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Ub d staff development lesson
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Ub d staff development lesson


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Savannah PorterFRIT 7737 Title of Lesson: Location: Content Area: Designer:Creating Classroom Auburn Technology Savannah Porter Webpage Elementary STAGE 1 – DESIRED RESULTSUnderstandings: Essential Questions:Teachers will learn how to create a How is using a classroom webpagewebpage for their classroom, as well as beneficial?the benefits of using this Web 2.0 tool. Who benefits from a classroom webpage? What are some free webpage generator sites? How can you use this in your classroom?Knowledge: Skills:Teachers will know… Teachers will be able to… • how to create and design a • create and design their own webpage classroom webpage • how to use a classroom webpage • identify free webpage with parents generators • how to use a classroom webpage • upload images and pictures to with students a webpage • the benefits of having a classroom • design the layout of a webpage webpage STAGE 2 – ASSESSMENT EVIDENCEPerformance Tasks: Other Evidence: • Pre-Assessment through • Presenter observations questioning – Who has a • Question and answer responses classroom webpage? What by members of meeting benefits do you get from using a • Flip chart assessment – classroom webpage? “Benefits of Using a Classroom Webpage” • Post check-up: Who has created a classroom webpage?
  • 2. Savannah PorterFRIT 7737 STAGE 3 – LEARNING PLAN Lesson OutlineHook: • Show examples of various classroom webpages • Show my classroom webpage that is currently active in my classroom • Begin pre-assessment – question and answerPurpose and Objectives: • Teachers will be able to design and implement a classroom webpage in his/her individual classroom. • Teachers will understand and be aware of benefits that come with using a classroom webpage.Structure: • Time – 30 minutes • Group size – four classroom teachers, however, invitation is open to entire school • Location – Auburn Elementary School Media CenterMaterials Needed: • LCD Projector • Computer with internet access • Webpage Generator Handout (20 copies) • Active Classroom Webpage • Access to various webpage generatorsProcedure: • Show various webpage examples • Show my classroom webpage • Discuss/present handout of various website generator sites • Use my webpage to demonstrate how to add items, design layout, and navigate a real webpage • Discuss benefits of using a classroom webpage while demonstrating how to edit and design • Present flip chart activity – ask teachers to come to the flip chart and list two benefits of using a webpage in his/her classroom (assessment activity) • Discuss flip chart activity • Question and answer session
  • 3. Savannah PorterFRIT 7737Assessment: • Observations made by presenter during presentation • Flip chart activity • Post check-up to see which teachers design their own classroom webpage (assess within 2 weeks from date presentation is given)