Task 6


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Task 6

  1. 1. Evaluation of first draft Savannah Hardwick
  2. 2. Front of Can Back of Can Side of Can
  3. 3. What is going well will the design? This initial design is based form one of my rough designs I had originally made. I like the way the stripes on the can make it look very bold and in your face, I think this will be attractive to the target audience and will gain people attentions. I also really like the design of the nutritional information, having it separate from the design on a white background, but keeping the colour scheme of orange and blue within it. I like the way that it looks kind of more professional, which I think shows the importance of it, but the copy itself is very informal.
  4. 4. What are the areas for improvement? I think that the main text on the can design can be improved, specifically the font and the size of it. I think that the font and the colours of the text don’t stand out enough and sort of blur into the background of the can itself. I think I might try this text in a solid text, and in white to see how it effects how you read it. I also think that the placement of the text could be improved, because it changes sides as you go down the can, I think it can be difficult to read, especially because of the font and the colour of the text.
  5. 5. What developments could I make with the next draft? On my second draft I intend to work on the colour, font and placement of the main copy on the can. I think that by doing this, it will help the readability of the text and will help consumers see what the product Is more clearly, as at the moment it can be unclear. I will also try out different colours, specifically white because I think that it will stand out against the bright colours of the can but still be in keeping with the theme and the colour scheme. I am also going to try and find more nutritional information as well as double checking the information I already have to ensure that it is correct. I also want to add a bar code on the can somewhere to make the design seem more life like.