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I believe is a book which happened by chance. A collection of beliefs that have passed generations down to me and finally found their way into this book. These beliefs have helped me be happy and make positive changes in the lives of people I have shared them with. I hope in someway or the other, they help you too!

Saurabh Sharma
Tuticorin 2012

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I believe

  1. 1. I believe I BELIEVE Beliefs that have made me a happier human. Potpourri books Saurabh Sharma Saurabh Sharma
  2. 2. I believePublished by Potpourri BooksFirst published in 2012This book is sold subject to the condition that it can be shared freely with others.It’s perfectly okay to be lent, hired out and otherwise circulated without thepublisher’s prior consent. In fact, we encourage it!No rights reserved. Any part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted inany form or by any means, electronic or mechanical including photocopying,recording, or any other information storage and retrieval system, withoutpermission in writing from the Publisher. All we ask is to be credited.Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alikecc by-nc-saThis Creative Commons license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon thisbook non-commercially, as long as they credit this work and license their newcreations under the identical terms. Others can download and redistributecontents of this book just like the by-nc-nd license, but they can also translate,make remixes, and produce new stories based on this book. All new work basedon this work will carry the same license, so any derivatives will also be non-commercial in nature.Cover design & Photography: anjana@anjanasinghwi.com Saurabh Sharma
  3. 3. I believe ADVANCE PRAISEOutstanding. Marveling. Something that leaves a great impact on your mind andconjures you to ponder over the kind of life you are leading. A must read.Saurav VaishBestselling Author, Love happens so does a break up.Treasure trove of life lessons. This book is my recommendation to any age.Badari Prasad M.S.Vice PresidentM/s BluvalueDubaiSimple little gems of life have been described in such a beautiful way in thisbook. A book for Everybody from Everywhere!!Ankur AgarwalCEO, MlmGlobalUniversity.comRead “I Believe” with a pen in your hand and as you read it, jot down all theactions that you are inspired to take! If we accomplish even 10% of thoseactions, we would have lived the PURPOSE of our LIVES! I am already at it!RatanKKIIM A Alumnus & Founder AssociateGutsGo eMarketingI Believe is a wonderful read for people of all ages, people from all walks oflife- for people who wish to live powerful and profound lives.Sona RamaniIndependent Thinker, TEDx OrganizerI believe is a bag of pearls of lessons for life. Penning down ones life Saurabh Sharma
  4. 4. I believeexperiences as a book and reaching it out to individuals will CONTRIBUTE tothe betterment of the individual, his family, society and thus, to the world. Ibelieve is a must read for people who wish to live up to: Veni, Vidi, Vici ( Icame, I saw, I Conquered) and make a positive difference.N S RamasubramanianFreelance Writer, Engineer, BHELOne of the most inspirational books to de-shape and reshape your life. Instills adie hard attitude with the softest of lessons within you.Syed Muhammad Mudassir,Webpreneur, Motivational Speaker Saurabh Sharma
  5. 5. I believe AcknowledgementsThese words of gratitude can never make up for the good people have done tome.Mom and Dad, for believing in me.Kiruba Shankar, for providing me with a marvelous opportunity to work withhim on his book. The lessons I learnt from him and the process of bringing hisbook to life helped me in innumerable ways.Lakshmi Charanya Sinha, for her constant encouragement, love and support.Anjana Singhwi, for creatively designing the book cover and being aninspiration.Swetha Viswanathan, for being a true friend and critic.Sharanika, Nandhini and Sruthi for providing me with valuable insights on eachchapter.Harren Sujitha for being really supportive and helping me proof-read the book.Ramola and Samuel Zacharia, for editing and bringing the book to shape.And lastly,You, for picking up this book and giving it your valuable time.I am grateful. Saurabh Sharma
  6. 6. I believe So called Foreword.Life is all about meeting the right person, don’t you think so too? I met Saurabh, my lifehappened.It is but obvious that I am going to praise Saurabh in this column, so let me dive in full-fledged,no subtlety here; I also promise you guys that the following contents are not exaggerated.So here are the highlight-able qualities in Saurabh…He has this superpower to appreciate the good in others, he easily screens those tiny things we dofor which we crave to be appreciated but is missed by the human eye.Saurabh is exceptional in giving out. He loves to share. Being a person who would fidget toshare a piece of chocolate with my brother, I find it a Jesus Christ quality. He and the big heart ofhis. Saurabh believes sharing knowledge is as important as breathing. He Believes in growing byhelping others grow.Adding charm to his already sweetheart personality is his simplicity. Simplicity in everythingand anything he does. Very sorted out. Very mature. Very simple.Another superstar quality of his is his ability to let go. It comes so naturally to him. No matterhow bad the hurt, He would forgive and let go. (I find it annoying though ;p)Balance is one word that pops out of his mouth once every 23 seconds. He is a man who believesin having the best of both worlds.Unending is his thirst to learn. He keeps telling me, “knowledge, wherever it comes from, grabit”. Such an opportunist this fellow.And in bigger ratio than the others, I love his self-confidence, how he is never scared of thinkingbig and is always open to anything life throws at him.How he keeps it all going, he is thankful. He lives by Gratitude. He is honestly thankful for hislife.He is not all angel but I can’t really point out any of his negatives because you see he taught meto see only good in others. Saurabh Sharma
  7. 7. I believeThis book has all his goodie thoughts, sieved. It is what he believes made a difference in his lifeand is sure will make a difference in your life too. Last New Year he told me that his resolutionwas to help 20 people make positive changes in their life. That’s how this book was born.The book was surrounded with happy energy right from its inception. I am sure it will fill you upwith so much positivity and will change your perception of life for good. Be ready to see and feela happy new you; a happy new world.Lakshmi Charanya Sinha- The happiest person Saurabh claims to have met.Mumbai 2012 Saurabh Sharma
  8. 8. I believe IntroductionThis book is a humble compilation of lessons and ideas that have worked for me. I have learntsome really good lessons along the short journey I have managed to survive. These ideas havedone a world of good to me and the people I have shared it with.I believe in the power of sharing and hence this book was born. I sincerely hope you find someof the ideas useful, I hope you derive inspiration from others and I also hope you disagree withsome and quickly email me your perspective because I love learning. Just by the way, I am astudent, not a guru. :)Happy reading! Saurabh Sharma
  9. 9. I believe My Thanks To you, who brought me into this world, You gave me my greatest gift. To you, who taught me, You helped me grow. To you, who inspired me, You gave me strength. To you, who helped me, You were my backbone. To you, the invisible force behind everything, You did all the magic. Finally, To you, who backstabbed, criticized and broke my heart, You gave me this book. Saurabh Sharma
  10. 10. I believe The Art of Appreciation The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated. - William James, Doctor and Pioneering psychologist.There is something common inside every one of us. Humans are creatures ofemotion and we constantly demand attention and appreciation.Just as a musician knows the right notes to be played to produce a great piece ofmusic, a people person or in other words, someone whom everyone likes to bewith, has mastered the art of appreciation. These people genuinely appreciate,acknowledge and give credit to others exactly at those right moments and guesswhat? It sounds like great music to those being appreciated. It never ceases toamuse me how much happiness people derive out of a single compliment. I havehad people call me up just so I would repeat the words of appreciation I haduttered to them. Some of them demand reasons and even want me to elaborateon my appreciation. The point is loud and clear: People love to be appreciated!There is another real benefit if you use appreciation wisely. Whatever aspect ofbehaviour you appreciate in the other person, you can be sure they will repeatthis more often. What happens for example, when a woman genuinelyappreciates and thanks her man for something he did, or for the things he doesthat make her happy? The man will be more than willing and happy to do thosevery things which in turn bring more happiness to both. Take what happenswhen a boss appreciates his employee for the timely completion of a task? Thenext time around, in most cases, the person will complete his tasks well in time.Therefore, express genuine gratitude, appreciation, respect and love. All of thesehave a hidden positive force in them. They make pleasant things happen, turnthings around, make people smile, feel joy in their hearts and will make ourplanet a happier place. Saurabh Sharma
  11. 11. I believe The Six Human NeedsAnthony Robbins is one of the best guides in the world when in the field ofpersonal development. His ideas have influenced my thought processprofoundly. From his study on why people do what they do, he observes howhuman behaviour arises from six basic needs. It doesnt matter if youre fromIndia, Israel, South America or Central Africa; every human being has these sixfundamental needs. Understanding of these basic human needs has transformedmy life dramatically and thus I have included it as one of the chapters in thebook.These are the six:Certainty: All of us want certainty. Humans as a species like to be certain aboutthings. When in love, we want our partner to continuously let us know that theylove us. We want assurance and security. Most people prefer a steady job tostarting a business because they can be certain about getting paid at the end ofevery month. Now this would make you wonder what makes people start abusiness.God has designed us so magnificently; he knew that if we were going to becertain about each and everything, we would get bored. So the contradictorysecond human need is:Uncertainty: Do we like surprises? Yes, many of us do. We like excitement. Weenjoy variety. The people who have more of this need end up taking risks andbuilding huge businesses. People who like adventure, people who are out goingin nature revel in this need.Significance: We all need to feel important, special, valued and unique. Peoplefind a way to fulfill this need in different ways. For example, someone may feelsignificant by making more money, others by being more spiritual or some evenby smoking a cigarette. A big reason why violence and terrorism exists isbecause it is a quick way to feel super significant even if you have no money,background culture or education. Think about this: How significant was Osama? Saurabh Sharma
  12. 12. I believeLove and connection: This is a fundamental need. Margaret Mead, theanthropologist, puts it beautifully: “One of the oldest human needs is havingsomeone to wonder where you are, when you dont come home at night.” Theneed to belong is one of the strongest among humans. Different people dodifferent things to satisfy this need. Some like walking in nature to feel a part ofit, others join prayer groups, and many create friendships or bring up pets. Thereare exceptions to all rules however, some people will settle for simpleconnections as they find love and commitment too scary!The above four needs are of the personality. Everyone finds their own way tomeet them in one way or the other. The following two are the needs of the soulas Robbins calls them. He says it is possible for you to meet the above four andstill not feel fulfilled. In order to feel fulfilled these are the two needs must besatisfied:Growth: If we do not grow we die. If you or your business or your relationshipsare not growing you are going to feel dead inside irrespective of how muchmoney you have or how many friends you have. Benjamin Franklin sums it upperfectly: “When youre finished changing, youre finished.”Contribute: The last of the six is the need to contribute. I strongly believe wegrow in order that we contribute and add value. I wrote this book motivated bythe need to contribute. As strange as it sounds; the secret to living is giving. Lifeis not about I but WE. I am sure weve had times when we have just sharedsomething or given away something we like and we felt really good. This isnothing but soul food and the sixth need being satisfied.Once we understand these needs and start looking at peoples behaviour,figuring out the reason or the need that is motivating them to do or not dosomething, we will be able to view things from their perspective and then trulyunderstand them as a person. This will help us rewire and change the dynamicsof human relationships in a very positive way. We will have fewermisunderstandings, less arguments and fewer disappointments. All that willremain will be love and understanding among people irrespective of theirnationality, sex, colour, background or education. Saurabh Sharma
  13. 13. I believe The elixir called Love “Love doesnt begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle. Love is a war. Love is growing up.” ~ James Baldwin Love is lifes sunshine! A Life without love is like, A tree without leaves Internet without Google A page without words. Fall in love with love, thats when you start growing within! Go out there, and fill in the empty pages of your life. Let the person you love, know you love them. Say those three magical words a million times like there is no tomorrow. Fall head over heels for someone madly, Dance when you are showered with love, Cry when you are hurt. Surrender yourself to the mercy of love and love will teach you some of lifes greatest lessons. Saurabh Sharma
  14. 14. I believe Think like a Good Lawyer. “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” -Wayne DyerFew weeks back I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Vijayakumar, an eminentlawyer. He is a family friend and a father figure to me. We sat down to dinnerand discussed various career options that I was considering. Writing a bookwasnt an option at that time! We spoke about a number of issues ranging frommoney to relationships and to understanding people. During that talk heunknowingly taught me one the most important lessons in life.This is what he told me: “Saurabh, learn to think like a good lawyer.”As I wondered how to go about thinking like a good lawyer, he continued“Good lawyers are trained to think from their client’s perspective. They alwaystry to understand things from the other person’s point of view. What this does isit gives them an edge in handling relationships.” I didnt quite get what it meantat that moment. I drove back home mulling over this idea. Only later did Irealize its potential.Imagine for a moment a world full of lawyers, people who are trained to thinkfrom the other person’s perspective. There will be a fundamental change in theway people understand human affairs.This story serves to illustrate its meaning. A farmer tells his young boy, “Son thecrop in this field will grow knee height by summer.” His son innocently asks:“your knee or mine, Dad?”Different people have different views of the same situation. When you learn tosee a situation from the other persons view, they may no longer stand wrong.This approach can help avoid so many misunderstandings. Many of lifesproblems are nothing but misunderstandings. Pull out the weeds of Saurabh Sharma
  15. 15. I believemisunderstanding from their roots and there will be less problems in yourgarden of life.Healthy your garden, healthy the other persons garden, healthy the world. Saurabh Sharma
  16. 16. I believe Death Almost everything--all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure--these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart. – Steve JobsLet’s say your institution requires an annual medical report. You proceed to getan advanced medical check-up done for the year. Imagine walking to thehospital and getting all the tests done. You go through the scans, blood tests andMRIs. You are told that you will be given a call informing you when to collectyour reports.That night your doctor calls. He asks you to come to his clinic first thing in themorning with no further information. Will you be able to sleep soundly thatnight? I doubt it. Anxious about what the matter could be, you plan be at thedoctors clinic an hour before it opens.You meet the doctor the next day. Looking at the reports he tells you that he hasfound a rare tumor developing in your brain. He informs you that it cannot beoperated on. The look on his face is serious and his tone is really low. Heapologizes for the bad news and says it is his duty to inform you that youperhaps have six months to live.How would you react? What would you do? Panic and Cry? Go intodepression? No. You would want to get a second opinion from a better doctor,get a third opinion fly abroad to get a fourth opinion. All of them tell you thesame thing. Tumor in the brain! Cannot be operated! Six months to live!How would you lead the next six months of your life? Would you live the sameway you did the six months gone by? I doubt it. You will most likely live tryingto make every minute count. You would never take people for granted. Youwould live with an awareness of the things that really matter. Saurabh Sharma
  17. 17. I believeIf you dont believe this, walk into a cancer ward nearby and ask the people whohave been told that they have cancer how their attitudes were you before theywere told about their disease. These patients will simply say that they were justlike YOU!My message to you is stop thinking that you or people around you are going tolive forever. Stop taking things for granted and make your days count. Live witha higher purpose in life. Do good and be good so that people say after youveleft this earthly life: “Here lived a beautiful soul.”“What would I choose to do if today was the last day of my life?” - Steve Jobsasked himself often this question to live an outrageously fulfilling life. Mysuggestion is that you do too. Saurabh Sharma
  18. 18. I believe ParentingA few months back on a Sunday evening I told my father that I was working onan idea. He smiled as I went on, I said: “I am planning to write a self-helpbook.” I told him that I wanted to pen down the essence of various philosophies.He heard to me patiently and then responded with just two words: "Go ahead."That was it! I went all out to make this dream of mine come true. I had no ideaabout how to get it done. However, things miraculously started falling in place.Today you are reading the book!The moral support and the push I got from my father at the initial stage is whatmade this entire book come to life. This proves how significant a role parentsplay in their childs success and how their support help overcome all hurdles. Bythis I dont mean that every decision of a child should be influenced by his/herparents. That’s where the art of smart parenting comes into play.I may not be fully qualified to comment on this, but what I have learnt issummed up in this dedication to the unsung heroes who have been entrustedwith this important and challenging job. - “Bringing up the generation X kids”1. Walk the talk: Parents, who preach, always find themselves preaching andthey never get beyond it. Children will also inculcate that it is what you do butnot what you say that is important. It is good to talk, but much better to walk thetalk.2. Play different roles: In the journey of a childs life, there are many occasionswhen parents are required to change their roles to help their children grow. Theyneed to play the role of a friend, a teacher, a mentor at different times. Someparents resist change roles. Be a friend and get into the childs shoes to see andlearn from their perspective. Get to know your child through their eyes. Get toknow the company your kids keep as that’s what is going to shape them. Beflexible in changing roles and you will in-turn change their world. Saurabh Sharma
  19. 19. I believe3. Inspire: Parents are the only windows through which children get a glimpseof the world. Make sure you let them see the infinite possibilities. Inspire themto be great human beings by being a great human being yourself. Saurabh Sharma
  20. 20. I believe Happiness – The essence of life Happiness is the mother of all desires.I was talking to an old friend a few weeks back and I randomly ended up askingher what her goal in life was, what was that she wanted out of life? I expectedher to response to be very cliché like: “My goal is to become a doctor, engineer,or to make money." I was quite gob smacked by her response. She said: “WellMy goal ??Umm...to be happy and try to keep people around me happy.”I wanted to hear more, I wanted reasons. She said I feel happy when I do thethings I love. Be it cracking people up with a joke or painting. I asked her whatshe would do if she had no choice but to take up a job she did not love. She wasquick to respond: "I either find a way to love my job or I will find the job Ilove.” Life is simple; it’s we who complicate it. Go figure!More than the logic in her statement it was her attitude that impressed me.In a world which is driven by material motivations, sales targets, projectdeadlines and high flying ambitions, her answer really made me think. At theend of the day, its emotions that count. We run the marathon of our livesbecause we think when we reach the finish line we would feel a certainway, probably feel happy.The latter part of her answer also made a lot of sense to me. People do notremember who the richest person in their community is but they will rememberthe person who made them happy.I am not saying, try to please everyone. That isn’t possible either. But it is amatter of fact that we can do a world of good to ourselves and the people aroundus by just being happy.Progress equals happiness. So grow, help others grow and be happy. Also thegood news is; happiness is contagious. Go spread the virus. Saurabh Sharma
  21. 21. I believeThis is one of my favorite poems: SLOW DANCE - Davic L. Weatherford Have you ever watched kids on a merry-go-round? Or listened to the rain slapping on the ground? Ever followed a butterfly’s erratic flight? Or gazed at the sun into the fading night? You better slow down Don’t dance so fast Time is short The music won’t last Do you run through each day On the fly When you ask “How are you?” Do you hear the reply? When the day is done, do you lie in your bed With the next hundred chores running through your head? You’d better slow down Don’t dance so fast Time is short The music won’t last Ever told your child, We’ll do it tomorrow? Saurabh Sharma
  22. 22. I believe And in your haste, not see his sorrow? Ever lost touch, Let a good friendship die ‘Cause you never had time To call and say “Hi”? You’d better slow down Don’t dance so fast Time is short The music won’t last When you run so fast to get somewhere You miss half the fun of getting there. When you worry and hurry through your day, It is like an unopened gift….Thrown away… Life is not a race. Do take it slower Hear the music Before the song is over. Saurabh Sharma
  23. 23. I believe Introspect to grow “You will never go higher than your thinking” - Benjamin DisraeliThe fabric of our life is painted with the alluring colours of our thoughts. “TheSecret" by Rhonda Byrne was one of the books which taught the world aboutthe impact thinking has on peoples lives. I was one of the many fortunatepeople to get my hands on this life changing book and alter my thinkingpatterns.Everything, from the quality of our lives, to our relationships, our work andhealth are all directly proportional to the quality of thoughts we think. Thisbeing said, we know that the quality of our thoughts is dependent on variousfactors, like the company of people we keep, the society we move in, theeducation we have had, our culture and background. It will be almost impossiblefor us to think quality thoughts if we are victims of our poor surroundings. Buthavent we all heard of inspiring stories of people who have grown far beyondtheir surroundings? People like Abraham Lincoln, Oprah Winfrey, MotherTeresa, Bill Gates and so many more never had the ideal surrounding to liftthem up to where they got themselves.What separates them from other people? All of them made time to think.In our insanely busy lives we hardly get time to think. In the whirlwind ofeveryday chaos our thoughts are falling victims to our surroundings and we areunaware of great possibilities that are being erased out of our future. Bill Gatesused to take a few weeks off every year and just think. He called them "thinkweeks".Like a science experiment in school, a glass jar full of muddy water leftundisturbed for a while shows that the denser mud settles down at the bottomand leaves the water rather clear, so is the same with our thoughts. Thechattering thoughts in our minds become clearer when we practice taking timeto filter them out. To review and rethink various issues, decisions and actions. Saurabh Sharma
  24. 24. I believeI have stayed almost alone for the last three years of my life and luckily, bydefault, I tapped into the amazing benefits of thinking. I have had tremendouspersonal and professional growth like never before in the last three years.Everything from sharp decision making skills to healthier relationships andbuilding a career path came with ease. Finally, Peace of mind, which everyonelongs for, became a way of life. Saurabh Sharma
  25. 25. I believe The bucket list Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didnt do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away fromthe safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. - Mark TwainTheres a place in our hearts where all our secret desires are bundled and buried.Most of us live a life of routine, very mundane. There is very less variety and nofun. To add to our woes we never really try to fulfill our desires. We’ve come tobelieve that there are other important things to do and these desires of ours canwait. But sooner we are left no time to fulfill our desires.Way back when I was 16, I came across the idea of making a list of things to dobefore I die. I made this list and realized that there are a lot of things I reallywanted to do. Some were sensible and practical and most fell under ‘just for thefun of it’ category. I pulled out my journal and scribbled out a list of 50 oddthings in less than ten minutes. As and when an idea would strike my mind Iwould add it up to the list.Its been 5 years since I had put down the list. And I look at it with absolute awetoday! Most of the things I never thought I would do when I put them downhave been completed! One of which is in the process of getting accomplishedeven as I write this. It reads: “Write a book."!Write down a ‘To do’ list for things to accomplish daily and for life. It ismagical because clarity and focus clearly precede success. This is firmly stuckin my head and sure enough, I am living my little desires. Are you? Saurabh Sharma
  26. 26. I believe Read A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people.-Will RogersDeep down all of us crave for significance. Though it comes disguised invarious forms, psychologists say that it is one among the strongest human needs.During my early teen years, I was lucky to be surrounded by people who lovedreading. Because of them I picked up the wonderful habit of reading. Idiscovered that it was one of the most productive, informative and advantageousway for a teenager to experience significance.I personally found that investing time and money in self-help books and bookswhich added value in one way or the other, a sensible option. Today, when Isocialize with different kinds of people, I realize that the teenage habit ofreading I picked up holds me in good stead and serves me well in myinteractions.Reading helps you be significant in the most positive of ways.Here are some of the known and unknown benefits of reading I have enjoyedand hopefully will continue to enjoy:1. Builds self esteem2. Gives you something to talk about3. You will make more money4. Broadens your perspective5. Live more and experience more of life Saurabh Sharma
  27. 27. I believeAction tip: Read. Download few e-books online. Get few books youve alwayswanted to read and start reading your way to outlasting success. Saurabh Sharma
  28. 28. I believe Empty your cup -learn to unlearnOne factor that differentiates successful people from the others is their approachto learning. Successful people are always open to new ideas. They evaluate andembrace new perspectives, and most importantly they are willing to let go of oldbeliefs if circumstances require. They are like empty cups with a filter. They letin new knowledge, which in turn helps them grow.Knowledge is an essential part of any successful endeavour. And it can begained only when one is ready to learn. In order to learn and grow, un-learningof pre conceived notions is extremely important.Being an empty cup not only transforms our career for the better but alsoimproves our personal life. When we stop having pre-defined ideas about aperson, we are more open to listening to them. We all know that when we listenmore, we can learn and understand more. Therefore the possibilities ofmisunderstandings in relationships are almost automatically eliminated.This is exactly how nature functions. The trees take in water and minerals fromthe soil and let them out as gases. It is a continuous process. Similarly, thewillingness to learn, grow and to let go of now absurd ideas creates a powerfulvacuum within, which almost magically attracts knowledge and prosperity intoour lives.People who fall into the trap of “I know it all” attitude resist change. Call it ego,or call it anything but it only leads to stagnancy. Stagnancy is nothing but death.I have used un-learning before re-learning to succeed in many areas of my life.So, have other successful people.Whats stopping you? Saurabh Sharma
  29. 29. I believe Selfless sharing “Whatever we possess becomes of double value when we have the opportunity of sharing it with others.” Jean-Nicolas Bouilly Writer, PoliticianI was recently at a TEDx event in Chennai. The theme of the whole event was:"Reinventing the Future." An array of spectacular speakers shared their thoughtson the topic. It was an event which left me completely inspired.There was one speaker who had survived cancer and tuberculosis. Sheadvocated the idea that our future can truly be re-invented only when we as acommunity start believing in the value of sharing knowledge and ideas whichhelped successful people reach success.This idea really stuck in my head and I mulled over it for days after the event.What makes TED so successful and popular is the belief the founders had aboutsharing good ideas and how they can change the world for the better. If youhavent heard about TED, I strongly recommend you check out http://www.ted.com/.Sharing good ideas, I believe has at least two distinct benefits. Firstly it helpsthe person who is sharing feel fulfilled about their contribution to the world.Secondly it helps those on the receiving end to learn and grow.I truly believe that irrespective of our many differences, everyone has somethingto share and contribute. Each one of us can add value to our world in one way orthe other. It is unfortunate that many of us do not realize the positive differencewe can make with what we know and what we have.No matter how insignificant it may seem I urge you to share the somethingwhich you believe can be of help to someone else. It could be as simple as Saurabh Sharma
  30. 30. I believehitting the share button on Facebook or re-tweeting a meaningful tweet. All thatmatters in the end is that you have added value to someone.Let’s share, teach, help, grow and succeed as a person, as a community, as acountry and as a world. Saurabh Sharma
  31. 31. I believe Choices “It is in your moments of decision that your density is shaped” - Anthony RobbinsI believe life is like a game of chess. When we make the right moves at the righttime, we win. By moves I mean the choices we make when we stand at thecrossroads we come across everyday in our lives. I would like you to try this: goto Google and just type "life is all about"; the suggestions that drop down,reaffirm the fact that "life is all about making choices."I would add an important idea to that line, "life is all about making the RIGHTchoices at the RIGHT time." Today we live a very fast paced world and makingthe right choices at the wrong time will no longer prove to be right.That being said, the challenge we face is obvious. More often than not, we getstuck in a labyrinth of choices. Because they are complex, we sometimes end upmaking the wrong choices.What I have learnt about making the right choices in life, is that if we cannotmake a choice at a particular time then the second best thing to do is to knowwhat not to choose.When I finished school, I was faced with the challenge of deciding what I wasgoing to do. What helped me make a choice during that phase was not the factthat I knew what I wanted to do, but knowing with utmost certainty what Iwasnt interested in doing. This helped me eliminate and bring down the numberof choices I had, to the point where I was just left with the only the option ofpursuing business studies. Guess what? This elimination method worked andworked very well.This is not the right thing to do in every situation. However, when you do notknow what to choose then elimination of what you don’t want, sure helps. Saurabh Sharma
  32. 32. I believeLately, I’ve been using a simple technique that I learnt from one of my mentorsto help me make the right choices. This method has changed my life completely.It has also helped people I have shared it with. “A chair would fall if it does nothave a minimum of three legs to support it. Similarly just give yourself at leastthree reasons why you should or shouldnt do something." Saurabh Sharma
  33. 33. I believe Learn from childrenMy parents, teachers and anyone whom I have considered knowledgeable, haveat different times told me: “basics are very important.” I have grown up torealize that the fundamentals have not only helped me in mathematics but alsoin life. The basic philosophy we apply to our life results in our success orfailure.Through different people, events and even religious discourses, I found out thatthe best way to learn or re-learn the essential fundamentals of life is through anew born. There are certain common and basic qualities in a new born instilledby nature itself.There are numerous lessons we can learn from children. Here are my top 5:1. Goodness: As simple as it sounds, every new born child is a symbol of divinegoodness. Do we ever differentiate the nature of a new born as good or bad?Does a new born bear any kind of enmity towards anyone? We are all born witha natural divine goodness, but eventually environment sucks out our innocence.Observing babies will give us a chance to rediscover and rejuvenate thatgoodness.2. Ability to learn: Young kids between the ages of 1 to 5 have very open andsharp minds. They absorb and learn things really quick from their environment.When we spend time with such young minds; the fabulous skill of adapting andlearning from surroundings invisibly rubs on to us and we become more openand responsive to our environment.3. Flexibility: Children are very flexible both in mind and body. This helpsthem to adapt to different situations and circumstances. They are flexible in theirapproach towards people and this helps them in various instances. They are notjudgmental and make quick friends.4. Unconditional love: Until a child starts to communicate using words, theonly language the child knows is unconditional love. Children are purity Saurabh Sharma
  34. 34. I believepersonified. In today’s world many people try to buy love with money, a childradiating unconditional love should motivate us to love and loveunconditionally.5. Dream big: Children never settle for the second best. They dream big. Nexttime you come across kids ask them what they intend to become, you willprobably hear echoes of your own childhood voices. They dont give up easily.Its interesting to see kids fall while walking and immediately get back up andtry again. I think we as elders never try certain things due to the fear of failure.We must relearn to be fearless like children. This perhaps is one of the mostfundamental lessons to be learnt to succeed in life. Saurabh Sharma
  35. 35. I believe A strength called forgiveness “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” - Mahatma GandhiEvery one of us has been hurt, treated badly, betrayed and criticized at somepoint of time or the other. I am no exception. You name it and it has happened tome. I have been a victim of emotional mayhem not once but a dozen times.Each time I was hurt, I somehow found a way to get back up and heal myself.The one thing that has helped me survive those tormenting times is myunderstanding of the power of forgiveness.It is an indisputable fact that when we forgive, forget and let go of past grudgesit leads to healthier relationships, lesser anxiety and stress, fewer symptoms ofdepression and a lower risk of substance abuse.Though "forgiveness" is common in our culture; when someone does somethingthat hurts us; it can be one of the most difficult things to put into practiceespecially when the person who hurt us shared a close bond with us.So what do we do? How do we forgive, forget and move on?The answer to that is in two parts; firstly we should clearly understand why weneed to forgive someone and how it will help us. Once we get this logic inplace, it becomes much easier for us to go through the process of forgiving.Secondly, we need to empathize. What I mean by that is we should considergetting into the shoes of the person who hurt us. Starting with the assumptionthat the person isnt bad, we can analyze and think it through. We should try tocome up with the reasons for their behaviour. When we dig deep, most of thetime we will find innocence and self-protective motives behind their actions.Everyone is basically good at heart. It is just that some people, in pursuit offulfilling their needs, knowingly or unknowingly hurt us. When we clearly Saurabh Sharma
  36. 36. I believeunderstand the reasons of which their actions were a result of, it becomes mucheasier for us to forgive, forget and move on.By the way you will be surprised to find that when we heal and help others heal,we heal the world. Saurabh Sharma
  37. 37. I believe Record life Life is beautiful. Live it. Record it.We live in an era where photography is commonplace and life sans an updatedFacebook profile is drab. I fear that somewhere we are losing the true essence of"recording life."When on a vacation, ideally, we look forward to each day, explore new avenues,cherish those moments, click more pictures and record more videos.One BIG reason why we record more during holiday trips or vacations is - weare completely aware and accept the fact that the holiday or the vacation will notlast forever. We consciously or subconsciously value it. Respect it.My question: “Do we value and respect our whole life; more than or at least asmuch as we value a road trip with friends or a vacation with family?”Neither our life nor our holidays last forever. Yet somehow we believe thatvacations are short lived and our lives, very long. Logically, we should begiving an equal amount of value and respect to both. But do we?All of us are in this journey called life for a limited period of time. We do notknow when, but we are aware that it will end. If we start valuing and respectinglife we would realize that every minute counts.I believe this concept of living itself will motivate us to click more photos,record more videos, write more in our journals, so that when we turn back tolook at the pages of our past, we can reflect, feel good, share our stories,remember and teach the lessons we learnt along the way. This way we will feelfulfilled and in the end we will leave behind a beautiful legacy.A very good friend of mine told me that one of her resolution’s for the year 2012was clicking one photograph a day; throughout the year, of anything that catchesher attention. She said a slideshow of the photos would be one year of her life inshort to keep safe forever. Saurabh Sharma
  38. 38. I believeEver since I heard to this I have been clicking at least one picture a day! " Saurabh Sharma
  39. 39. I believe Surround yourself with sound “Surround yourself with people who lift you high” - Oprah WinfreyYou must surround yourself with people whom you aspire to be like, whom youadmire, who are better than you, who challenge your thinking, provide newperspectives; in the end who will lift you higher.When you are constantly in company of amazing people magically some of theirbrilliance rubs off onto you.It is a known fact that the people whom we spend most of our time with, shapeour thoughts and this in turn will define who we eventually become. Themechanics of it is mysterious but the truth is that if you spend a lot of time withpeople who whine you will most probably end up being a whiner!Now comes the practical problem with most people, either they dont admireanyone or the people whom they admire are beyond their reach. Sometimes theymay no longer be alive.What I have learnt to do in such cases is spend time reading the books my rolemodels have written. Listen to audio tape programs from some of the mosteffective communicators of all time and what subconsciously happens is thatone learns tips for effective communication. Most of us are victims of oursurroundings and the only way I know to elevate ourselves is to constantly learnand model ourselves after the people we want to be like or learn from.The business of direct selling; which I was into for a couple of years taught mehow to imitate and succeed. The senior who was taking home the biggestcheque did few things right, in a certain way, with a certain mind-set and with acertain technique. All I did was model myself after him and voila, It worked!You can observe how a person has struggled through to succeed. Learn from hismistakes and techniques he used to finally achieve and create your own successby easily avoiding those mistakes. Saurabh Sharma
  40. 40. I believeThe whole idea is to surround yourself with great minds, either via videos or abook, or best of all, in person. Saurabh Sharma
  41. 41. I believe Insights to inspirationThis chapter is to push you to get inspired more often. Inspiration will do aworld of good to you. It will drive you to succeed and you will be motivated tooutgrow yourself.Imagine a life where you are always inspired to do something beyond your self-imposed limitations, to create and contribute something. It is very fulfilling andwill lead to your happiness. This becomes possible when you are high on life,high on a drug called inspiration; when you are what I call an inspirationscanner.This is one quality I have personally benefited from. Yes there is self-motivationbut let me tell you it will only get better when you fuel it with externalmotivation. There will always be people to tell you that you will not achieveyour dreams. You should be capable of using that negative energy to chargeyourself to achieve more. Many of us are in midst of such negative environmentbut we must find avenues that will inspire us.I scan the internet to find out if any inspiring event is taking place, or if anyinspiring movie is released. I have travelled far and wide just to attend seminars.I am always on the lookout for things to get inspired by. I dont recommend youdo the same, however being at it helps in ways known and unknown.Go find inspiration on a regular basis; get high on this drug. When you live aninspired life you will be an amazing inspiration to fellow humans. Saurabh Sharma
  42. 42. I believe Travel Before the development of tourism, travel was conceived to be like study, and its fruits were considered to be the adornment of the mind and the formation of the judgment. - Paul Fussell, AbroadI write this as I travel alongside a rather serious looking man; a co-passenger,who was having some trouble with his iPod, he asked me if I could help. Beingan apple user myself, I did. Happily he plugged in his earphones and settled intohis own world.I am not against listening to music while traveling but I have a different thought.Traveling, in my view teaches you innumerable lessons which you learn onlywhen you are willing to learn, only when you are an empty cup. Disconnectingyourself from your surroundings with an iPod, mobile, laptop or a book mightcost you the chance of learning some of lifes most valuable lessons or perhapsthe opportunity of a lifetime.Traveling gives you the opportunity to meet different kinds of people andmeeting the right person is equivalent to winning the game of life. As the sayinggoes, the only thing you can expect in life is the unexpected. You never knowwhats in store. Therefore, it’s wise to be open to people, surroundings and thelessons they teach you.I have made many friends for life while traveling and know of so many peoplewho have. Traveling helps you imbibe and accept different perspectives as youmeet people from different cultures, backgrounds and with differentphilosophical values. And this becomes possible only when all your senses areOPEN to experiencing and learning.Many successful people I know are empty cup travelers. They connect withpeople smoothly, get into a conversation, listen, observe and learn.Richard Branson is one of the icons whom I look up to. His stand in the travelindustry worldwide is astonishing. He writes about innovating travel in his book Saurabh Sharma
  43. 43. I believeBusiness Stripped Bare. When they launched the Virgin America flights theyrealized that needed a stopgap to invite people to chat and interact during theflight. They were crazy enough to go ahead and install chat rooms and seat-to-seat chatting in the inflight entertainment system, with keyboards at every seat.It was a totally new way of stretching out and interacting while being in aconfined space. People loved the idea and Virgin America was able to create asocial community through those little seat-back entertainment screens!So, Travel more, connect more, learn more and grow more! Make the most ofevery opportunity which comes your way! Saurabh Sharma
  44. 44. I believe Contact me anytimeIf you have made it this far, please go to http://saurabh.pro/ibelieve and emailme to say hello. I really love connecting with people, so feel free to ask meanything or just give me an opportunity to learn from you. As I said earlier, I ama student, not a guru! Saurabh Sharma
  45. 45. I believe Thank you for reading this book. If you have found it inspiring, please pass it on. Saurabh Sharma
  46. 46. I believe About the cover For some, it is the sunrise. For some, it is the sunset. For some, its about reaching the shore. For some, leaving to explore. Beliefs influence perspectives and perspectives change lives. I am convinced. Believe in beliefs. - Anjana Singhwi Saurabh Sharma
  47. 47. I believe About meMy name is Saurabh Kumar Sharma. My ancestors are from Rajasthan and Iwas brought up in a small town called Tuticorin, quite near the cape ofKanyakumari in Southern India.Through school, I was an average student with no extra-ordinary capabilities. Icompleted my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (BBA) from theUniversity of Madras. Post September 2012, I will be pursuing an MSc inEntrepreneurship from the University of Nottingham, UK. ( Again you see, I amjust a student )I am a passionate dreamer, reader and writer. I firmly believe that all three havea hidden magical power in them.More about me at : http://saurabh.pro Saurabh Sharma