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Hacking for Innovation: IIT Kharagpur
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Hacking for Innovation: IIT Kharagpur


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Introduction to Hacking

Introduction to Hacking

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  • I am today here to introduceyou to what hacking meansto us. We are a big team.
  • There are few myths and misunderstandings about Hacking
  • In Yahoo!, hacking is about innovating and solving problems with your ideas
  • Find solutions to the problems! Find something that always annoyed you with systems you use... ...and build a workaround.
  • Hacks are not very complex. Lot of people think they have to finish the product in 24 hours! We have very cool building blocks todayUse them Play with new technologies
  • Don’t try to solve everything in your hack.. Instead of Building something and put feature feature in it.. Concentrate on building one thing. 1 thing is enuf
  • You have only 24 hours. You have to show what you have done.
  • Mashing up things that already work.
  • Everything that yahoo does for developers is located. With documentations, code examples
  • Everything that yahoo does for developers is located. With documentations, code examples
  • Here is a hack: askBOSS which I did sometime back. askBOSS is a natural language image search engine
  • SELECT * FROM social.updates WHERE guid=meSELECT * FROM social.updates WHERE source=‘7BNRkt42’SELECT * FROM social.connections.updates WHERE guid=me
  • Community ResourcesHelping you be successful in using Yahoo! Web Services isn't just about code and documentation. We want to make it easy for developers to get in touch with us and others who are using our services to answer and ask questions, toss around ideas, and give your feedback on what services we could offer next.ForumsYDN General BoardsDesign PatternsHotJobsSearchYOSAPTMusicWidgetsGeoPlanetOpenIDY! GroupsAddress BookAnswersFireEagleDel.icio.usTrafficFlickrMailSearchBOSSMapsJavaScriptSilverlightMerchant SolutionsSearch MarketingExceptional PerformanceYUIJava.NetFlashYDN EUAuthPHPPythonRubyPerlEventsWant your tech event appear in the YDN 'Upcoming Events' stream on homepage? List your event on Upcoming and then add it to the Yahoo! Developer Network group on Upcoming. If you are setting up a tech event for developers or designers and would like some Yahoo! involvement, please contact us.ExpertsYahoo! Developer Network is on the lookout for experts to share knowledge and help grow our developer communities. If you are interested in applying to moderate a *group* or forum and become an official expert, please contact us for more information. Remember, we pay in hugs, link-love and schwag only.BlogThe YDN blog is where we talk about our various Yahoo! developer offerings and YDN events around the world. Your comments welcome. If you have a suggestion for the blog or a blog post you'd like to write about your experiences using our APIs or services, let us know. We are particularly interested in posts using Yahoo! APIs, tools, webservices and coverage of tech events. If you need inspiration or want to run some ideas by us, please contact us.YDN TheaterYDN Theater is chock-full of API deep dives, developer interviews, cutting- edge technologies, and recaps of tech events you wish you hadn't missed. If you have an idea for a story, please contact us.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Hacking for innovation
      Saurabh Sahni
      YDN Engineer, Hacker, Evangelist
    • 2. Hacking???
    • 3. There are few myths about Hacking
    • 4.
    • 5. Hacking is a good thing
      Cracking is Evil
    • 6. In the Yahoo! sense, hacking is about solving problems innovatively
    • 7. And a hacker is …
    • 8.
    • 9. What is this Hack U thing?
    • 10. Talks for two days about different things you can hack on
    • 11. 24 hours of un-interrupted, unrestrained coding and innovation
    • 12. Hack
    • 13. Eat
    • 14. Get Help
    • 15. Recharge
    • 16. Have Fun
    • 17. Hack
    • 18. Present
    • 19. Win
    • 20. The question is though: where
      do I start?
    • 21. A good hack starts with an idea…
    • 22. Fix something you use every day
    • 23. Build something you will use yourself
    • 24. Hack for Good - Make the world a better place
    • 25. Go local – tools for helping your local community
    • 26. Don’t concentrate on your favorite toys
    • 27. A good hack doesn’t need to be a big thing
    • 28. Don’t look for features. Concentrate on one thing
      Don’t look for features.
    • 29. You only have 24 hours
    • 30. Find things that already work
      And then put them together
    • 31. We want you to show us whatcan be built using the systemswe (and others) offer.
    • 32. Some great resources
    • 33.
    • 34.
    • 35. To build a typical web hack you need data, access and an interface
    • 36. Yahoo! has opened up its data
    • 37. Search
      Address Book

    • 38. Also Others
    • 39. Youtube

    • 40. To access these you can use YQL
    • 41. YQL is a SQL-Like Language that lets you …
    • 42. … filter, combine, tweak data across hundreds of Web Services.
    • 43. How will you build a system to calculate distance between two places?
    • 44. UseVincenty's formulae
    • 45. Or use YQL
    • 46. Select kilometers FROM geo.distance where place1=“kolkatta” AND place2=“kharagpur”
    • 47.
    • 48. Translate tweets
    • 49. YQL has more to it
    • 50. There’s also Yahoo Pipes to do this visually
    • 51.
    • 52. Data however is not enough.
    • 53. You also need working interfaces
    • 54. Technologies are easy:
    • 55. Making it work on all browsers and OS is tricky
    • 56. So, we have YUI!
    • 57.
    • 58. What about reach?
    • 59. You can build and wait for people to come
    • 60. Or build where people are already there
    • 61. YAP
    • 62. Where to host your hack?
    • 63.
      Talk to us ot host at
    • 64. How about some Hack examples?
    • 65. I read lot of Indian Technology Blogs
    • 66. But, I was tired of keeping track of so many of them
    • 67. I just wanted daily gist
    • 68. So, I built Webmeme.In
    • 69.
    • 70. Webmeme is powered by YUI, YQL, BOSS and backtype.
    • 71. Two years ago there was a debate going on who are the influential twitter users?
    • 72. Over a weekend, I created Retweet Rank – finding top users based on # of recent retweets
    • 73. RetweetRank
    • 74. I put it up and visitors started tweeting their ranks
    • 75. And it became viral
    • 76. askBOSS:
    • 77. askBOSS:
    • 78.
    • 79.
    • 80. YQL Chrome extension
    • 81. Presenting your hack
    • 82. Do not show us slides about your hack
      Powerpoint == Fail!
    • 83. Instead show us what you have done
    • 84. Technical glitches happen
      Technical glitches happen
    • 85. Have a plan-B
      Record screencast
      Do not depend on internet
      Keep your stuff ready in browser
    • 86. And once you are done
      Keep your hack live for others to see
      Tell us about your progress
      Show other hackers what you have done in our fourms/groups
      Publish your code on github
      Join us and take it even further!
    • 87. Lets have a demo
    • 88. Updatesville
    • 89. Hack Resources
    • 90. Innovation is not a skill
    • 91. It is about wanting to
      change what we have and be
      ready to play
    • 92. Realize your potential
    • 93. The web is yours, go out and
    • 94. THANKS!
      Saurabh Sahni