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Michael jackson

  1. 1. Michael Jackson:-I (Sagar Savaliya) have decided to do a case study about Michael Jackson to widen my musicknowledge. The sources I have used togather this information are my own knowledge, Wikipediaand www.michaeljackson.com, (an official website dedicated to Michael Jackson).Michael Jackson, referred to as the “King of music videos” is a highly recognized singer whooriginally started out with influence from R&B and soul music. From the early 80‟s he had ademanding role in the pop music movement, at the same time in which he released his album„thriller‟ which is the best selling album of all time. Michael Jackson has a strong meta narrativein which he changed his personality, appearance, and relationships drastically whichconsequently caused great controversy.Early life:-Michael Jackson was born on the 29th July, 1958. He was the eighth of ten children to come froman African American working class family. Michael claims that his troubled childhood causedhim to succeed in the world of music. He joined the Jackson brothers in 1964, a band formed byfour of his brothers. When Michael was eight, he started singing, lead vocals and subsequentlythe group changed their name to the Jacksons from 1966 to 1968 the band toured the Midweststrongly, in order to gain a name for themselves and succeeded by winning a major local talent
  2. 2. show with cover, of motown, before going on to record several songs which include “Big Boy”in 1967. The magazine rolling stone described the Jackson 5 as “a prodigy:Moving up:-The Jackson 5 signed a record deal with Epic Records( partnered with CBS Records). Theychanged their name to “The Jacksons” with Michael as the lead singer. They touredinternationally at the same time as releasing six new albums between 1976 and 1984. The album“off the wall‟ in which they produced in 1979 proved successful with collaborating artists suchas Stevie wonder and Paul McCartney who helped song write. Also in 1979, Michael broke hisnose in a dance practice, and subsequently complained of breathing difficulties. After, and wasconsequently referred to a doctor to perform his second rhinoplasty and other operations. Thischanged his appearance and the audience became more involved with his life, however hiscarrier was still moving up with success including winning three music awards at the AmericanMusic Awards in 1981.In 1982, Michael Jackson released the album “Thriller” which in 1983 became the world‟s bestselling album of all time selling approximately 110 million copies of the album to this date.
  3. 3. “Thriller” was such a huge success both in MICHAEL JACKSON‟s career and the music worldthat in late 2009 the music video for the for the single “Thriller” was selected for the nationalfilm registry by the library of congress. This music video was also the first music video ever tobe included in this register which suggests his music video was a ground breaking point in musicvideo history. MICHAEL JACKSON developed a grain of voice in which he became noticeablefor his unique and talents by everyone. After famous performances MICHAEL JACKSONmastered his “moonwalk” and implied it as a trademark routine. This was a great promotionaltool due to the fact that everyone knew he was famous for creating the fabulous the “moonwalk”dance move. New York time wrote,” The moonwalk that he made famous is an apt metaphor forhis dance style. How does he do it? As a technical, he is a great illusionist, a genius mine. Hisability to keep one leg straight as he glides while the other bends and seems to walk requiresperfect thing.”MICHAEL JACKSON‟s music video Thriller I like the way the music perfectly matches thenarrative and the camera work covers every detail in order to combine the beat with the imagefor exam. When they are walking the footsteps play in sync with the beat and the melodypositioned perfectly over the top.Pressure from CBS records caused MTV to start showing MJ‟s videos, a channel in whichhesitated at first due to his ethnicity. Videos such As “Scream” and “Beat it” made him constanton MTV, and in turn made MTV just as well known for featuring such an iconic artist.Consequently, in the 1980‟s MTV MICHAEL JACKSON received 11 awards nominations fromMTV for his video‟s „scream‟ and won “best dance video” , “best choreography” and “ best artdirection” as well as being recognized for the most expensive video ever to be produce.Downfall:-
  4. 4. His iconic grain of voice, trademark routines and utter career success caused him to be the centerof attention in the music world; until the media rumored of his downfall. MICHAEL JACKSONhad mildly brown skin throughout his early life. Yet rumors that he had been bleaching his skinappeared after his skin looked lighter from the mid 1980‟s. This change in appearance caused themedia to engross themselves with a new story that would fascinate the world; however hecombated these claims by stating that he was diagnosed with vitiligo and lupus. Which in turnmade his skin lighter? Another factor that changed his appearance was his desire to have adancer‟s physique, in which he lost a lot of weight, his troubled childhood and extreme launchinto fame made him increasingly self-conscious; surgeon‟s conjeclured that he underwent anumber of medical procedures. Including; cheek house surgery, nasal surgery and a forehead lift.Although, this press caused him to earn the name the “KING OF POP” by his fans in the late1980‟s.In may 1994 Michael married the daughter o Elvis presley. Lisa marle Presley. The marriagelasted two years before a divorce; to make way for his second marriage in the late 1990‟s toDeborah Jane Rowe which produced two children before divorcing in 1999.MICHAELJACKSON gained full custody of the children before having a third. through artificialinsemination. In 2002 MICHAEL JACKSON brought his new born son on to a balcony and fanswitnessed him dangling him over the balcony. This first child abuse allegation sparked themedia„s attention and resulted in more bad press. This incident was consequently followed byanother child abuse incident in 2003 to 2005.Final years: -Michael Jackson held a conference at London‟s 02 arena in 2009 explaining he would performon stage one last time, in a series of concerts and “this is it “.Dedicated fans were extremelyexcited for his last comeback; however a few weeks before he was due to perform for the for theconcert. He died from acute propfol intoxication on June 25, 2009 after suffering from a heartattack.Overall, by studding MICHAEL JACKSON in detail I have learnt about his music careerincluding some of the promotional tools used to keep audiences interested. One of the techniquesI noticed that entailed over MICHAEL JACKSON‟s lifetime was the Meta narrative appearance
  5. 5. technique. We see him drastically develop over years from a young dark skinned by to an olderwhite male who underwent a series of facial reconstructions. Although he has had some seriousallegations throughout his career; Michael Jackson will be an iconic symbol for great talent inmusic and creating imaginative music video I believe the sources I used also worked efficientlyin a way that I was able to extract and interpret information successfully. Prepared by: Sagar Savaliya (H-04)