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11 places to visit in Karjat
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11 places to visit in Karjat


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An e-Booklet on - 11 Places to visit in Karjat

An e-Booklet on - 11 Places to visit in Karjat

Published in: Travel, Sports
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  • 1. 11 Places to visit in Karjat ! 1.Kondhane Caves : Kondhane Caves enclose sculptures of Buddhist Architecture. The caves are engraved in a mountain near Karjat, village—Kondhane. Caves are excellent example of ‘Chaitya’’ style of Buddha architecture. The green surround- ing nature of nature augments the beauty of caves. There is a waterfall exactly in front of caves. Water falls gently from upside of caves, that gentleness makes it fascinating. Caves are said to be created around 200BC-100BC. Caves attract many tourists from Mumbai- Pune, mainly in monsoon season. Kondhane caves is one of the most enchanting specimen of green beauty of Karjat. Distances: 12 KMs from Karjat station How to go ? - Hire a rickshaw from Ram Bridge (Rs.150 –Rs.200) Facilities: Food and accommodation : There are many popular and local vendors providing tasty Desi’ food and decent accommodation One of the well-known vendors: Van-vihar (Gogate) Ideal time to visit: Monsoon( July-September) 2.Trek to Peth Fort : Fort of Peth which is also called as Kothaligad is situated in north-east of Karjat. The fort is named after the name of village Peth. History tells that this small fort was used as defense station during Sambhaji’s era. The fort is situated in a dense forest. Peth trek starts from ‘Ambivli’ village. It takes around 1 and 1/2 hours to reach the fort. Scenic beauty of nature fascinates tourists. As you treck you will be accompanied by rarely seen birds and it would make trekking an amazing experience.
  • 2. Distances: 21KMs from Karjat station How to go ? - Hire a rickshaw till Ambivli village. Facilities: Food and accommodation : Local vendors are there to provide food and accommodation Area is surrounded by small resorts also. Ideal time to visit: Monsoon( July-September) 3. ND Studio: ND studio– named after art director, Nitin Desai. ND studio is spread over 52 acres of land. "ND Studio" is a major stopover attraction for Karjat tourist and films are shot here. ND studio has hosted movies like—Slumdog Millionaire, Jodha Akabar. And it has hosted some very famous TV shows like—Big boss ! It still has sets of movies like Jo- dha Akbar which is major attraction. ND studio is busy hosting many new movie shoots so you would not be wondered to see film stars around when you visit. Distances: 9Kms from Karjat, on Mumbai-Pune highway near Chowk How to go ?- Hire a bus or Rickshaw from Karjat. Facilities: Many hotels are there around for food and accommodation Ideal time to visit: Every season is ideal 4. Morbe dam: Morbe Dam, is a gravity dam on Dhavari river near Khalapur. Morbe dam is built to supply water in the New Mumbai region. Morbe dam is surrounded by mountains of Matheran . Many people go and relax at Morbe dam as atmosphere is silent. The breeze coming from mountains flows on wa- ter and cherishes tourists with its coolness. Watching sun-set is also a wonderful experi- ence at Morbe dam. Note: Swimming is strictly prohibited in dam region. Distances: 7 Kms from Karjat, on Mumbai- Pune highway near Chowk How to go ?- Personal Vehicle Facilities: No facilities over there. Carrying food is preferable. Ideal time to visit: Every season is ideal. But monsoon season is preferable 5. Bhivpuri waterfalls: Bhivpuri waterfalls are one of the trilling and most beautiful piece of rich nature of Karjat. Bhivpu- ri waterfalls are very famous amongst all Mum- baikars. Everyone loves these waterfalls as it is safe for all sort of age groups. Bhivpuri now has three huge colleges. So it has become a hub of youth. All these young people like to visit wa- terfalls at least once in a week in monsoon season. Bhivpuri has got direct connection with Mumbai through Central rail that makes travelling easier for tourist. Distances: 2 Kms from Bhivpuri Station 7 Kms from Karjat Station How to go ?- Train is preferable. Facilities: Many resorts around has decent food and accommodation facilities. Ideal time to visit: Monsoon season.
  • 3. 6.Star gazing: Skies around Karjat are clear, the clean skies make Karjat a fabulous place for star gaz- ers. A group named as ‘Khagol Mandal’ arrang- es stars observing programs near Karjat in a village– Vangani. The group arranges camps for school chil- dren and also has been arranging the training programs for teachers from 25 years. This group has its website: Tourists will get every information on website. How to go? - Site is at walk able distance from Vangani railway station. Facilities: Contact Khagol Mandal Ideal time to visit: Summer and early winter. 7. Shri Baba dairy: Shri Baba Dairy, located near Karjat sells the pur- est and freshest dairy products from its own farm. Ba- ba Dairy has products from Milk to Lassi. It sells all sweets. Along with dairy products, it sells tasty snacks like Samosas, missal etc. Baba dairy is situated on the Karjat– Chowk high- way. As it is close to ND studio, you would often find some celebrities visiting Baba dairy to have snacks. Distances: 5Kms from Karjat 4 Kms from Chowk How to go?- You need to have your own vehicle. Facilities: Food and small instruments for children to play with. Ideal time to visit: Evening. 8. Dhak- Bahiri trek: Dhak-Bahiri is small Cave 2300 feet above the sea-level. There are well-known groups of trekkers who visit this spot once in a year for sure. Dhak– Bahiri is a trilling trek for people loving adventures. Sandashi is the base village from where all the trekkers start trekking. On an average it takes around 3 hours to reach the top. Distances: 10Kms from Karjat How to go?- Hire rickshaw from Karjat Facilities: There are local vendors who provide food for tourist. Vendors also provide their own house to live. Ideal time to visit: Monsoon and winter.
  • 4. 9. Thackeray Stall: Thackeray vada stall is very famous stall of Karjat. Stall sells vada pav and its special Kanda– bhaji ( onion pakoda) along with hot tea. Every Mumbaikar travelling Karjat enjoys the taste of bhaji and hot tea. Thackeray stall is at ‘Char-phata’ which is prime location. It’s on the Karjat– Murbad high- way. Distances: 1Km from Karjat How to go? - Personal vehicle or Rickshaw Facilities: Food and beverages Ideal time to visit: Evening time. 10. Saguna Baug: Saguna Baug is a dream becoming reality, dream of a Gandhian freedom fighter, popularly known as Harikaka Bhadsavle, being developed by his son. Saguna baug is wondering experience. Created with simplicity as a place to have fun with Fami- ly. Tourist can enjoy Fishing, buffalo ride which is most unique preposition of Saguna Baug. Tourists can have nice time with swimming, pad- dle wheel boating, archery, rifle shooting etc. Distances: 15Kms from Karjat 4 Kms from Neral How to go?- By train till Neral then Bus. Facilities: A very good accommodation and food. Ideal time to visit: Summer and winter 11. Dada’s Grills : Dada’s grill is an authentic resort. Dada’s grill offers a welcoming treat for taste buds.They also serve Indian food, I would rec- ommend Chicken Masala a delightful starter, as compared to Garlic Cheese bread which is made out of sliced bread. The Biryanis and Butter Chicken too are sumptuous, good quantity but don't be surprised if you dig into a neck. Along with food, it offers horse rides to tourists. Horse rides have made Dada’s grill an regular place for tourist who like to be out side city for some days and enjoy the country side life.
  • 5. Distances: 15Kms from Karjat How to go?- Self owned vehicle. Facilities: A very good accommodation and food. Ideal time to visit: Summer and winter Made by Saurabh Mhase Karjat.