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Product presentation of Savalanche for publishers.

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Savalanche old presentation

  1. 1. Savalanche Online MallsMake Your Online Media a Profitable Marketplace
  2. 2. The Digital Challenge• Publishers today are facing drastic change • Since 2005, print media ad sales has dropped fast while income from digital revenues has grown only 10% (compared to 60% overall digital ad grow). Digital counts still under 10% of the total revenue. • The way people consume content has changed for good. All digital services are competing with online giants like Google and Facebook. • Banner ads are losing their performance in favor of search, email and social media advertising. Even local advertisements have to compete with e.g. daily deals and other couponing services.-> Publishers need to develop new digital products thatanswer the needs of both advertisers and consumers today.
  3. 3. How Savalanche Can Help?• Savalanche provides you a whitelabeled online shopping mall that you can hook with your online medias and audiences• We at Savalanche can help you to: • Get more revenue out of your digital assets • Increase your market value by getting better customer insights • Engage and grow your existing audience • Help you to develop your digital assets using our top notch knowledge about advertising platforms, social media and web 2.0
  4. 4. Increase Your Revenues1. Ecommerce Revenue 2. Get More Online Visitors 3. Grow Existing Business - Sell own products and/or - Products and reviews are - Bring more value to your earn money by allowing valuable content that people audience and advertisers merchants to sell their goods search and share in your media FB Graph Online Mall branded and Integrate to Media integrated to your media(s) PRINT MEDIA | SEARCH ENGINES | SOCIAL MEDIA Sell Product Ads Sharing Rent Commerce Space for a a) monthly fee SEO 2. and / or 3. b) sales commission 1. Ads Sell Own Products & Offer Facebook Subscriptions Exclusives Content Monetise Community
  5. 5. Get More Customer Insights• Your audience is your most Targeted Ads Print Media Online Media valuable asset. The more you - Subscriptions - Visited pages - CRM Data - IP analytics know about them, the more Circulation CMS you are worth to the System advertisers.• Combining data from multiple Identity mgmt sources owned by you, you can provide targeted and Subscriber Offers Social Reader personalised service in each of the channels. SSO• Savalanche provides centralized identity Social Shopping management services and various tools for user control. Online Mall Facebook And of course opt-out and - Purchase History - Friends others mandated by law. - Interests - Demographics
  6. 6. Build Better Shopping Experience1. Content drives traffic. The most valuable asset of a media is the content thatdrives traffic both directly and via search engines and social media. By combining themedia content and a store with interesting selections we can create an outstandingcombination that lures visitors from multiple sources.2. Targeted offers. By collecting relevant product selections for the customers andintelligently targeting products to visitors of the media, we can create impulsivepurchase decisions3. Centralized shopping experience. By bringing products from several merchantsunder the same roof we can create meaningfull product selections that consumersdesire. Shared shopping cart gives consumer an easy way of ordering products frommultiple vendors in one order/payment.4. Community. Social media is a great customer service platform but it can also workas an efficient marketing and sales booster. Social shopping features are available as adefault in our solutions.
  7. 7. Savalanche Publisher SolutionsSavalanche provides tools and services for publishers to build social,integrated marketplaces to reach media consumers inside their online mediasECommerce Solutions Online Mall Web Store• Online Mall for building online marketplaces (shop-in-shop)• Webstore for selling your own subscriptions and other products via multiple channelsAdvertising and Marketing Solutions• Product based advertisement Product Ads Facebook Apps platform that integrates to your online medias and malls• Facebook marketing and viral applications to monetise and grow your social media audience
  8. 8. Savalanche Online MallAs a SaaS based cloudservice, Savalanche iscustomized to your Online Shopping Mallmedia and ready for provides a new andaction in a few days. effortless business modelFree self service by allowing advertisersinterface for merchantsto setup online store and merchants all over theand rent commerce world to sell their goodsspace and services withinAutomated processes, popular online mediasrevenue sharing andpayment processing
  9. 9. Savalanche Web StoreSavalanche Webstore is amultichannel webstorethat works in web, Savalanche Webstore is aFacebook and mobiles. full featured and flexibleYou can sell anything: SaaS based ecommercesubscriptions, products, platform that isdigital goods, services, customised to fit intotickets… special needs of aIntegrates to your publishers.circulation system andERP.
  10. 10. Savalanche Product AdsSavalanche Product Adsintegrate to your siteseamlessly usingjavascript or iframetechnologies.Ads can be targeted toyour audience/site orthey can be shown incarousel.Self service interface foradvertisers to purchaseand manage campaigns
  11. 11. Facebook Applications• Savalanche has two main Facebook Apps Savalanche Savalanche that we customize for each customer Storefront Social Reader• Savalanche Storefront is our base for social shopping experience. It includes Facebook Login FB Login for shoppers and allows people to share and recommend products. Facebook Open Graph• Savalanche Social Reader is our Comments, like, share upcoming App for publishers to share and spread their content in Facebook. Store on Social Reader Concept is succesfully executed by Facebook page on Facebook Washington Post and Guardian, reaching tabs page tabs millions of new readers in Facebook. Store on Social Reader• Both Apps use Facebook OpenGraph API application on application to maximise the viral effect on sharing canvas canvas products or content.
  12. 12. Build Integrated Shopping Experince Community Social Commerce Commerce Content Widgets Content Sharing Content Social ReaderSocial WidgetsProduct Ads, Links
  13. 13. Provision / Rental Based Business Model Commerce space rentals:~0-2k€/m (as priced by the publisher)Merchant Online Media 3.5% +60c* $ Order and payment 60c payment transaction fee is collected for all Finnish bank payments and all Consumer bank transfers. For PayPal And credit cards, we take no extra processing fee.
  14. 14. Pricing Packages Webstore Online Malls Premium Standard Premium 5-10 k€ No starting or monthly fees 5-10 k€Monthly fee or Provision 3,5% + No provision fees, collected fromprovision 3,5% payment fees merchantsUnique Design Optional customisation of store and Unique Design included checkout UI 1000-3000€ includedConsultation, training, system integrations, customisations and other extrawork are billed as hourly work or via separately made project offerNote! We also offer our service as customised whitelabel service for publishersand merchants. Ask for details and offer from us!
  15. 15. Architecture and InterfacesPublisher media inventories, as extended by Savalanche Publisher Advertisers & Merchants Premium Ad Inventory Ad Servers Ad Networks DSPs Yield Management, Ad Exchanges … Unsold … DMP’s Ad … Inventory Savalanche Product Ads Savalanche Webstore CRM • Advanced Targeting & Retargeting • All Inclusive Webstore in Content • Optimised CTR Integrated Ads 15 min! ERP • Multi channel sales • Detailed Analytics ECommerce Savalanche Shopping Mall • Safe & Ready Payments Platform • Branded Shop-in-Shop solution for Media • Recommendations • High class SEO and social features • Facebook integrated Circulation • Flexible pricing model set by the publisher Mgmt
  16. 16. Savalanche Online MallsOnline Mall Examples for Medias
  17. 17. Online Marketplaces• Online Marketplace is a generic large online store, where suppliers and merchants can sell their goods. People come to marketplace to look for products (or services). Examples:, Ebay…• In marketplace build by Savalanche, publishers can also offer their readers a shopping channel and good deals. Marketplace can be limited to subscribers only, making added value for print customers.• Combined with good Google ranking of large medias, marketplace can act as a large source of visitors to your media site, or it can directly serve advertisements in a shopping mall.• To whom: • Newspapers • Yellow Pages companies • Broadcast medias • Any online service with wide audience
  18. 18. Shopping Clubs / Theme Malls• Shopping Clubs are usually malls that concentrate on relatively narrow product selection aimed for a certain user group (e.g. Fashion for women). Clubs usually require registration or even an invite before they let you enter the store. Examples: Gilt Groupe, Hautelook, Ideeli.• Theme malls are open to all, but have product selections that aim for narrower user groups. They usually have also editorial content and very active communities linked on commerce site.• Potential Themes for these kind of stores (that usually match most target groups) • Women (Fashion, Beauty, Shoes…) • Children (Clothes, accessories, toys) • Hobbies (that media is aimed too, e.g. Golf, Cars…) • Home (interiors, garden, food…) • Gadgets (electronics, computers, software etc) • Local services (for local medias)• To whom: • Magazines and others medias with clear target groups
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