District of lantzville presentation june 25, 2012


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District of lantzville presentation june 25, 2012

  1. 1. SavePioneerForestDistrict of LantzvillePresentationJune 25, 2012by Pam Agnew
  2. 2. Objectives of Presentation1. Share facts about Pioneer Forest2. Explain what Pioneer Forest means toresidents3. Demonstrate commitment & importance ofkeeping Pioneer Forest a park4. Request Lantzville Mayor and Councilsconsideration and support: ● Letter to SD#68 ● Letter to City of Nanaimo
  3. 3. 1. Pioneer Forest
  4. 4. Pioneer ForestHistory:● 1913: Privately owned by Elizabeth and William Cook● 1960s/70: Province acquired?● 1984: Province gave land to City by way of a free Crown Grant, for as long as it is used as a park● 1996/7: Property was subdivided and SD#68 became owner of the forest with no condition● Nov. 2011: SD#68 & City sign 5-year license agreement● May 2012: City officially opened off-leash dog park (up to $75,000 spent on upgrades); City and SD#68 sought to correct a "housekeeping error" changing OCP designation from "park and open space" to "neighbourhood"
  5. 5. Pioneer Forest● Rare Coastal Douglas-fir ecosystem● Urban forest● Recreation: easily accessible for all● Community involvement● Balanced development● A good "fence" between Lantzville & Nanaimo: our commons● Health and well-being● Long-term community asset
  6. 6. 2. What does Pioneer Park mean to residents?● Its my connection with nature. I cant drive, cant do stairs or walk on rocks● Its a big part of what makes Pioneer Park a recreational asset; removes pollutants, reconnects us with the land● Its why we bought our house; it was and is a park & the OCP has it as park and open space.● I have walked my dogs here for years
  7. 7. What does Pioneer Park mean to residents?● This forest is why I came back to Nanaimo● This is where I run every day and where my kids connect with nature● The value of this forest to the liveability of the area cannot be replaced● The land valuation is $960,000 -- 3 days of SD#68 salaries & benefits. Our forest is priceless.
  8. 8. 3. Protecting Pioneer Forest● Within a week of aborted City of Nanaimo public meeting, 100 people gathered in the forest (June 14)● "Friends of Pioneer Forest" -- concerned people seeking engagement to find a permanent long-term solution to protect this forest as park● www.savepioneerforest.com
  9. 9. 4. Goodwill support● Appreciate issue is outside the jurisdiction of the District of Lantzville● Also recognize that the impact is real to Lantzville including loss of green space, more noise, more pollutants, less pleasing aesthetics, loss to social, health and well-being of residents, decreased livability, negative impacts on property values● Appeal to Council to demonstrate support for the many residents immediately impacted by this decision● Please write letters supporting the protection of the forest to SD#68 and the City of Nanaimo
  10. 10. Questions?Thank you.