My favorite best eleven plugins for wordpress


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If you are using wordpress for your social blog, then you must know how important correct set of plugin is for your blog. Here are some of the plugins that I use frequently and can be very useful for your blog also. There are lot of options but I have selected first 11 in my list for you.

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My favorite best eleven plugins for wordpress

  1. 1. My favorite best eleven plugins for wordpress
  2. 2. W3 Total Cache• A must must have plugin for your blog. It speeds up your blog 3-4 folds by doing caching, compressing pages using gzip before serving to browser. As you also may be aware that one part of search engine algorithm is that how fast your site is.• Plugin page:
  3. 3. WP Socializer• If you are not having social links on your blog, you are missing it all. Each like on facebook and tweet on Twitter will bring in extra visitors for you. Ensure you have a good social bar next to your post. One of the many such plugins is WP Socializer.•• Plugin Page:
  4. 4. AdSense Targeting• If you are planning to show ads on your blog, it is important you are showing right ads. Adsense targeting will insert keywords in your page so that right ads starts showing up.• Plugin page:
  5. 5. Akismet• It is important to get more and more comments and visitors and at the same time it is very very important to keep spammers away from your blog. Akismet will do just that for you. It keeps your comments neat and clean.•• Plugin page:
  6. 6. All in One Webmaster• It lets you keep your webmaster keys at one single place. It also let you keep alexa, analytics and other keys at one single place. Very nice plugin• Plugin page:
  7. 7. AVH First Defense Against Spam• It protects your blogs from known attackers and gives you ability to block certain IPs based on spam and ham concept.•• Plugin page: plugins/
  8. 8. Google XML Sitemaps v3 for qTranslate• It generates your blog XML file and crawlers to crawl your blog. Very important plugin for your blog as it helps you appear in search engines quickly. Plugin page: google-xml-sitemaps-v3-for-qtranslate/
  9. 9. Captcha• Provides security for user registration, posting etc. Users are presented with a captcha only after that they can go to next step. Plugin page:
  10. 10. Quick Adsense• Quick Adsense lets you insert your ad codes in the blog easily, efficiently and quickly. With this you can forget about ad placement and focus more on content. Plugin page:
  11. 11. SEO Ultimate• It does everything in terms of SEO for your blog. A complete package for SEO of your site. Just install and you will be showing up in search engines in no time. A must have. Plugin page: wordpress-seo/
  12. 12. Social Connect• Social connect let your visitors sign into your blog using their facebook, google, wordpresss id etc. It makes it more convenient for users to register and in return increase your visitor retention. Plugin page: social-connect