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  • 1. T-Shirt DesignsSavannah Hardwick
  • 2. Mood-board of existing t-shirt designs
  • 3. Mood-board of existing t-shirt designs
  • 4. Ideas Generation
  • 5. ‘’Time to suitup!’’Barney/Barney
  • 6. ProposalDimensions2400 by 3200ContentI am planning to design a round neck t-shirt, with the purple Barney cartoon, wearing a tie and saying the quote ‘time to suitup’ made famous by the character Barney Stinson on ‘How I met your mother.’ The reason I have chosen to do this is becausewhen researching existing products on Red-Bubble, I found that there were many T-shirt designs with Barney Stinson and thequotes that he had made famous on the TV show, but there werent many T-Shirt designs with the purple dinosaur Barney onthem. So I decided hat combining the two was a unique and funny way to create a T-Shirt design that hadnt already beendone.Export FormatPNGAdvantages; Varying colours of transparency, Works with Red-bubble format.Disadvantages; Larger file size than similar formats (e.g. JPEG)AudienceThe audience wont be gender specific, they will be aged between 16 and 30, and will most likely have seen theBarney cartoon as a child. To understand the quote and tie on the cartoon, the audience will have to be a fan ofthe TV series ‘How I met your mother’.
  • 7. ProposalDeadlineWednesday the 15th May, 4.20pmMonday Tuesday WednesdayComplete my planning forthe project, including:• Proposal• Mood-boards• Idea generation• Digital Flat plan• Target Audience• Working schedule• Finnish working onplanning, includingfinishing the proposaland digital flat-plan.• Begin production ofthe T-ShirtMorning:• Finish production of T-Shirt• Get feedback frompeers/tutors on the T-ShirtAfternoon:• Allow time to edit theimage if needed• Create red-bubbleaccount and upload• Create new blog andupload all work.Schedule
  • 8. The ‘Barney’character will be tothe left of area,taking up the fulllength. The Barneywill be wearing atie, and its handswill be adjusting itwith its mouthopen as if itsspeaking.The top righthand corner ofthe area willhave a speechbubble comingfrom ‘Barneys’mouth saying‘Time to suitup.’ the wellknown catchphrase from‘How I met yourmother’Time to suit up!Digital Flat-Plan