would it use? how would it organise itself? how would it promote itself?
  2. 2. thinking not doing….. we are a knowledge economy - the money is in thinking – not doing the agency would think and plan for its clients – and avoid “doing” it would outsource all “doing” to the best in the world (to ensure the best at any one time were on the team, to maintain flexibility and keep fixed costs to a minimum) with ideas central to our role, we would never accept “average”, “ok” ,or “just enough” in delivery
  3. 3. strategic and demanding….. it would be known for its strategic approach all clients would complete and maintain a strategy process – it would do no ad hoc work it would develop a robust and simple process – similar to the one strategic thinking group here use its approach would include – a move towards micro strategies (shortening the planning and implementation process), linking in with offline work, measurement and review, full range tactics, ideas filters, conversation monitoring and more….
  4. 4. pull v push, “earned” v “paid for”….. the agency would focus its work around the web as it is today (not as it was 3 years ago, or how some people think it already is) it would understand the “post advertising” age – that conversations, communities and control are central to a brands success online it would push its clients to be daring, innovative and brave
  5. 5. small not big….. it would understand this is the age of small and speed that big messages and big ideas start as small ones, quickly delivered (the conversation moves too quickly) it would hold overarching strategies as sacred, but plans as changeable it would think of all its technologies in permanent beta it would strive to finish, not complete
  6. 6. a broader perspective….. it would understand “social media” is much of the story – but other factors are playing their part that the semantic web and the free exchange of data is central to the web as it is now – and in the future that quick response to global conversations is powerful it would be prepared for new ideas approaching fast - social colonisations & context it would incorporate ideas such as the brand ecosystem, big data and brand responsibility (click on Tim to get 5 mins on the semantic web….)
  7. 7. walking the walk… the agency would practice what it preached it will employ no one who didn’t blog or tweet new ideas and original thoughts it would launch its own products and services it would make its staff available to speak and be seen at conferences its name, visual identity and offices would be magnificent
  8. 8. broadening the revenue base… most of its income would come from consulting and retainer fees it would commission the “doing” but it would be transparent in doing so over time it would build a range of recurring income streams for its own products and ideas (in conjunction with VC and other backers if need be) it would license its strategy process and would consider offering training and educational programmes around it
  9. 9. our conversations and culture… the agency would not get proprietary about its ideas it would collaborate, share and engage with everyone it would actively encourage its employees to generate ideas and use social media – knowing that is how it promoted its services, seeded its clients’ work and keep ahead of the curve it would be visual not verbal – it would ignore power point documents over 10 slides long
  10. 10. it probably already exists…. the world is moving in this direction 3 interesting presentations about the future of agencies here and here and here and the future of social networks here (listen to the last 30secs on new agency models)
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