Task 4


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Task 4

  1. 1. Task 4 Savannah Hardwick
  2. 2. Mind Map 1- Discovery (general)
  3. 3. Mind Map 2- Religion (more specific)
  4. 4. Mind Map 3- Animals (more specific)
  5. 5. Mood Board 1- Animals
  6. 6. Mood Board 1- Animals My first mood board is based around animals, the images I have chosen are all very vibrant and interesting to look at. I chose to only have colourful images because I want my images to be very bright and to stand out. I also based my mood board around more exotic or not as spoken about animals, such as parrots, wolfs, owls and bearded dragons. I think that having more unique and interesting looking animals that aren’t as commonly used in day to day images will help to make my photos stand out against others. I also tried to only chose images which were close up, I think that this makes them look more direct and intimate. For my photographs I would want to have a very close up images of colourful and unusual animals, I would then apply a technique that could be relevant to it, for example I could multimedia or the Harris shutter effect to help enhance the images.
  7. 7. Mood Board 2- Religion
  8. 8. Mood Board 2- Religion My second mood board is based around religion, I found it quite difficult to find images that were very biased, so I collected images that were symbols of the different religions, such as crosses, a Buddha statue and a Menorah. I also collected images of people praying and places where people would go to pray. I found that a lot of these images were related to nature, featuring blue skies and grassy lands, which I think is symbolic to every religion. I think that if I were to chose religion as my theme for my discovery I would have to go out and really research different places and things to photograph. I would also want to take the colour out of the images, having them in black and white. I think that having them in monochrome would be different to how they would usually be photographed. I would apply techniques like scanography and out of focus, to make the images look more unique.
  9. 9. Mood Board 3- Locations
  10. 10. Mood Board 3- Locations The third mood board I created was based around locations, I think that the images I have chosen are all relatively colourful, and show many different places. I like these images because they show how there are so many different places that people can discover, which relates directly to the theme we have ben given. I like the idea of doing locations for my photos because I think it’s a very broad idea, and I could do pretty much what ever I wanted with it. I like the images I have chosen because they are a good mix of either large scenery images or smaller more intimate scenes, such as the African lady in the dessert. I like the colours used in the images as well, ranging from both very bright and bold to muted and darker colours. I think if I were to use this theme for my photos I would use multi media, out of focus or photomontage. I think photomontage would look great, because separating the images and then laying them back on each other would cause them to be disjointed, which would look good for a location image.
  11. 11. Mood board 4- Food
  12. 12. Mood Board 4- Food The next mood board I worked on was based around food, I though this was a good idea to do because people are constantly discovering new foods and new recipes, so it relates directly to the theme we have been given for our final images. The images I have chosen are all very colourful and draw the audience in, it features a range of foods, including fast food burgers, vegetables and fruits. I like these images because they are all vibrant and bright, and I think that a range of techniques would work well with this type of image. I like them because they are all different but they also all have a very common look to them, they look professional. The type of techniques I would use would be high speed photography, Harris shutter and 3D. I think that high speed photography would probably be the best technique to use because you could really experiment with the images, the image layout and then the editing afterwards.
  13. 13. Proposal This proposal will cover my subject, the location I will be shooting in, the technique I will be using and my reasons why.
  14. 14. Subjects: The subject I will be photography will be anything to do with locations, which relates to the bigger theme of discovery. I think that I will also need to get lots of varying sizes of scene, making sure that I have both very large, almost landscape looking images, as well as much smaller more close scene, such as sign posts. Due to my theme being locations, I am able to use both small and large scenes, especially around college, so I think that varying these scenes will be a good idea, and because the theme is locations, I could use images such as signs on walls, the buttons in elevators, the staircase, and then larger scaled ones such as the library, the atrium or the canteen. Locations: My main location will be college; I will be using many different viewpoints from around college and possibly outside of college, in order to create different images to test my technique out on. Once I have found locations that I wish to photograph, and then appropriate viewpoints, I will take lots of close up images of the scene. I will do this for many different locations around college so that I have a lot of choice. Although my main location is college, if I feel that the images I am collecting from there aren’t what I expected then I would have to do them outside of college to get more of a variety.
  15. 15. Techniques: My experiment will be based around photomontages, also experimenting with joiners in the style of David Hockney. This technique will involve me taking lots of close up images of a scene, which will be locations, and how we chose those locations, and then rearranging them using Photoshop to create the image again, only this time disjointed or collaged. I will use Photoshop to do this, going on file, and then automate and then choosing photomontage. I will then set the preference to how I want, and create the images. I think I want to have each image be different from the others in the sense that I want one where you can clearly see what it is, one where you see what it is are but are slightly unsure and then the third image be so disjointed that you really don’t see what it is. I also think I want to introduce mixed media into the images, printing off my photomontages/ joiners and then adding other types of media on top of them, experimenting with wax crayons and possibly small sections of fabrics. Reasoning: The reason I have chosen to use photomontage as the technique Is because I think that it will be relatively easy to create, but also that I have will the chance to edit and change the images drastically when post production times comes around. I also think that when looking into the different techniques and researching them, I found photomontage to be the one I enjoyed working on the most because of the final look of the overall image.