Information literacy weakness


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Information literacy weakness

  1. 1. Porter 1 Information Literacy WeaknessAfter speaking with the 3rd grade teachers at my school, I found that all of them have hadtrouble with their students’ grasping information literacy standards that are in place forthird graders. The teachers also do not have the resources in their individual classroomsto aid in teaching this content, and they were very excited when I told them that I wouldbe conducting several lessons on this standard with their classes over the next few weeks.The teachers informed me that they always assign a “research based project” but theprojects that the students’ turn in do not portray much knowledge of the skill.The standard that I will focus my UbD lesson plan on is:ELA3W2 The student writes in a variety of genres, including narrative, informational,persuasive, and response to literature. The student produces informational writing (e.g., procedures, report, correspondence) that: f. Uses a variety of resources (encyclopedia, Internet, books) to research and share information on a topic.The third grade classes visit the media center once a week for a period of thirty minutes.For this particular unit, I plan on utilizing the computer lab during “media center time”for the next few weeks. Within these two weeks, students will be assigned an animal toresearch. They will then create a PowerPoint Presentation reflecting their researchedinformation. They will then present (share) their presentations.
  2. 2. Porter 2 Title of Lesson: Content Area: Grade: Designer: The Internet as a Information 3 Savannah Porter Research Source Literacy SkillsStandards:ELA3W2 The student writes in a variety of genres, including narrative, informational,persuasive, and response to literature.The student produces informational writing (e.g., procedures, report, correspondence) that:f. Uses a variety of resources (encyclopedia, Internet, books) to research and shareinformation on a topic.ELA3LSV1 The student uses oral and visual strategies to communicate. The studenta. Adapts oral language to fit the situation by following the rules of conversation with peersand adults.b. Recalls, interprets, and summarizes information presented orally.c. Uses oral language for different purposes: to inform, persuade, or entertain.d. Listens to and views a variety of media to acquire information. STAGE 1 – DESIRED RESULTSUnderstandings: Essential Questions:Students will understand that the internet is a • How do I use research using thesource of information and can be used to internet to enhance my priorresearch particular topics. knowledge?Knowledge and Skills:Students will be able to: • Conduct basic internet search • Create a basic PowerPoint Presentation • Enhance their prior knowledge by using the internet as a research resource STAGE 2 – ASSESSMENT EVIDENCE
  3. 3. Porter 3Performance Task: Other Evidence:Student will demonstrate understanding by Teacher observation of internet andcorrectly designing a PowerPoint PowerPoint usage.Presentation with accurate, advancedinformation. STAGE 3 – LEARNING PLANLearning Activities:This will be completed over a period of time – 30 minutes per class, once a week, for fiveweeksHook:Discuss the internet and its uses using the LCD projector. Use Google to research anuncommon animal and to view pictures, facts, etc. Once the students are on board, assignthem an animal and explain the whole activity. (They will use the internet to find factsabout their assigned animal, and then we will use PowerPoint Presentation to present andshare our findings. This will take several weeks.)Once students are made known of the assignment, follow these steps/questions:Step 1: Get topic.Step 2: What do I need to know about by topic? (formulate questions)Step 3: What sources of information can I use?Step 4: Note taking – Gathering informationStep 5: How can I present my information?Step 6: What can I do differently to improve next time?Required Materials: Encyclopedias, Non-Fiction Books, Internet, Animal CardsAfter two sessions (two weeks) of researching information on the internet, students will betaught how to present their information using Microsoft PowerPoint. Use these steps toteach this second part of the activity.Students will receive instruction on building a PowerPoint Presentation via LCDprojector.Day 1: Title slide and What does it look like slide (with picture)Day 2: Two additional slides and background colors, font, etcDay 3: All slides completed – project finishedStudents will take several days to present their PowerPoint Presentations to their peers.PowerPoint Presentations will also run continuously from the LCD projector in thecafeteria, while classes are eating lunch.