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How Higher Education Institutes Can Score High On Nba Naac
How Higher Education Institutes Can Score High On Nba Naac
How Higher Education Institutes Can Score High On Nba Naac
How Higher Education Institutes Can Score High On Nba Naac
How Higher Education Institutes Can Score High On Nba Naac
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How Higher Education Institutes Can Score High On Nba Naac


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  • 1. iBranch NBA Point tally:Effective use of iBranch can ensure you up to 400 + points, as per the present day classificationof NBA.Summary AssessmentNo Criterion Descriptor Mx Pts Min Pts iB Pts Pt QualifiedI Organization and Governance, 150 100 72 Resources, Institutional Support, Development and PlanningII Evaluation and Teaching-Learning 175 115 91III Students’ Entry and Outputs 150 100 46IV Faculty Contributions 150 100 9V Facilities and Technical Support 75 5VI Continuous Improvements 75 10VII Curriculum 125 125VIII Program Educational Objectives 100 60 1000 415 418Criterion - I: Organization and Governance, Resources, Institutional Support,Development and PlanningItem Item Description Max. iBranch RemarksNo. Point ensuresI-I.1 Campus infrastructure 30 and facilityI-I.2 Organization, 20 15 1) Governing body, administration & other governance and functionaries details, roles & responsibility, transparency functions are published over ICP 2) Established direct communication channels across the hierarchy. 3) Feedback recorded to improve the system 4) Online & offline meetings 5) All rule & regulations are shared with members of organization & parents through web, SMS etc. Any change or alteration, amendment is shared within 24 hrs. via web, SMS etc. 6) Decentralization through ICT 7) Grievance addressal smart online system clubbed with participative decision making (opinion polls) 8) All information available through web 9) Online RTI cell, in accordance with RTI act, 2005I-I.3 Budget allocation and 10 utilizationI-I.4 Library 25 12 1) E-library 2) 100’s of e-books 3) Daily academic news channels, organization specific, academic, Industry specific, placement etc.
  • 2. 4) Online journalsI-I.5 Academic support 20 units and common facilitiesI-I.6 Internet 5 1) Wi-fi & high useI-I.7 Co-curricular and 10 extra curricular activitiesI-I.8 Career guidance, 15 15 1) Online T&P office Training, placement 2) Career guidance by T&P & experts across the and globe Entrepreneurship cell 3) Establish industry interaction channels 4) Entrepreneur ship cell in association with NEN, TiE & iBranch 5) Unique evaluation based career guidance & course correction mechanismI-I.9 Safety norms and 5 checksI-I.10 Emergency medical care and first-aid Total 150 72Criterion - II: Evaluation and Teaching-LearningItem Item Description Max. Point RemarksNo. Point AwardII-I.1 Evaluation system 40 5+15+8 1) Online academic calendar, with SMS & Email alert = 28 system. 2) Timely publishing of schedule of assignment, mid- semester etc. 3) Online evaluation & sharing of its scripts 4) Online course plan, course file, content, handouts, video/ audio lectures available 24 X 7 5) Daily assignments, assignment submission reports, daily & weekly evaluation, course correction, based on result extra classes etc.II-I.2 Tutorial classes/ 20 10 1) Online daily doubt clearing session followed by remedial classes/ assignment & evaluation test. mentoring 2) Innovative ICP based mentoring system, with lead mentors, group mentorsII-I.3 Teaching evaluation 30 30 1) Lecture based feedback mechanism process : Feedback 2) Faculty based feedback mechanism system 3) Result (Exam, internal evaluation) based feedback mechanism 4) Based on the clubbed data, faculties are rewarded or asked to improved 5) Very high participation of students 6) Parents, alumnus & outside experts are regularly invited to participate in feedback program.II-I.4 Self Learning and 20 20 1) Organization ICP is designed to do that Learning beyond syllabusII-I.5 Faculty Ratio and 25 3 1) Online faculties, guest experts, industry experts
  • 3. qualification for First etc. Year Common CoursesII-I.6 Academic performance 40 in First Year Common Courses Total 175 91Criterion - III: Students’ Entry and OutputsItem Item Description Max. Points RemarksNo. Points AwardIII-P.1 Students admission 10 iBranch NBA tablesIII-P.2 Success Rate 30 iBranch NBA tablesIII-P.3 Academic 30 iBranch NBA tables performanceIII-P.4 Placement and 40 20 iBranch placement solutions higher studiesIII-P.5 Professional activities 20 16 1) Association with at least 10 professional societies 2) Organization of various content in association with our partners 3) Publication of online technical magazine & newsletters 4) Entrepreneurship initiatives & innovation (soft applications in association with iB) 5)III-P.6 Students’ Projects 20 20 1) Ensuring high quality projects in association with Quality iB partners Total 150 150 46Criterion IV: Faculty ContributionsItem Item Description Max. Points RemarksNo. Points AwardIV-P.1 Faculty in position : 20 Teacher- student ratioIV-P.2 Faculty in position : 20 Cadre ratioIV-P.3 Faculty qualifications 40IV-P.4 Faculty retention 20IV-P.5 Research 20 publications and IPRIV-P.6 Externally funded R 20 9 3 externally funded R&D projects by pvt. sector & D projects and consultancy workIV-P.7 Interactions of 10 faculty members
  • 4. with outside world Total 150 9Criterion V: Facilities and Technical SupportItem Item Description Max. Points RemarksNo. Points AwardedV-P.1 Class rooms 15 1) Multimedia teaching ads, wi-fiV-P.2 Faculty rooms 15 5 1) Online discussion roomsV-P.3 Laboratories including 25 computing facilityV-P.4 Technical manpower 20 1) Outsourced lab maintenance support Total 75 5Criterion VI: Continuous ImprovementsItem Item Description Max. Points RemarksNo. Points AwardedVI-P.1 Improvement in Success 10 Index of studentsVI-P.2 Improvement in 10 academic performance of studentsVI-P.3 Enhancement of faculty 15 qualificationsVI-P.4 Improvement in Faculty 15 activities in research publication, R & D work and consultancyVI-P.5 Continuing education 10 10 iB OCW channelVI-P.6 New facility created 10 1) iB OCW 2) ICP 3) Feedback 4) Evaluation programVI-P.7 Overall improvements 5 since last accreditation, if any, otherwise, since establishment Total 75 10
  • 5. Criterion VII: CurriculumItem Item Description Max. Points RemarksNo. Points AwardVII-P.1 Contents of basic 40 40 Launch of various certification program by the sciences, HSS, organization professional core and electives, and breadthVII-P.2 Emphasis on laboratory 30 30 Project work in association with relevant industry using and project work ICT throughout the semesterVII-P.3 Curriculum updates 30 30 Based on the unique feedback mechanism, curriculum and PEO reviews updates are deliver using innovative ICT usage & ICT based evaluationVII-P.4 Additional contents to 25 25 Various certification self financed program run by bridge curriculum institute to bridge curriculum gap, as prescribed by gaps experts from ecosystem Total 125 125Criterion VIII: Program Educational Objectives – Their Compliance and OutcomesItem Item Description Max. Points RemarksNo. Points AwardVIII-P.1 Course objective and 20 20 1) Objectives designed by a group constituting of mapping management, industry, guest experts, teachers, alumnus 2) Course plan is mapped in accordance with the objectives 3) All details of meeting available on webVIII-P.2 Assessment outcomes 20 20 1) Unique evaluation industry direct cumulative evaluation processVIII-P.3 Mapping with faculty 20 20 1) Automated mapping expertiseVIII-P.4 Mapping with 20 outcomesVIII-P.5 Significant 20 achievements Total 100 100 60Total point iBranch ensure you: 418 pointsTotal 1000Ver. June 2009 NBA Accreditation of UG Engineering Program Page 9 of 12 Pages