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Greenplanet a Beirut 2005
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Greenplanet a Beirut 2005


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Presentazione di Greenplanet a Beirut (Libano) nel 2005.

Presentazione di Greenplanet a Beirut (Libano) nel 2005.

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  • 1. Organic agriculture in Lebanon. New opportunities for the market, enviroment and consumer health The experience of communication in organic and ecological world through a network Proscenio Comunicazione Srl Imc Seminar in Lebanon 26 November 2005 Mr. Saverio Zeni
  • 2. Greenplanet's publisher Proscenio Comunicazione’s aim is to spread eco-sustainable culture and to offer specific tools to inform and communicate for the organic area WEB-SERVICE PUBLISHING COMMUNICATION Proscenio is member of AMEA (Mediterranean association of Experts in Agriculture and Environment)
  • 3. WWW.GREENPLANET.NET “Organic & ecological community”
  • 4. Since 1995 the first community network fully dedicated to the promotion of organic farming, natural food, health and environment. “Organic & ecological community” What can you find on News Appointments Documents forum Newsletters Directory Specific information for professionals and consumers interested to know the main events and to interact spreading their their own experience.
  • 5. Some’s partner (companies and associations) organic & ecological community
  • 6. Editorial products Weekly newsletter for the organic industry Monthly newsletter of gourmet's informations.' friends newsletter Monthly newsletter about social marketing and foundraising issues organic & ecological community No. of subscribers (Oct.31, 2005) : 28,000 Monthly book review
  • 7.'s numbers different users = 510,281 total visits = 823,605 pages view = 9,713,296 organic & ecological community Web Statistics 2004 different users = 591,462 total visits = 950,897 pages view = 9,165,775 Statistics of entrance 2005 (Jan/Oct)
  • 8. Communication campaign SEMPLICEMENTEBIO (2002/2004) Semplicemente Bio, a promotional campaign by AMAB (Mediterranean association for organic farming), co-financed by the European Commission and the Italian Government., which purpose was to extend consumers’ confidence on organics organic & ecological community
  • 9. Communication's projects BIOGRAFIE (2004/2006) Pills for a healthful nutrition, a tv travel among places, faces, stories of italian organic agriculture and food.A project by Bioagricoop, co-funded by the European Commission and the Italian Government to promote organic farming's development The main news provider in the ecosustainable area ECO & BIO ON THE WIRELESS NETWORK OF ECORADIO Weekly wireless broadcast “ Labels”, a RSI (national Italian speaking Swiss television) programme
  • 10. European consumers before
  • 11. . .. and after
  • 12. More news about organic in Lebanon too? and In cooperation with AMEA are working on the project GREENPLANET LEBANON YES THANKS!!!!!!!