Digital Partner for your Brand Communication


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Your all-in-one design, development and marketing powerhouse!

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Digital Partner for your Brand Communication

  1. 1. Pelwhiz Technologies Pvt Ltd
  2. 2. Who we are? We are Digital Brand Architects What we do ? We do strategic Digital Brand marketing. We build business. About Us
  3. 3. Mission and Vision Mission “Constantly strive for providing Excellence Digital Branding and Marketing Services for Small and Medium Enterprises to gear up in the market by offering Strategic Digital Branding Advisory to promote a company's Brand, increase sales, engage customers and drive site traffic” Vision To be the top-notch Digital Branding Enterprise by offering cutting edge Digital Solutions to our clients
  4. 4. What’s our Digital Brand Development Strategy? Step 1: Defining the image. Step 2: Building the image. Step 3: Marketing the image. Step 4: Establishing the image.
  5. 5. What’s our Digital Brand Development Process? Your Company Internet Strategy Website Internet Profits Design Visitor Interaction Traffic Web Hosting Content Writing Management & Maintainence
  6. 6. Website – Main Factor Reach out to target customers  All digital initiatives will include a core goal of getting the user to the company website.  The company website fulfills your business objectives to get the most out of your business. We create a website for your brand that increases brand image and awareness which reaches a wider target audience with efficiency.
  7. 7. Online Marketing Moving Beyond Print Media  Raise Brand Awareness by creating a blog  Boost your “Brand Visibility” with SEO  Maximise your potential, Build your Network, Connect your Brand and Enhance your “Brand Positioning” with Social Media Networks!  Tell your Brand Story with Power of Words We create an online marketing strategy for your brand that maximises your brand value in the market by reaching a wider target audience with efficiency.
  8. 8. Identity Design Stand out from the Crowd  Build your Brand Identity that will embody the character and aspirations of your organization with unique logo  Present your Brand Identity defining who you are and what you do with professional Business Card, Corporate Profile, Letterhead, Envelope etc. We develop cohesive designs that communicate your brand message clearly, imaginatively and effectively to your target audience.
  9. 9. Web solution as you think it  Need to make your brand more professional - Enhance your website from static to dynamic  Automate your business processes to take your business into new heights We take special care to design customised web application products and services that are tailored to meet your precise business requirements.
  10. 10. Success Speak Client: Cool Colors Industry: Merchandise / Garments Solutions: Identity Designs, Website
  11. 11. Success Speak Cont... Client: LifeNLeisure Industry: Travel / Tours Solutions: Logo, Website
  12. 12. Success Speak Cont... Client: TechKnowLogic Industry: Consulting Solutions: Identity Designs, Website
  13. 13. Success Speak Cont... Client: Art of Living Industry: NGO Solutions: Identity Designs, Website
  14. 14. Success Speak Cont... Client: Namrata Jewellers Industry: Jewellery/Artifacts Solutions: Brand Identity Designs
  15. 15. Success Speak Cont... Client: Rugs and Riches Industry: Fashion Merchandise Solutions: Identity Designs, Website
  16. 16. Success Speak Cont... Client: EMJEY Industry: Engineering Solutions: Identity Designs, Website, Blog
  17. 17. Success Speak Cont... Client: Spoorthi Coaching Centre, Delhi Zaika, Dari Deepa, lifeNleisure Industry: Education, Hotel, NGO, Travel Agency Solutions: Identity Designs
  18. 18. Pelwhiz Technologies Pvt Ltd #756, 3rd Main, 2nd Phase, Vth Stage, Near BEML Depot, Rajarajeshwari Nagar Bengaluru – 560 098 Phone: 080 28611353 Email: Website: