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Stallion Brochure

Stallion Brochure



The stallion forms the very backbone of the Indian Army\'s Logistics operations. Ashok Leyland, a pioneer in the design and development of defence vehicles, including the stallions, making them the ...

The stallion forms the very backbone of the Indian Army\'s Logistics operations. Ashok Leyland, a pioneer in the design and development of defence vehicles, including the stallions, making them the largest supllier of logistics vehicles to the Indian Army.



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    Stallion Brochure Stallion Brochure Document Transcript

    • Reliability. Simplicity. Innovation.
    • “ A History of Reliability In 1956, representatives of the All India Motor Union Congress (AIMUC) drove from India in an Ashok Leyland Comet to the venue of the Fifth Congress of the International Road Transport Union held in Stockholm, Sweden. A journey of 16,500 miles, through 17 countries travelling on roads from autobahns to rugged and rocky desert tracks without even a minor breakdown. “Clock wise from top left - Mk VIII Centaur tanks built at Leyland taking part in the Italian campaign in 1943; A military prototype vehicle being tested by Defianceat Michigan (USA); Light Specialist Vehicle - An all-wheel drive (4X4), multi-purpose, all-terrain vehicle; 1963 – OT 64 (SKOT) armoured carrier’s chassis unitsmanufactured by AVIA.
    • Ashok LeylandAutomotive Excellence with Global FootprintAshok Leyland, the flagship company of the Hinduja Group, is a leading manufacturer oftrucks, buses, special application vehicles and engines with a global footprint that spansacross 30 countries in Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle Eastand Africa.Founded in 1948 and headquartered in Chennai (India), Ashok Leyland started manufac-turing commercial vehicles in 1954, with technology from and equity participation byLeyland Motors Ltd (UK). In 1987, the Hinduja Group gained a controlling interest inAshok Leyland when it acquired the UK-based Land Rover Leyland International HoldingsLtd (LRLIH).Ashok Leyland has established a tradition of technological leadership and a strongreputation for product reliability. Its in-house comprehensive R&D base complemented byits collaboration with global technology leaders has contributed to several technologicalfirsts. Ashok Leyland has state-of-the-art plants in India. Ashok Leyland harnesses thecapabilities of its associate companies AVIA (Prague, Czech Republic), Optare (Leeds,UK), Defiance (Detroit, USA), Hinduja Foundries (Chennai, India) and AlbonAir(Dortmund, Germany).Extending its expertise to the defence sector, for over three decades, Ashok Leyland hasbeen a pioneer in the design, development and manufacture of special vehicles, servingthe Indian Army and other international customers.
    • “ A Baptism by Fire The Kargil Conflict in 1999 between India and Pakistan also referred to as Operation Vijay (Victory in Hindi) is one of the most recent examples of high altitude warfare in mountainous terrain that posed significant logistical problems for the combating sides. The Stallion which forms the bulk of the Indian Army’s logistical vehicles proved its reliability and serviceability with 95% “ operational availability during the operation.A convoy of Stallions at Zoji Pass at an elevation of 3,528 metres (Picture Courtesy: The Hindu)
    • Ashok Leyland DefenceA pioneer in the design, development and manufacture of vehicles for the Indian armedforces, Ashok Leyland is ranked among the world’s largest producers of medium dutydefence vehicles today.Ashok Leyland’s defence vehicles have served the armed forces in various groundsupport roles from troop carriers to special application logistical and tactical vehicles.Its reliable diesel engines have been used to power vehicles, boats, cranes, groundstarter aggregates, compressors and generators.Ashok Leyland has been supporting the modernization of the Indian Army by develop-ing a host of logistical vehicles with military payloads ranging from 1.5 to 16 tonnes forLight Specialty Vehicles (LSV), Mine Protected Vehicles (MPV), General Services Role,Light Recovery Vehicles, High Mobility Vehicles, Fire Fighting Trucks, Field ArtilleryTractors and other special applications.Ashok Leyland Defence offers end-to-end solutions around its proven vehicle platformssuch as the Stallion to meet the logistical requirements of armed forces around theworld. The solutions for each vehicle platform include modular packages for training,maintenance, electronic publications and a fleet management system as a standardfeature. This solution approach translates into operational flexibility, high reliability andcost effectiveness for customers in the defence industry.
    • “ A Name that inspires Trust A name that has designed and delivered the largest number of logistics vehicles over 60,000 Stallions to the Indian Army. A name that has designed a vehicle that is reliable in temperatures ranging from -35 degrees celsius to +55 degrees Celsius, altitudes from sea level to 5500m and terrains from desert sands to snow and ice. Ashok Leyland, the name that thousands of soldiers “ in the Indian Army trust in. Stallion End-to-End Logistical Defence Solution Ashok Leyland Defence provides an end-to-end logistical defence solution with the Stallion 4x4 and Stallion 6x6. The Stallion which is designed for reliability, high mobility, off-road tactical capabilities and protection is available as a complete package to customers along with modular Modular solutions such as Fleet Management System, maintenance Maintenance Kits kits, training packages, electronic publications along with Modular Training global warehouse support. Packages Drive Variants Fleet Management The Stallion 4x4 and Stallion 6x6 have tackled the toughest System challenges - altitudes ranging from sea level to 5500 Standardised Bodies metres, temperatures ranging from -35 Degrees Celsius to Electronic +55 Degrees Celsius on varied terrains from the sands of Publications the Thar Desert to the mountainous regions of Kargil. The Transmissions Stallion range with its proven reliability is the vehicle Stallion platform of choice for medium duty defence vehicles across multiple logistical and tactical applications. Local Warehousing
    • “ A Rich Defence Heritage Ashok Leyland draws inspiration from a rich defence heritage. From producing Mk VIII Centaur tanks built in Leyland (UK) during World War II, to manufacturing chassis units for the OT 64 (SKOT) armoured carrier for the Czech army in the 1960’s, to developing a host of modern special application vehicles over three decades of partnership with the Indian Army. “
    • Stallion-Applications APPLICATION 4x4 6x6A Solution for Every Mission Troop Carrier with Armoured CabThe Stallion range offers various drivelineconfigurations and standard bodies for Troop Carriereach configuration. All base variants areavailable in Right Hand Drive or Left Hand Troop Carrier with CraneDrive, Manual Transmission or AutomaticTransmission and Armoured andNon-Armoured Cabs. Ashok Leyland Fuel BowserDefence also offers Stallion kits to variousmanufacturers who sell armoured vehicles Water Bowserand Mine Protected Vehicles (MPV). Recovery Vehicle ISO Container / Twist Locks Fire Fighting Trucks Tipper MPV Kits
    • “ Musarkisus The Assyrian Army’s Special Logistics Branch The Assyrian invention of large cavalry squadrons brought into existence the ‘Musarkisus’ a special branch of the logistics train to ensure that the army could secure, breed, new forces. The ‘Musarkisus’ was able to obtain and train 3,000 horses a month for the Assyrian army. “ train, and deploy large numbers of horses to support these Modular Maintenance Kits The modular maintenance kits are compact and provide a ‘fail-proof’ approach to preventive maintenance. The ready to deploy kits are available in portable boxes which are easy to handle and to use. This also ensures that maintenance activities can be performed anywhere without involving any major preparation. The kits provide a cost-effective solution as they can be procured even at low volume requirements. The Fleet Management System that is a standard feature also tracks the requirement of kits according to scheduled maintenance intervals and provides alerts accordingly.
    • Modular Training Operator (Driver) Training Vehicle Familiarisation Basic  Advanced The comprehensive training programmeis based on ‘train the trainer’ philosophy Aggregates Familiarisation  where selected customer personnel Off-Road Training undergo intensive training by Ashok Troubleshooting on the Move Leyland Defence. Once certified, they Training Room Kitcan train personnel on site and issueofficial “User Training Certificates”. Both Driving Simulator trainers and end-users will have to Wall Charts  undergo refresher courses at periodicintervals to retain and renew their Maintenance (Mechanic) Training Basic Advancedcertification. Ashok Leyland Defence Basic Removal and Refitment of Aggregates  offers extended warranty based on the Troubleshooting on the Move  attendance of trainers and end-users forrefresher courses. The modular training Maintenance and Adjustments  packages include both basic and Complete Maintenance and Overhaul advanced training for operators and Operational Troubleshooting maintenance crews. Training Room Kit Aggregate Cut Sections and Working Models  Wall Charts  
    • “ The 2½ - ton truck is our most valuable weapon The year was 1944 and there was acute shortage of supplies after the breakout of Normandy as 28 divisions advanced across France and Belgium. The Red Ball Express, an enormous convoy system was established to supply forward-area combat units. When the Red Ball Express ended on 16 November 1944, truckers food and other essentials. The success of the operation led American General George S. Patton to make his famous “ had delivered 412,193 tons of gas, oil, lubricants, ammunition, observation, "The 2 1/2-ton truck is our most valuable weapon”. Electronic Publications Ashok Leyland Defence’s Electronic Publications include user handbook, maintenance manual and parts catalogue. The publications are designed to help both drivers and maintenance crews familiarize themselves with the vehicle. The digital format of the publications has user-friendly navigation and advanced search functionality to simplify the entire parts ordering process. This helps save time and cost by reducing the possibility of incorrect orders. Detroit (USA) Honduras Panama Global Warehouse Network Peru Ashok Leyland has dedicated warehouses to ensure easy access and availability of spares for customers worldwide. The warehouses are located in eight countries spread across four continents viz.: India, Argentina, Czech Republic, Egypt, Thailand, South Africa, UAE and South Africa. The warehouses provide ongoing support through this global network to ensure immediate spares availability and response.
    • Leeds (UK) Ukraine Dortmund (Germany) Prague (Czech Republic) Cairo (Egypt) Dhaka Shanghai (China) Ras al-Khaimah (UAE) (Bangladesh) INDIA Thailand Vietnam Nigeria Colombo (Sri Lanka) Kenya Angola Mauritius Johannesburg (South Africa)Chile
    • “ Amateurs talk about tactics, but professionals study logistics A well-worn saying that is attributed to General Omar Bradley also known as the “soldier’s general”. He led American operations in North Africa and Sicily during WWII before he was made commander of the U.S. ground forces during the D-Day beach invasion of Normandy, France. When he spoke of the importance of logistics, he was only echoing what Sun Tzu spoke about mastering logistics as a cornerstone of successful operation over 2,500 years ago in his treatise “The Art of War.” “ LEE T MANAGEMEN TS Modular and Scalable Fleet DF TE NDE Tra OL UT I Management System ets ss ckin O The Ashok Leyland Defence Fleet Management System is EX tA gF N lee l available as a standard package on the Stallion range to s Tra ntre F ee ensure increased operational efficiency and uptime for fleets. ck a g tU gin Command Ce The simple and easy to use interface requires minimal sag nd Trac I Vehicle Mana Fleet training for fleet managers, drivers and maintenance crews to e Management log vehicle data and generate relevant reports. It helps fleet e System managers track fleet usage and service complaints and plan scheduled preventive maintenance. Onli ints rol & pla ne ont Online dashboards and reports provide easy to use graphical om sh Da Dio C bo C representation of the vehicles in the fleet, current availability th ice gn a rd wi s S erv status of vehicles, planned and corrective maintenance o sti n io cs I D rat activities. Driver and mechanic training programmes can also teg be monitored through these dashboards. The solution ynam In ic Logistics I enables fleet commanders to monitor the fuel usage, vehicle performance and availability of individual vehicles in the fleet which aid forward planning for missions.
    • Extended Fleet ManagementSolutionAshok Leyland Defence also offers an extended Telematicsbased Fleet Management Solution. The end-to-end integratedsolution helps fleet managers reduce fuel costs, maintenancecosts and turnaround time of the vehicles resulting in loweroperational costs. The solution offers fleet managers informationincluding vehicle diagnostics, vehicle movement data (likelocation, speed, etc.) in real-time through mobile devices andonline dashboards. This provides complete flexibility for fleetmanagers to manage defence logistical requirements and ensurebetter fleet utilisation.
    • ABOUT ASHOK LEYLANDFor over five decades, Ashok Leyland, the flagship of the Hinduja Group in India,has been a major presence in the Indian Commercial Vehicle industry. TheCompany’s product range spans from 7.5 T GVW to 49T GTW in trucks, from 18seaters to 80 seaters in buses and a host of special application vehicles anddiesel engines and with the 50:50 joint venture with Nissan Motor Company, willbecome a full-range player by entering the commercial vehicle space.Over 700,000 Ashok Leyland vehicles ply on Indian and foreign roads. AshokLeyland buses carry over 60 million passengers every day! The Company is alsothe largest supplier of logistics vehicles to the Indian Army.As part of its globalization plans, AVIA Ashok Leyland Motors in Prague (CzechRepublic) is the Ashok Leyland’s beach head in Europe, a 26% stake in Optareplc., a well-known bus maker in the UK gives wheels to the Company’s GlobalBus and Coach Programme and Albonair, established in Germany, is involved inthe development of clean, green technology. The Company has forged 50:50Joint Ventures (JV) with John Deere (USA) to enter the construction equipmentbusiness; with the Alteams Group (Finland) for the manufacture of High PressureDie Casting extruded aluminum products and with Continental AG (Germany) forthe design, development and adaptation of infotronic products and services forthe transportation sector.No.1 Sardar Patel Road, Guindy, Chennai - 600 032. Phone: +91 44 2220 6000 Fax: +91 44 2220 6001Email: defence@ashokleyland.com; Website: www.defence.ashokleyland.com