Task 6


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Task 6

  1. 1. Marketing and PR Presentation
  2. 2. Objectives What are the objectives for this project? Our objectives are to raise awareness of Bloody River in order to establish a new fan base, but to still maintain their cult following with old fans. Who do you want to target? We want to target their older fans who have followed them since they first began, but also reaching out to new fans to create a newer, younger fan base. The new fans will be aged around 20-25, and already fans of similar music by bands such as Attack Attack. How many records do you want to sell? We aim to sell around 200,000 albums in the United kingdom alone. Hoping that loyal and older fans buy the album quickly, giving us a high amount sales. What would make this a successful exercise? To achieve the sales of 200,000 albums or more, to reach a number 1 spot in the charts, to establish a new fan base, possibly worldwide and to plan and release dates for a world tour. 2
  3. 3. Band Profile Name: Bloody River Age: 34-37. Previous releases: ‘It Just Happens’, ‘Blood Bullets’, ‘Drop Dead’. ‘How Death Works’ is there new release, a comeback album. Genre: Screamo, Punk, Rock Style: EMO, Hardcore rock, Screamo. Wear lots of black clothing, I also imagine them to have beards, or scruffy looking faces. Contemporaries: Alesana, Blessthefall, Escape The Fate, A Day To Remember, Attack Attack 3
  4. 4. Think SMART Specific: Is there a clear aim? The aim of this project is to achieve our desired amount of sales within 1 year, gain interest from new and old fans and to have enough sales to warrant planning and promoting a tour. Measureable: How will you measure the effect? We will measure the effect by keeping track of the amount of sales within the first year, this will help us to determine how successful it was or not. Achievable: Is it something that you can do? We will be able to achieve this aim by carrying out the appropriate promotion and advertising of the band. Realistic: Is this something that would actually happen? We fell that it would be something we could accomplish if we promote the band correctly. We have also based our targets on the previous albums released by the bands, as well as other groups that are existing now. Time-related: Are there timescales for your project? The time scale for our project is 1 year, this 1 year will help to determine if we were successful or not. 4
  5. 5. Audience Who is the audience for this band? The audience for this band will vary from old to new. We hope to target the bands original and loyal fan base from when they first released their albums, but also a newer and younger fan base that are already interesting this genre of music. What age are they? The older fans will have grown up along side the band, so around 32-40, and the younger fans will be new to this band, so we expect them to be around 20-25. What do they look like? The audience type for this band doesn’t have to be specific, but we imagine them to have an ‘Emo’ look, coming from the rock/punk subculture. Wearing leather clothing, studded garments, having brightly coloured dyed hair, dark and thick black clothing. Why do they like this band? We believe that the fans of this music will enjoy the lyrics, possibly relating to them, as well as the beat, the rhythm and sound of the songs. Who else do they like? Alesana, Blessthefall, Escape The Fate, A Day To Remember and Attack Attack are some of the other bands that this audience will like. 5
  6. 6. Media What media will you use and why? We will use different types of media within this project in order to reach out to both of our desired target audiences, both new and old. These will be: -Social media, to reach our younger and newer fan base. -Radio Stations, will help us reach both types of audience, new and old. -Newspaper adverts, to reach the older, loyal fan base. -Magazine adverts, to reach the new and younger fans. What magazines might they get in to? There aren't many magazines which feature this type of group as it is a very niche type of genre. The magazines we would want to to feature Bloody River’s comeback album would be Classic Rock Magazine, NME and Kerrang. What TV channels would they be on? We would want our advertisements and the bands new music release to be featured on TV channels such as Scuzz and Kerrang which are the most appropriate TV channels which would feature this type of music. Which radio stations would play their music? Radio will be a big way of us advertising the bands comeback to its target audience so we have to make sure that we have the songs/adverts playing on the right kind of channel, some of the channels we would aim to have playing Bloody River would be Kerrang Radio and Radio Rock. Who would they give interviews to? Interviewing would be a great way for our audiences to see the band interacting with each other and others, so it is vital that we have them being interviews by the right people and magazines, some we would approach to interview the band would be people such as Zane Lowe. Which forms of social media would you use? Social media will be a way for us to reach out directly to the younger fans, as a lot of the time this where they would spend their free time. Using social media techniques will help us to interact directly with the fans, through websites such as Face book, MySpace, YouTube and Twitter. How would you use social media? Social media websites can be used in a variety of ways to contact and show fans anything we want. We would social sites such as twitter and face book to directly communicate with the fans, using them as platforms for discussions about the band, their music and possible tours. We would also use YouTube as way to give the fans videos, possibly in the style of blogs, keeping the fans constantly updated with the what's going on. We would of course use YouTube to showcase the music as well. 6
  7. 7. Merchandise What merchandise would you use to promote this band? Merchandise for this Band would be extensive, as we want to get the bands name out there and remembered, by using this technique, we believe we can do so. A way to do this is to create everyday items that people will be able to use, which will represent the band and promote them. But we also want to put the bands name on things that are relevant to the target audience, so not items like pens and mugs, more like items such a lighters and guitar picks. The types of merchandise we have chosen to use are: •T-shirts •Jumpers •Billboards •Posters •Magazine/news paper adverts •DVD’S of old tours/interviews. •Notation paper •Lighters •Wristbands •Hats •Guitar picks •Phone Cases We feel like these items are the most likely to be seen and used by our target audience. 7
  8. 8. Manage the message What is the message you want to communicate about this band? The message we wish to communicate to the fans and the media is that Bloody River is back with a great new comeback album, ten years after the release of their last one. We want people, mainly the fans, to remember how good the band were, and that they have come back even better, with a more matured sound. We want to create new raving fans with new release, as well as continuing to please their existing loyal fans. We want fans new and old to appreciate the work that these men have put into this new and exciting release. What is the main selling point of the band and the album? The unique selling point of this album is that it’s a comeback album from the great band that everyone in the punk/rock/screamo fan base will recognise. We want the fans to see that even though their older, they have only gotten better, bringing out new and exciting music, whilst ensuring to incorporate their already established sound. We feel that the main selling point for Bloody River will be that there is new music to be released from the band, which is different from others in this genre. A quote from a Kerrang radio host has said ‘’We are so thrilled that the kings are back! They have been down too long and have returned with an electrifying new album release. Fans, new and old, wont know what's hit them.’’ 8
  9. 9. Hyperbole Using hyperbole will help us to enhance the appeal of Blood River. Using this technique will help us to make people see how good they are, and will help them to be more engrossed with the band. The types of wording we will use will be; GODS OF SCREAMO THE GREATEST RECORD BREAKING THE ONLY PUNK ROCKERS WORTH LISTENING TO EASILY THE BEST IN THE WORLD COMEBACK EVER BLOODY BRILLIANT BRILLIANT AWARD THE AMAZING WINNIN THE ONLY BLOODY HELL, THEIR GODS BAND THAT BACKG MATTERS THE BEST BETTER THAN ANYTHING THE GREATEST ROCK IS BACK 9
  10. 10. Events What events would you put on as part of the promotion of this band and album? There are many different types of events that we could host as a part of promoting this album to their audience, these would include album signings, meet and greet with fans, surprise shows, interviews with radio and TV, and mini festivals. I think that these events are a great way of promoting the band because each one would involves them, and the majority of them are a great way for the band to meet their fans and interact with them on a one on one basis, this type of publicity is very positive and would be a good way to increase sales. Would they play small secret gigs? We don’t think that Bloody River would play small gigs due to the vast and large fan base they already have. We think that they might play in smaller intimate charity event as apposed to just a regular gig, but generally a band of this calibre would mainly perform on tour. Would they appear for a signing in a flagship record store? We think that Bloody River would only play in flagship record stores if it was a very special occasion, perhaps something specific for the fans. We think that they are less likely to do these due to the type of music that they play and the equipment that they will require. Would they play on TV chat shows? We think that they would play on TV shows specific to the genre of music they play such as. We also think that they would play on interview shows, dependent on the interviewer and the type of show it is. Would they go on a huge arena tour? Without a doubt we think that Bloody River would play arena tours because it is a great way for them to reach out and play to their fans on a larger scale. We also believe that the type of music they play is suited to a larger arena than a smaller venue. We think that a tour in an arena would also be a great way to boost album sales. What other events and happenings could you create to raise the public profile of the band? I think that other events we could create to promote this band would be a niche festival, with only bands of a similar nature playing, and having Bloody River as the main act. This type of event would draw in fans both new and old because it would be playing a variety of music, but all in the same genre, which is a great way of attracting people to the festival. 10
  11. 11. Internal motivation What is the motivation behind this project? We are motivated to back this project because we believe that there is a gap in the musical industry for Bloody River to return, and for them to be great again. We think that the group has a great chance to comeback at this time and to make the sales targets we have set easily. We also think that the opportunities that will happen from the comeback will be vast, and we are hoping that this will include a world tour. What is it an important project for you? This is an important project for us because we think that there is a great chance for Bloody River to make a comeback and for them to achieve the sales they want and to get the chance to have a tour. We also think it is great for the fans. Why is it an important project for the band? We think that this is important for the band because they will have the chance to re connect with their fans, new and old. We also think that this a great chance for the band to release their new music to a wide variety of persons. 11
  12. 12. Motivation of media Why would the media be interested in this project? We believe that the media would be interested in this project because its a huge comeback from the band that every has missed. We think that all types of media are going to be interested and want to interview the band, meet and greet with them and they will want to have pictures of them at any point they can. We think that media outlets will be interested in the hype that will come from the fans as well, which will create the band even more good publicity. Which parts of the media or media products (be specific) would be interested in the project? we think that parts of the media such as magazines and radio shows will be very interested in this project. Magazines that are specific to this type of genre such as Kerrang and NME will be interested in this project and esepcailly in this bands comeback. We also think that radio stations like ROCKFM and Kerrang would want to interview the band because The comeback will be big news in this music industry. 12